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V Anna Dec 2014
How can I,
fall again?
When you're no longer
**with me.
V Anna Oct 2014
I told you I been on one before, and I'm tired of it. But you didn't believe me. When I said no, you grabbed my hand and pulled it. My feet moved on its own. My soul moves with you. I keep shouting no, but i'm running with you. We just knew each other a few hours ago during that period. But you asked me out hesitantly. I keep saying no but my lips won't move. As we reached there. I panicked, my knees shaking. I was about to faint. And then you did the unexpected. You gaze into my eyes, and my soul etched onto your lips. It was the first time we breathe together. My knees stop shaking. And again, my feet moved with you. We sat for 5 minutes in that Ferris wheel, but it felt like forever. For the first time, someone made me sit in there again. The fear, the nightmares, that thing that haunts me till i'm 20; you changed that. Just by a kiss. Now how could I forget you when all these moments are better than the movies. I don't know if I could ever forget you. I don't think you'll ever come back now that you're with her. But don't forget. Even for abit, don't forget me.
V Anna Oct 2014
What we had, was it all a dream?
And you left and leave me dying
Am I supposed to go on alone living
When you're the one leaving me hanging

All the promises that we made
That you would never leave
And I'll never be replaced

And I realized from the start
From the beginning to the end
When you said, Hello & Farewell
It's still the same
We were nothing.
You said you would never leave
V Anna Nov 2014
Who are you?
You came when I was in pieces
Shattered, but you pick it upĀ 
Piece by piece you fixed me
It's not complete, but I can finally breathe

Who are you?
Making me smileĀ 
Without me telling you
You knew I'm trying to forget him
But why are you still trying?

Who are you?
Despite shutting you out
You keep asking how my day was
Didn't I hurt you enough?
You must never see my flaws

Who are you?
Mr Stranger who are you?
I'm slowly getting up again
And I'm scared to fall again

But please Mr Stranger
Please, Please don't leave.
You came unexpectedly...
And now I don't want you to leave...
V Anna Oct 2014
Why are
you still
in my head!?
Go away!

Please don't.
I wanna erase you but i can't
V Anna Oct 2014
She build her walls so high
A fort of candor, impossible to break
She tried rendering, but she cried instead
Fragments of yesterday's still lingers
Trying her best to dissipate but fail-
Everytime she loses her balance

"Why can't I forget him!?"
It's over, she said that everytime
While looking at their photo
That she tried to burn in imminent time
It's hard to let go
It's hard to forget
"I just want to be with you again!"
I miss you
V Anna Oct 2014
When you realized it's too late
She'll be by the gate
That she used to wait
But this time
It's not you, saying I do
With her groom
Happily married
There's nothing you could do.
V Anna Oct 2014
When you told me,
"Please don't leave baby, stay with me.."
My body was just a tool,
For you to ***** with.

When you told me,
"I promise I won't fall for anyone else.."
I etched that in my heart
Believing that I'll never be replaced.

When you told me,
"She's just a friend, I'm just helping her.."
Pretending I'm fine
Vomiting your words.

When you told me,
"It's just not the same anymore.."
I tried everything to make you stay,
And I found out later it was her, all along.
V Anna Jan 2015
I fell in love with your proses
Your words never failed to enlighten everyone
You picked up every single one who needs help the most
They wanted to die,
But you keep on scolding with love
I never thought I could fall in love with someone here
Your passion for words
Your passion for peace
Is so alluringly attractive
Like a magnet you pulled me into your gravity
For the first time I'm actually scared to talk to a guy
But we did talked and now I'm still hungover.
You got me hypnotised by your kindness
Your relentless flame to help those who wanted to end
You with your pen, sparks of love fervent
Your neverending collabs, you will never say no.
If only you would ask me
And maybe we could be
Partners for life.
Guess who he is;)
He's always open to everything and always giving motivation to everyone here who need it. Love his writes and love him!


— The End —