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  Dec 2014 V Anna
Javier Garza
The fight has left me
Can't take anymore
Too much pain to bear

Cornered now, whimpering to the shadows
What I've succumb to
A mere shadows of the fighter who I used to be

Ready to give up
Waiting for the next blow
Just end it all

The hope I had is gone along with my pride and strength
I've been stripped of everything that defines me
I have no power
I'm just another broken child

Hang the noose,
Tighten the chains,
Doesn't matter
Lacerate my skin,
Burn my soul,
Just end it all
I'm already broken
I just wish for the peace after death's eternal sleep
  Dec 2014 V Anna
While you were away,
My words seem to fall on deaf ears.
Unvoiced mutterings that fall out in droves,
Burning rants swallowed back in singes and sears...

While you were away,
Time was stagnant; a viscous puddle.
Hours only stretched longer,
The second hand jabbing its ferocious needle...

While you were away,
The clock drove me insane.
Ticking my life away in literal seconds.
Losing sand grain by grain...

While you were away,
And when it's all quiet and dark,
I could hear my heartbeat...
Awaiting the new day to make its mark.

While you were away,
My words seem to have lost their meaning...
As if they were stuck in limbo,
Unanswered calls that keep on ringing...

While you were away,*
I am but a little lost foal...
Because whenever you're away,
I am never whole...
V Anna Dec 2014
How can I,
fall again?
When you're no longer
**with me.
  Dec 2014 V Anna
" if i give up now, what have i been fighting for all this while? "
Because what i fought for,
never fought back for me.
I wonder,
how much of what weighs me down,
is not mine to carry.
At one point,
i thought i've lost everything.
'Till i realised,
i've forgotten to count my blessings.
I've been so consumed with something,
that i forgot anything at all.
Through it all,
it shouldn't have happened,
but you let it.
The best medicine,
is just to let you win.
4-word conclusion:
Whatever's best for you.

( FAH )
some parts are inspired.
  Dec 2014 V Anna
She whispered to the
blue shy sky secrets of
love.While he told the
silver moon about his
online crush.Winters cold
breeze carried their words
above making the roses and
tulips flirt and exchange kisses
and hugs. Does he love me does
he not? Does she love me does
she not he thought. Angels twirled
at heavens doors as they watched
the young two blush from above
He never believed in online dating
But this girl got his feet up his lips
He was crushed by a few in the past.
But fate has its twist as they met on the
net. Both made a comment on youtube
Only two on the comment box. Only two
love the same song. "He's pretty cute."
"We love the same song!" The two started
exchanging emails That's where fate laughed
out its sparks
. *Sparks that were brighter than
those we see in Central Park.
This was it they lit up each other's
dark. Getting all excited to meet up
in real life. He held her hand and that
was when she knew he's an angel in
disguise. Exchanging smiles he said "I want
you to be mine". "I'm willing to love you till
the end of time" she said. Laughs and
giggles spread they both felt light headed
and like little kids. I love you they said as
their lips first met
Erenn in bold
Carolin in italics
Its our 2nd collaboration
He's talented i enjoy writing poetry with him
Im looking forward to write more and more
Visit his page
Remember how I used to love you?
Did everything you wanted me to,
Killed myself inside for the likes of you?
Well..  I'm f-cking through
Through thinking about you
Dreaming about you
Crying tears with your face in the reflection
Finding your stuff when I turn any direction
Hoping it was all a dream
Not as bad as it seemed

But the truth is...
You taught me more than I ever cared to know about you and now that I'm actually through, I've realised you made me stronger and more sure than ever before.

Thank You for all the things you didn't do
I'm sure you'll Never Forget
*The Girl Who Loved You
V Anna Nov 2014
Who are you?
You came when I was in pieces
Shattered, but you pick it up 
Piece by piece you fixed me
It's not complete, but I can finally breathe

Who are you?
Making me smile 
Without me telling you
You knew I'm trying to forget him
But why are you still trying?

Who are you?
Despite shutting you out
You keep asking how my day was
Didn't I hurt you enough?
You must never see my flaws

Who are you?
Mr Stranger who are you?
I'm slowly getting up again
And I'm scared to fall again

But please Mr Stranger
Please, Please don't leave.
You came unexpectedly...
And now I don't want you to leave...
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