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 Jan 2018 Mary
love, what? is
 Jan 2018 Mary
      speaking in french, wrapping our tongues around foreign
                                                         ­                                flavors and vowels,
          intertwining with each other,
                                                                ­ whispering
                                                      ­                                  mon amour,
                                                                ­                                my
        love love love love love love
                           her hair and his eyes, gold liquidated, pooling
              in glass orbs and strings,

      shards and pools colliding and cascading

                          is this truth?
                she takes his hand and mind
       all at the same time and they both cry

 Jan 2018 Mary
 Jan 2018 Mary
Cringy love poems and sleepless nights,
Spending every waking moment wishing you were by my side.
mood rn.
 Nov 2017 Mary
Sometimes Starr
touch my young body,
or it will go to waste

do not be deceived by my stammering--
i will love you like a strong man loves.

see through the circumstances of my life
and realize that i am rich.

touch me, and i will come alive for you.
 Nov 2017 Mary
Whitney Grey
I like the way your nose flairs when you laugh
And the way your lip quivers
I like how you stand
And how your words flow like the rivers
Your smile gives me butterflies
In your eyes I become lost
I want to be yours
I’ll keep my fingers crossed
 Oct 2017 Mary
 Oct 2017 Mary
What does this mean?
What does it mean to trend?
Do I make an impact?
Do I make a difference?

The empty poems
The ones that mean nothing

The passionate ones
The ones that mean everything

Why do they trend?
What makes them loved?
Do I make a difference?

Why do I inspire you?
Why do I move you?
I don't understand
I really don't understand
 Oct 2017 Mary
I'm sorry, Mom
 Oct 2017 Mary
I'm sorry Mom, for the times I complained,
And for all the unnecessary tears,
I'm sorry Mom, for all the times I yelled,
And for all those wasted years.
I'm sorry Mom, for my stubborn behavior,
And for the times I ran away,
From all of the problems, I didn't feel like facing
Forgive me, Mom, for I was lead astray.
I'm sorry Mom, please show me the door,
I think it's time I leave.
I need to find my own way of life,
and stop destroying yours.
 Aug 2017 Mary
Beautiful People
 Aug 2017 Mary
There is
an abundance
of beautiful people,
for beauty
should be
in your mind.
As if you weren't already aware.
 Jul 2017 Mary
She was pure
and untouched;
like the first
crystals of snow.
He painted her soul
with his color,
and left her
forever stained.

- n. ib
 Jun 2017 Mary
 Jun 2017 Mary
you told me I could open up
said that I could tell you anything
so I told you all my silly little fears
told you bout the things that really scare
told you the songs I sing when im alone
she said, "don't need to worry bout that nomore."
cause if you're alone
then we're alone
now sing to me cause we belong
my sadness will keep your lonely heart
and when you want it all
its here for you
just give me some small piece of you
and when you have more to give
I'll keep it alive,
ill nourish it
I promise this
I promise this.
© Shang
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