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Cassandra Tucas May 2018
One thing parents will never understand is that their kids are addicted to something that takes away the pain.

The pain they can't see

In your weary eyes
In your fake smiles
In your short laughs
In your zoneouts
In your small talks
In your disappearing voice
In your hangovers
In your sleepless nights
In your laziness
In your losing appetite
In your silence
Cassandra Tucas May 2018
Some days I just want to get lost
Some days I just want to be found
Some days I just want to die
Some days I just want to live a life

A life not wanting to get lost
A life no need to be found
A life not wanting to die
A life to live and is mine

Mine like my choices, my dreams
Mine like my beers, my cheers
Mine like my will, my hope
Mine like my heart, my soul

But my heart is tired
And my soul is lost
I guess I need to be found
Because I want to live
Cassandra Tucas May 2018
You always say I'm the only one
In your heart I'm the only one
In your life I'm the only one
But we both know I'm not the only one

Every time i see the picture of you two
My heart aches and breaks into two
You even had to choose between us two
I can't believe all your words are for two
  Apr 2018 Cassandra Tucas
I didn't know I was lost
in every lost soul, the bones of a miracle
I'll guide you home no matter where you are
lost in your eyes drowning in blue
you can be the sunlight & I'll be the dawn
Sometimes I get a good feeling
cause I see you for you and your beautiful scars
without you I'd be lost at sea
Do you still believe in one another?
After all this time, tell me can't you feel
I wouldn't be what I am today
So hollow in a world without you
like a river running free
I've been watching you, hurting too
one day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember
for a Better day, my dreams are made of gold
Do you think about me when the crowd is gone
won't let you fade into darkness
shadows that live in your heart
why worry now
You'll be safe
hold my hand just in case
I see you behind those tired eyes
but we made a promise to never grow old
like the wind we'll be wild and free
This is a compilation of all Avicii lyrics from the following songs. I felt a profound sadness to hear of his passing today. May you rest easy, you have inspired many.
I could be the one
Waiting for love
Addicted to you
Hey brother
Lonely Together
My feelings for you
For a better day
Feeling good
Dear boy
Fade into darkness
You be love
Broken arrows
Without you
Sunset jesus
The days
So excited
  Apr 2018 Cassandra Tucas
I see you standing there
I can see the pain masked by a smile
I can see how broken you are

I want to help you
I want to make you feel wanted
I want to make you happy

But I don't know how
I don't know what to do
I don't know how to act

I wish I could help you
I want to help you
I can help you

I've been through this
I know how this works
I know how I got through this

Maybe I can heal those scars on your wrist
I just want you to open up
I need you to open up

I know that it is hard
I understand what this means
I might not understand completely

I can try to understand
I will understand
I just need you to trust me

Let Me
Help You

Shut Me

For the one who has my heart
Cassandra Tucas Apr 2018
Oh my god please stop lying
straight to my face darling
Tonight I might forget and forgive you
But tomorrow I'll regret it for sure you know

Oh my god i'm tired of your *******
with your lame excuses and lies i'm so sick
You're only sorry you got caught
You would change, for once i thought

Oh my god my heart hurts so bad
And I know for the next days i will be so sad
So painful when you already gave everything
Just to receive in return -nothing

Oh my god I can't do this anymore
From him, I didn't ask for more and more and more
I don't understand why it happened to me
Maybe we're just not meant to be
Cassandra Tucas Apr 2018
You said I'm pretty and cute
Especially when I smile
You said I'm **** and hot
Especially when I laugh
But you said it all
Especially to her

You said you love the way I talk
Especially about how my day gone by
You said you love the way I walk
Especially when I'm in a hurry
But you said it all
Especially to her

You said I have beautiful eyes
Especially when I just woke up
You said I have beautiful nose
Especially after when I sneeze
But you said it all
Especially to her

You said I have a wonderful future
Especially you on it
You said I have a perfect man
Especially on my wedding
But you said it all
Especially to her
imsorry for the tags but **** them
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