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Anne Scintilla Jul 2018
We remain captains of the ship
              forged by the same dream,
                            which braved
                                          the rough seas,
                                       up to this
                                              —tipping point.
                             The mast in reverent quiver
                                            with the raging wind,
                                                         its respect,
                                               in sync
                                       to heaving beats
                                              —of leaking souls.
                     Racing through the tides,
                                    forced by a nature
                              of the brewing eye
                                       in the sky
                                        —god of demise.
                         It was a play
                                 for tough sailors,
                     to bet
                        on empty hulls
                 with paper sails,
             to stay,
                  on sinking ships;        
        a childhood game,
             which ends
   —in the drain.
the storms in this part of the world are relentless in showing their prowess. i remember having paper boats race with the current of the near canals when i was young.

thank you for reading.
  Jul 2018 Anne Scintilla
i am learning to love myself
like he never could
and darling
i can feel flowers
growing from my scars
reaching for the sunshine
of my new found smile

  Jul 2018 Anne Scintilla
Dear child,
Don't be afraid,
When the moon
Isn't up in the sky.
He's quiet but there,
Always aware,
Watching you
with loving eyes.

Dear child,
Don't be afraid,
When the moon
Isn't by your side.
He's silent but cares
For you who's so bare
In the dark
of lonely nights.

Dear child,
Don't be afraid,
When the moon
Is out of your sight.
With distance you wonder,
Yet your heart grows fonder,
Hence do you look forward
To living every night.
Dear Tamia, if astronauts can do it, then so can you. You will reach the fullest of moons. Don't be afraid, live your life like every day is a night, and happy birthday. Perhaps and truly, you are the moon, and I love you.

Anne Scintilla Jul 2018

But without these words, the thought would not be complete.
Words are enough to achieve a certain feat.
Verses bring life to complex emotions from stone.
But some emotions are better expressed by words alone.


Words may be a brainchild of the senses,
a cousin of shrouded feelings,
a distant lover of hopeful wishes.

But it would always remain in papyrus,
in coffee-stained napkins,
in the whisper of the breeze.

What are compound syllables without action,
without justified reason,
without the process for progress.
this is one of my anonymous favorite poetry exchange. we often forget that there are two sides in the same coin.

thank you for reading.
  Jun 2018 Anne Scintilla
The uniVerse
Beauty lies bereft and bound
it cries for help but utters no sound
mascara kisses fade from your lips
etched by lovers worn fingertips
purple rings around sullen eyes
the broken skin it never lies
fists of thunder make not the man
nor the swift strike of back of hand
a thousand apologies can never repair
the displacement of a single hair
for she is not an object for you to own
she is a Queen that deserves a throne
and if she allows you to enter her chamber
it's also her decision if you should remain there.
her beauty is boundless
and cannot be tamed
all those who try
should be shamed

***** I have shared my poems on this website now since 2015 and this is my first daily, it has been a privilege and I appreciate all the lovely comments <3 *****
Anne Scintilla Jun 2018
We are our own system:

masses of stardust
which found each other
and called ourselves home
floating, amidst the unknown

  s l o w l y
s u r e l y

being pulled apart
by the same universe
that brought two planets
under the gravity of each other.
the moment something starts, one must already anticipate how it would end because nothing remains permanent.

the stars would always witness the things we do.
thank you for reading!
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