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bluestarfall Apr 2015
I have been living in these huts lately,
As this life seems aimless and desultory,
Slowly flowing like the splash of drops over the board,
Hallelujah . For me, it's still our God's handwritten story.

Two cents quietly sit in my little pockets ,
And they still fit perfectly in each,
Same as our feelings, as they huddle around our hearts,
Occupying the bijou portions and trying not to leach.

I will hold on till the day, staggering away,
In my tattered clothes, till the color withers and my story stales,
Lingering in the huts, with a hue of nostalgia,
Ailing but not wailing, after a series of massive fails.

Before God finishes writing my story,
I believe he will hand me the pen, its a fact, not a lie,
And with you by my side, I will scribble my glory,
I'll dress you your Gossamer, and myself a Suit and a tie.
There is always a story written for everyone, and as they say, there is always a room for improvement too. Stay fearless and set your mark. Don't let the silence or the hardships alter your way.
bluestarfall Feb 2015
A year ahead, a year passed by,
The doors are still opened, and the ponds are still dry,
You did say you loved me, you did say goodbye,
Our irrevocable commitments proved promises are a lie.

Its the night recalling the showers in the springs,
And the weekend waltz to the attuned strings,
You revolve around me today, with your name engraved within,
Stop hiding from me, so long where have you been?

But for a second i believed..
As the gush of wind whispered your name,
The clock is ticking beside our picture frame,
You're flowing like the river,in your gown , camouflaging blue,
Lined up a lot of work, I still got seconds for you.
There is always a line between holding on and letting go.The proof is that we are constantly pulled by it.
bluestarfall Feb 2015
With tears in my eyes,
I will smile,
With the shadows perished by,
I will be  the daylight,
With those envisaged grievances,
I will emanate fluorescence,
With sadness deep inside,
I will rejoice,
With the appalling bruises on my skin,
I will still be intact,
With shattered hope,
I will remain steadfast,*
With fulminations raining aside,
I will stay afloat,
With vehement reminiscences passed,
I will protect and cherish,
With love gone awry,
I will gather the traces.
Never ever lose hope. Life is a dark shade of low spirits and high spirits.
Collab with blythe. ^_^
In Bold : blythe
Default : bluestarfall
bluestarfall Feb 2015
Time* is in your pockets,

Hurry up and light the rockets,

Put your *emptiness
in the sockets,

Spread smiles and add jollity to the list of dockets,

Make a wish today, and wear your lucky lockets.
Let'em worry, you don't stop chasing what is yours.
  Feb 2015 bluestarfall
We are like two different thoughts synced with our heartbeats,
We are like the wayfaring bodies traveling on the same streets,
We are like the moon and the sun, loving each other afar,
With galaxies around me, yet wishing for a shooting star.

We are like the coffee and the tea, gulped during a winter breeze,
We are like the pheromones generated by a gentle squeeze,
We are like two steady boats flowing in tranquility,
With innumerable happy faces around me, yet i find yours very pretty*

Your face is prettier than me.
Beautiful than the blue oceans
and skies. Calming like the waves
in the shallow rivers. Calming
like the way morning dew falls
down on rose petals. We are
like kings and queens living in
royalty. The way you look at me
and the way i bow down to you
when you call me your majesty
makes me feel like living the life
of luxury. We're like
peanut butter and jelly and how
they get mixed up together while
they make their way down to
one's belly. We are like coffee
and cream because of the way we
both go together. Most of all we
have a love that's not mainstream.
Not like those couples we see constantly
on TV. You make my
every day seem like a valentines
to me. Just by bringing me treats and
kissing me under the sheets
while we sit together. Every day i pray
that this is how we'll stay for
an eternity. I pray that we'll be husband
and wife for an infinity* ~
Bluestarfall in bold
Carolin in italics
Our first collab together. Looking forward to write much more later with him.
He's fun and talented it really was a wonderful experience.
Please check his page later from the link below :)
  Feb 2015 bluestarfall
Leaves aging gray covered with dust,
Iron losing its will to cope up with rust,
Flowers withered losing their lust,
And the hope pulverized by the broken trust.

Days swiftly passing by like a river flowing
To those memories from the days of yore they are holding,
With mournful souls they are living
Each passing day feels like dying.

Not much do they have, still surviving the wave,
Crawling their paths, on which the traces will engrave,
Swallowing the curse and exhibiting the traits of a brave,
Succumbed to temptation, still prolonging their grave.

Holding on to what is still left of them after being broken
With bruises all over - purple and swollen,
Hearing those painful words that remained unspoken
Their hearts lost, stolen.

As love never fades, but grows each season,
People do change, for love is the reason,
It reigns in any region,
*A salvation emerging, shining like a beacon.
Our second collab! I enjoy writing with him. :) It seems like we belong to each others poetry ;)

bluestarfall Feb 2015
The journey seems to be bumpy, sometimes a dusky road,
Carrying the burdens, weighing our sins like a miserable toad,
Some pursue their passion, some pursue their degree,
Whatever the reason maybe,
Unclog your way, cruise over the hardships and set yourself free.
You'll be miffed by the mistakes you did,
Selling out wet pillows you'll weep and sow a depression seed,
And there will arrive times,
When they will doubt you, and you will doubt yourself,
But don't.. Don't ever doubt your devotion,
Grab the momentum and roll in the motion,
Though, squeamishness will thrive,
Remember the dream and thank him because you are alive,
Value every second, trade your life for it,
Open up your feathers, escape the pit,
Death invites everybody, someday you'll be gone,
Even the sun will set forever, there won't be any dawn,
Something belongs to you, its your throne,
With the choices you made, go fly,
*Fly till the horizon.
Remember the reason for your existence.
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