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Isaac Jul 2018
All in this together.
All in this forever.

All have influence.
Each choice has continuance.

Every person you know:
a living domino.

Think twice about how
you unwittingly allow
their pushes to make you bow.

And think thrice about who
comes leaning on you,
for not every pathway is true.
Written 27 July 2018
Tommy Randell Jan 2018
Objects in his room
Why did he put them so precisely

The distance from the TV of the Chair
The cushions in symmetry as a matched pair
The poised angle of the lamp to avoid glare
The cabinet filled with decorative glassware
Family photographs on the wall to contrast and compare
A single vase on the windowsill made of stoneware
The rug centre-stage stained and threadbare

So silent, so fixed, so like him,
Precise as a Prayer.
Tommy Randell Dec 2017
Living is repetition in the flesh and in the bones,
The season of growth ending with the forest newly combed.

Repeated days of dry not dry then wet,
The fields knowing the dark to come drawing breath.

Fog laying over the hills like lovers' arms in bed.
Frost paving our dreams, carpets of spider webs.

It is what it is and I am happy to feel the bite
Of the wind's teeth on my cheek as I age into night.

It will be what it wants to be this Life as it spins,
It will be everything and then it will be nothing -

But what goes on into my future only this I know,
What goes on of me after my Life, is not flesh but bones.
Christian Bixler Feb 2017
Within the still pool
below I hang, striving still
Though it may seem now that all my efforts have been in vain; that still am I prone to anger, to frustration, to depression, still I will continue on, on this path I have chosen; and one day, at paths end, I will find peace, and love.
Christian Bixler Nov 2016
endless strife,
and within,

Yet, there is still
there is still
there is still
I will not despair.
I will love,
I will laugh,
I will cry,
I will sorrow,
on; for I
will not
the sweet, pure
joy of
not without
a fight.

I will live,
and I will
be happy;
I will not
I promise...
I promise
I will not

For there is
joy, and peace,
and love,
in life; and
there is eternity,
which is
of all good,
all joy, all
love, all
and purity,
within this
life, as well
as the next.
All I must do,
is find it.
A piece of striving, of self-determination, of comfort...forgive my wording..I do not think this is a work in which to edit. Thank you, for listening, those who may. I love you, all of you, as I strive to love the world, in all its glory, and sadness. Thank you, once again.

— The End —