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GONNER Aug 2019
I’m at a bit of a block.
I haven’t been writing at all
I don’t know what to do with myself
i feel so small

Ive been writing in my head
But i just cant transfer onto the page
I don’t know how I’m gonna do it
But i need to break out of this cage

This cage of dark
This prison of pain
I have a virus
Invading my left side brain

I don’t know what to write
Im lost in my head
I can’t come up with the words
My biggest dread

I’m left here now
Lonely and lost
My outlet is gone
I’m feeling the cost

Of my insecurities
Eating away at my soul
I’m feeling to pain
Of this black hole

Of this writers block
This wall in my brain
It keeps getting higher
my greatest, dreadful pain
GONNER Aug 2019
a lot of people ask me why i smoke. it’s not that i want to be cool or i want “street cred”. it’s the feeling of numbness i’ve wanted to burn out of my life since the beginning. it’s the feeling of near suffocation. the feeling the smoke or vapor leaves behind in my lungs and in the back of my throat. it’s the feeling of being able to feel something that i’m so addicted to. i’m not addicted to nicotine or cannabis. i’m addicted to the feeling it’s leaves behind on my soul.
GONNER Nov 2018
I abet your behavior
Without hesitation
I was awarded with love
Increasing temptation

I watched you claim
Your souls devine
The way you work
Shivered my spine

As i hold you hand
****** and bruised
You told me you loved me
Your devilish deed excused

I gave you my heart
You gave me yours
You treat me like royalty
My love for you pours

We now work together
Business partners if you will
You told me everything I need to know
You taught me *******

They say we’re going to hell
But love, we’re already there
We are always content
Living in each others care

I’ll be here forever
I’ll never get out
However I’m perfectly happy with that
My love you is devout

Our work will continue
Till our dying day
I love you forever and always
So come what may
GONNER Oct 2018
~~~~~~{TRIGGER WARNING}~~~~~~

This girl
Beaten up,
Didn’t know much about love.
She was so used to being ignored.
This boy
Known by everyone,
Wished he’d never gotten all the attention.

The boy noticed the girl,
Asked her her name
No answer.
She’s so used to the quiet
So used to no one addressing to her
his words just passed her ears.
The only sound she heard was the clock
Tick- tick-
He asks again, this time a bit louder
Not being rude
She answers, very softly
Before he could say his name, she replies with I know
He thinks that name is really pretty
He wonders how he’s never noticed her before

These two built a friendship
One the girl never had before
She started to feel happy for once.
Unknowingly, this was a bet
She finds out
She finds out that this boy was rude,
Just an overall nasty person.
Before she liked the boy
But this boy ended up breaking her more
Shattering her heart like a piece of ceramic.
The trust that was once found,
Now lost in the lies

She realizes why she never had any friends
It was because of the fear of something like this.
She goes back to the girl everyone saw her as
Weeping Willow
This time more depressed,
Beaten up,
These people drove her insane
She told that boy everything,
He told everyone else everything.
Those secrets being exposed hurt
She was overall hurt.

She feels empty,
Mentally exhausted.
It came to the point where she couldn’t handle it,
This wasn’t any old joke,
These kids never knew her,
They never took the time to know her
It took just one person to find out everything for everyone.
Her world collapsed within not even a month.

She walked over to a tree,
Climbed the tree,
There was an unknown object in her hand.
She could only think about her insanity,
Other people’s insanity,
And what was in her hand.
She can’t think anymore,
Her mind took over,
The unknown object is a rope,
She’s on airplane mode,
Her mind tells her to tie it
2 places
She counts down to three…
She can’t think,
It’s too late.
Everything is flashing before her.
The story of Weeping Willow.
my frendo Miranda wrote this and wanted me to post it for her
GONNER Oct 2018
We met at the crossroads
Blind in love
You had a beautiful mask
Like an angel from above

You asked for my soul
I gave it up
And with a shake of a hand
I was out of luck

I did your deed
But you struck me down
Watched me suffer
Without a frown

We stood there together
Side by side
You swept me up
I couldn’t deny

I loved you dearly
with all my heart
But now I wish
We were apart

You’ve beaten me senseless
Through me around
All with a smile
You’ve watched me drown

I’m an emotionless mess
A true work of art
How can i put up with this
“Until death do us part”

Now I’m here
In the pits of hell
Broken down
You beat me well

Ill never get out
Ill be here for life
Living with the devil
I call my wife
Had to write a narrative poem for my lit class and i was really proud of it so i decided to out it in here.
GONNER Sep 2018
what are doing here
you said that you would stay
then right after you said that
you ran away

to another girl, another chick
who’s skinnier than me
i should of know
that you would would up and leave

do you really think i’d take you back
after that
after running after girls
who like how you act

all smooth and confident
but they don’t know how it be
they don’t know that in no time
you’ll have other girls in your sheets

you broke my heart
split it in two
but at least you know
i’ll never forget you
GONNER Aug 2018
i’ve beaten down and broken
into a million pieces
now i’m here alone
with no cure for my diseases

they’re eating me alive
cell by cell
they’ve forced me to do things
i refuse to tell

now i sit here alone
broken and lost
i’m still feeding my insecurities
when i know the cost

eventually i’ll be gone
nothing but pain
it keeps me awake at night
coursing through my veins

there’s so many scars
i can’t count them all
i’m patiently waiting
for my one last fall

my diseases are incurable
i’ve given up hope
there’s not much of me left
i’m searching for a rope

to end my pain
to end my sorrow
i’m hoping for
a better tomorrow
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