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Carlo C Gomez Jul 2022
He kinetically arrived
with 1973.

Night is the longest day,
here come the warm jets,
served on a cold plate.

Play it back at half-speed
and you've got auditory wallpaper,

it must be as ignorable
as it is interesting.

His own world spins within a device:
cacophony of sound
mixed in a blender
and xeroxed;
a little snake guitar,
a little Leslie piano

— music to resign you
to the possibility of death.

Then came 1983
and beyond just him.

Tamper tantrum hotline,
amplifiers on the balcony,
secretly taping Edge
and Adam Clayton
on a 4th of July.

The numbered streets
and desert rain
add soul to this heartland,
it's the gospel truth
he wiped the deck clean.
(sort of and maybe).

His device spins within its own world:
manageable hums,
danceable drones,
welded into night;
daytime variations
held together
no better (and no worse)
than a cloud.

Then there's sfumato:
music without lines or borders,
in the manner of smoke
— theatrical fog
— a different kind of blue.

Densely layered,
so impossible to track,
this being lost in
the magnetic hush
of airports and
  other strange kiosks,
it all falls into a creative lull.

Guess it's time for
Oblique Strategies...
Randy Johnson Jun 2019
He died 25 years ago today, which is a quarter of a century.
He produced 'Never Say Never Again' with Sean Connery.
He was born in 1932 and was a man who people would admire.
First he was married to Judith Deborah Feldman and then to Talia Shire.
He was the executive producer of 'Rad' and 'I Am The Cheese'.
When he produced movies, they were certainly sure to please.
I’m no ordinary artist
I love to get ***** simultaneously being creative for an ear to listen and an eye to see
AnonEMouse Apr 2018
I didn't know I was lost
in every lost soul, the bones of a miracle
I'll guide you home no matter where you are
lost in your eyes drowning in blue
you can be the sunlight & I'll be the dawn
Sometimes I get a good feeling
cause I see you for you and your beautiful scars
without you I'd be lost at sea
Do you still believe in one another?
After all this time, tell me can't you feel
I wouldn't be what I am today
So hollow in a world without you
like a river running free
I've been watching you, hurting too
one day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember
for a Better day, my dreams are made of gold
Do you think about me when the crowd is gone
won't let you fade into darkness
shadows that live in your heart
why worry now
You'll be safe
hold my hand just in case
I see you behind those tired eyes
but we made a promise to never grow old
like the wind we'll be wild and free
This is a compilation of all Avicii lyrics from the following songs. I felt a profound sadness to hear of his passing today. May you rest easy, you have inspired many.
I could be the one
Waiting for love
Addicted to you
Hey brother
Lonely Together
My feelings for you
For a better day
Feeling good
Dear boy
Fade into darkness
You be love
Broken arrows
Without you
Sunset jesus
The days
So excited

— The End —