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  Jun 2015 V Anna
Love as we know it 
May be elusive for some
Some go the distance to prove their ardor
Some decided that suicide is their best alleviation
And some didn’t even get both.

We seek love in all forms
We try to fathom the imminent outcome to what’s already there
We may be deceived, forlorn or highly exultant 
It’s like we were programmed to expect the unexpected
In either both good & bad conclusions.

Most of us bury the mounts of elation in a single episode
Not knowing what’s in the offing 
The least of us forever waiting 
For that love that never ceases
And yet we see most of us are happily married.

I figured,
It will happen one day
You may be heartbroken by your vilest past, 
Demurred by your preferences 
Diligent to your prior responsibilities at hand

But it will happen
No matter what..
Cause I always believed that
**God Is Fair.
When you least expect it,
It happens...
It's already written.
You either chase or you wait.
But it will definitely happen.
  May 2015 V Anna
From the very beginning
When I fell hard for you
Running on feelings that I kept denying
Slipping into your river vein that drowns me
Tripping over your anger, sarcasm, flaws
And everything that you pushed away
It was all beautiful

You are beautiful

I want everything
And I made a promise to myself.
I want to love you till the very end.
It's always been you from the start.
All your imperfections.
I want everything
I want you.
(Read it from bottom to the top too)
This is for the girl whom I fell in love with here on Hello Poetry
And she's my GF now:)
Thank you so much guys for the love:)
I can't believe it's my second time getting featured.
  Apr 2015 V Anna
It doesn't matter how hard I try
I never seem to get away
Cause after all you did to me
I fear these feelings will always stay

Your lies I believed were the truth beneath
The pain recedes but the heart bleeds
My instincts were right all along
I’m just a part of your love song

You see, I live my life in fear
Fear I won't succeed
And every small critique I get
Makes me once again recede

My Iloveyous to you were inevitable
Like the sun emitting his ardor
Despite the moon in slumber’s nocturne
He shines brightly with fervor

I live my life, always afraid
That I am not on the right path
And if I take one small misstep
I'll have to face somebody's wrath

Time consumes me while I waste it away
Like grains of sand as I clenched and ran
Only to lose it
Again and again

I am eternally scared
That all my judgments are wrong
And if I ever meet someone
They'll only like me for so long

But then I met you out of the blue
You were trying to forget someone too
We sparked like fireworks in the night sky
But the fire burnt out and our colors faded hue

I live my life in constant fear
I fear that you were right
I simply am not good enough
And I will not be alright

Thank you for proving me right
That we were not meant to be
How could you love another light
When I was the one your darkness pleased

But even worse than all these things
Is my terror that someday
I will meet someone else like you
And not be able to get away.

You complete me

You destroyed me
So honored to have done my first collab ever with the wonderful Erenn
*Erenn is Italics
~Check out the rest of his work~
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Thank you so much for doing this collab with me Erenn!! ^.^ You are so talented! :)
Hope you all enjoy it.
V Anna Jan 2015
I fell in love with your proses
Your words never failed to enlighten everyone
You picked up every single one who needs help the most
They wanted to die,
But you keep on scolding with love
I never thought I could fall in love with someone here
Your passion for words
Your passion for peace
Is so alluringly attractive
Like a magnet you pulled me into your gravity
For the first time I'm actually scared to talk to a guy
But we did talked and now I'm still hungover.
You got me hypnotised by your kindness
Your relentless flame to help those who wanted to end
You with your pen, sparks of love fervent
Your neverending collabs, you will never say no.
If only you would ask me
And maybe we could be
Partners for life.
Guess who he is;)
He's always open to everything and always giving motivation to everyone here who need it. Love his writes and love him!

  Dec 2014 V Anna
She has ink dripping
from her lips. He blames
that on the poetry she
drinks after each and
every kiss she gives to
him on his cheeks and
ribs. Sometimes in his
mouth as she claims that
it's her cathedral and the
only place where she
confesses all of her darkest
sins. He sends kisses down
her spine. As if it holds the
knobs to the doors of her
fragile broken soul. Hoping
that each kiss will lead him
in. This is the story of where
their new life begins. There
tangled in the sheets of his
warm cozy bed. And that was
the moment when they both
paused and said the best is yet
to come. And our young love
will live on and on* ~
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