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They've only gone and fooled us
into thinking this was Kansas
and the rainbow was a side show
in the circus of our lives.
Toto lays doggo and waits for the end.
some nights anxiety wins
and i'm left a
withering, melting mess

of holding back tears and
an aching in my heart
and sheer helplessness

do i want the night to end
or perhaps a reset, a redo
so i can claim it back for myself

but tonight i've lost
fighting a war on multiple fronts, and im ****** struggling, i need a 24 hour inconsequential day so ******* badly
Years ago
A pen was found
Its grip was blue
Slightly chipped

It wrote
Everyday on sheets, white
Flawlessly on the lines
Words did glide

It had a special place
Where it rested
After a long day
At the desk

Its home was warm
A wooden drawer
Strategically placed
Easy to fetch

Now it has been years
It longs to see the desk
At dawn
A practice now clearly gone

It lay still
In the wooden drawer
Cold and blue
Ink-less dry
does the dawn fall in love with
the receding night?
does the sun long to merge with
the silvery beams of the moon?
does the blue sky ever attempt to kiss
the earth in a tight embrace?
do the mountains strive to touch
the stars of the firmament?

is it not the red tint of the morn
that colours the cheeks of the dusk?
is it not the smile of the moon
that lessens the wrath of the sun?
is not the sky sharing the earth’s pain
as she sheds tear drops in sweltering heat?
aren’t the twinkling stars covering the darkness
lending a radiant sparkle to the black granite?

love turns the world around,
enriching the donor and the receiver
it gives more than the soul can aspire
it lights up more than darkness can hide
it fills the void, makes us whole
a light house to the sailors at sea
the greatest gift, a treasure of measureless worth

so love as never before, love till you die!
I'm tired, old, and worn out,
still sternly considering my doubts.
Getting ready to pass on a torch
that I haven't even earned
cuz I barely ever marched for
the lessons that we’ve learned.

Now, I write not to delight
but for new insights,
to question why
and ask my friends again,

“Who taught you to hate,
to sit and separate
yourself from the sacred state
of that which elevates?”
 11h Traveler
Flashes of you,
Fill my sights,
Temporarily taking away powers of gravity,
As D Air Freezes,
Before you fall,
During Day n Night,
By Invisible angels,
Sending possible injuries to flee,
For Ms Majesty,
With Visual Clues,
Are Lines of Truth!
D Orginal Natural Beauty,
With D Guards of Protection
Enhancing D Enhancer,
With breath taking Visual Fashions,
Just has me sticking on you like glue,
Are Lines of Truth!
 11h Traveler
Carson O T P Alexander
fighting the urge of procrastination,
surrounded by swirls of illusions,
During this guava season,
where leaves are so few,
as a little enables me to walk across visible planks,
I face the fears,
seeing little results,
I say Thanks,
4 little breaths I receive,
I breath little sighs of relief,
I give praise instantly,
Still mind wonders into the unknown mysteries,
I get the strength to walk across planks,
with the little energy left in my visual tank,
I say thanks!
4 opening of relief,
I can breathe a bit though blind,
Your spirit allows me 2 see n not grief,
Aides me 2 believe,
Solutions will arrive 2 rescue me,
As I flee into the storehouse of relief,
Expecting miracles to occur instantly,
i maintain a positive stance,
while I walk across many a plank,
I say thanks!
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