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A puny nib tells it's affliction to perception sheet.
paperdoll Jul 2017
how sweet
was his sword;
dripping with
he so gently
stabbed it
in her back
sliding like
a velvet rose,
it left her
in ecstasy,
that even in this
poisoning pain
she could taste
a piece of heaven.

- n. ib
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paperdoll Jul 2017
She was madness.
She could taste sweetness
in pain.
She could see light
in darkness.
And she would
keep smiling
in her sleep,
just by the thought
of him.

- n. ib
paperdoll Jul 2017
He opened the door
of the cage
and freed her
from his imprisonment.
And he forgot
that a bird
without wings
can no longer

- n. ib
paperdoll Jul 2017
She was pure
and untouched;
like the first
crystals of snow.
He painted her soul
with his color,
and left her
forever stained.

- n. ib

— The End —