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Alexis Sep 23
these days are long and the seasons seem to drag
this year has me trapped beneath her grip

friends are only friends to your face
and lovers just love to use you

people only care with their words
as if i could lay my crying head against empty whispers

served slow motion hits to the chest
and taken advantage of time and time again

i've been aching for my heart to heal
anticipating a fresh bloom

and still with three more months to go?
****, it's been a long year
the last few months feel like decades
Alexis Sep 19
i wish you weren’t with her
i wish you wanted me
i wish you’d see that she’s not right
i wish you’d see what we could be

i wish you’d hold my hand
and cherish me instead
but i need to accept you’re not mine
get it through my foolish head
classic “you belong with me” scenario
Alexis Sep 6
for you being the only one i have to count on
you sure aren’t really there for me lately

maybe my everything isn’t enough for you
and that’s not your fault

but before you count all the things i couldn’t give you
don’t forget the times you took advantage of me too
i hope i’m enough for someone one day
Alexis Jul 26
i hate it when you look at me
like you don’t think i’m weird
like you’re seeing the real me
and it doesn’t scare you

but that scares me
Alexis Jul 9
i remember the way the warmth of your kiss
trickled down my forehead and into my heart
i remember how my breath would stop
and i’d let your smile throw my spirit against the wall
i wish i had fought back
against the love you began to choke me with
before i forced you to crumble
as i was notably unprepared
and hardly deserving
I always think I’m ready for love again, but once it gets close i just get overwhelmed.
Alexis Jun 19
it seems i do this to myself again and again
an inevitable desire for something i can’t have
this time, it’s you and your eyes
the ones that radiate rich, golden rays
and pierce my skin but i can’t look away
i wish you wouldn’t look away
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