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13h · 70
Low In Intensity
Traveler 13h
I'm not trolling for feed back
No that's not why I'm here
Yet I appreciate your kindness...
My good Sir!
Your words are sweet music...
My Dear!
Actually your love is the reason
Why I'm here...

Through the buffer of these circuits
Your avatar submerges
Your words inscribed in mysteries
As scanning eye's converge

It's now or never now
To bring your words to light
Post your creative thoughts
Before you say good night

Words can love
Words can  heal
Words can touch
And we can feel

So give us your best
If you will!
Traveler Tim

Cheap rhymes
I know...
But that's how I roll!
I know your out there
I can feel your presence!
"Your life force is very special to us"
Your consciousness shines
Brighter than the multitudes!

Your poetry is a conscious flow
You’re resonating
With the music of the spheres
You are firmly connected
There a good reason
That we are all here!

We know you're there
You're not alone
It time to post another poem!
Traveler Tim
Don't hold out for recess
The daunting pressure builds
Pick up your mettlesome
Impose your loving will!

The target is your nature
Imprinted in your code
An epigenetic explanation
Is about to unfold

So get yourself together
You cyborg by default
Your appendages are contagious
Your inflammation is your fault

Still... we can do much better
Then waiting around to parish...
Traveler Tim
Clumsy and a little off balance
Describes my love in motion  
Still my sacred lover archetype
Thrives in respectful devotion

In magical flowing throughs
The power of love
Is free of cost
Words cast spells that last
Love can be a fragile task

As the archetype unwinds
My love is refined
The unconditional begins to grow
Like a flower in the sun
Life has only just begun
True love is loving our roll!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Apr 2 · 114
A Conscious Experience
Traveler Apr 2
I need to tell you a little something...
Evolution is an illusion
And time and space
Don't actually exist
And we are but programs
Deep within the mainframe
Of a supper computer
Capable of extreme pain
And absolute bliss...

Thank you for listening!
Now go back to what you were doing.
Traveler Tim
Mar 31 · 209
Cheap Rhymes
Traveler Mar 31
I like to rhyme way with way
But I have so much more to say
Since I have a higher technological mind
I’ll be rhyming time with time
Now, now
Don’t be jealous of all my rhymes
I’m alive and doing fine
Traveler 🧳

And now you have it...
Rhyming writers black!
Mar 28 · 62
Traveler Mar 28
Change isn't simple
and without failure,
entropy sets-in...
You got to lose your balance
to find a new one☯
We all possess the strength to win!

To reach a new goal
"In evolution"
The seeds of love rely
All this chaos is but an illusion
The spark of hope still fills my rhymes

There is a new day on the horizon
The sun is shining extra bright
The sky is endlessly blue
An atmosphere of endless apatite's
Traveler Tim

Meet me here, there and everywhere.
I am but a kind traveler have no fear!
Mar 27 · 131
Winter's Resolve
Traveler Mar 27
I sought an audience of my dreams
Wordless questions in silent themes
Until the chilly days finally warmed
I shed my cocoon of intent
And my plasticity conformed

In the blossoming spring my heart sings
Snow melts away from under my feet
I catching the pace of the permanent waves
Beyond the boundaries of the "finite slaves"
(Those unfortunate's awating the grave)

We all feel the changes being formed
How many more times must we be born?
I'll be taking my stand in this life span
From here to evermore!
Traveler Tim
Mar 23 · 327
Traveler Mar 23
I’ll still be around
When your born again!
Mar 22 · 209
Ease Your Wonders
Traveler Mar 22
The deep shall
Always go deeper
All the way down
Without a trace...

Spirit attempts to wax brighter
In a symphony of perpetual grace

Love does not extinguish it's own flame
That's the ego playing it's foolish games

A Poet don't complain
Nor bear a bitter heart
The gift of acceptance
Is discovered in our art

So take some deep breaths
And think about thinking
Get beyond the past
And you will quit sinking!
Mar 22 · 244
Traveler Mar 22
I love being
In the pilot seat
In control
On my feet
If we converge
I am
Who you’ll meet
So I celebrate simply being
A state quite freeing
Traveler 🧳
Mar 17 · 271
Traveler Mar 17
There’s a new star a’shining,
So why!
Why can’t you see it?
We’re finally arriving
This golden plateau
Beyond shifting paradigms
The fruit can not completely please
Without the knowledge
From the forbidden tree
The star is shining bright
So why can’t you see?
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Mar 16 · 156
Damn It!
Traveler Mar 16
I don’t need a subject
to write a poem!
My flow of words are comprised
Of Pleasant soothing tones

I’ll dazzle you with words
in a free fallen opus
The best of the best hocus-pocus

No theme needed
To touch your heart
To reach your deeper
Poetic part

No, I need no
Subject to come across
My words are love
Free of cost
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Writers block it’s not a thing for me!

Has anybody ever written a poem without a subject? Well there we go.
Love you!!
Mar 15 · 141
Traveler Mar 15
The plants
Are conscious
Every tree, every ****
Every wildflowers and shrub
All share our power of love

So as you’re passing by unaware
Remember the plants know you’re there
Give them a nod, blessed be their days
And don’t ignore the blessings
Of our natural sun rays!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Mar 14 · 150
Where Love Resides
Traveler Mar 14
It was possible
So I became
The one who
Loves through pain

I refuse depression
And all that ails
I’m bullet proof
And happy still

Ever learned
Poetry flowing

I never minded carrying you
I would never leave you behind
Come with me to a peaceful shore
In a state where love resides!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Try to live in the state of love
and acceptance
see if you can.
It’s the key to longevity.
Mar 13 · 99
Drift Dodger
Traveler Mar 13
I choose to live
In the moment
Safe from the hardened heart of time
The past try’s to keep up
The future gets left behind
Simultaneously in this moment
I’ve arrive!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Mar 12 · 878
World I love
Traveler Mar 12
It’s the world I know
And the world I love
So I’m not giving up
I’m giving a shove

Into the universe I send my ❤️!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Mar 10 · 85
Expanding Universes
Traveler Mar 10
In my integral contemplation
all these patterns resemble
the original blueprint

So there for I believe
It’s safe to build upon!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Traveler Mar 9
Take two quick breaths in
-Hold it-
Now let your breath out slowly
There that’s better
Repeat this action a few times
As needed
(This actually works)

Breath easy
Clear your mind
Leave them concerns
Of your deepest poetry behind
Let your brain’s plasticity pine

Don’t assume
This is written of you
Your victimiser’s exist sublime
Don’t take things personal
It’s the way things are
The strength is yours to find
Traveler 🧳 Tim

The Huberman technique!
A Professor I subscribe to.
Mar 7 · 1.0k
A Collection Of Art
Traveler Mar 7
To master my reality
I give it my all
To be one with nature
I obey natural laws
To experience this life
Of such pleasures and pain
To run in this race
Where winning is vain
To live like a fool
So eternally wise
To be loved unconditionally
Beyond my demise
All of these things
I hold in my heart
Creatively shaping
My collection of art
Traveler 🧳
Mar 7 · 119
Traveler Mar 7
It’s not the world making you angry’
No it’s you..
Allowing the world to make you angry.
Traveler 🧳
Mar 6 · 97
Foul Gesture
Traveler Mar 6
A coupon came in the mail
Just the other day...
Four dollars off, on a carton of guaranteed death!
Cancer causing agents **** mice in the lab.
I paid the gift of death forward
with a kind and gentle smile.
But looking back I wish I would have never done so vile!
Feb 27 · 166
Die Alive
Traveler Feb 27
Death is where I was born
personal development
in the eye of the storm
An acceptance
of what I can never change
an extended love
I offer preordained
I pray you die into my birth
Perhaps together we can save the Earth
Come together and put things right
Bring an end to the eternal night
Traveler 🧳
Feb 26 · 482
Shiny Spun
Traveler Feb 26
The vortex of the cloud dragon
has swallowed up the sun
His heart burns with fire and rage
his tail is shiny spun...

My dreams cling
to silver linings
No Dragon can keep
my love from shining!

Life is either worth living
or you plainly wish to die
Poetry is a magic carpet
And so our spirits fly!
Feb 25 · 517
Lovingly A Loser
Traveler Feb 25
Love can make us losers
Invested in love’s game
It can hurt to be human
I love you just the same!
Feb 22 · 106
Perilous Journey
Traveler Feb 22
A Shaman
Was a collector of relics
And little trinkets of gold
He blessed them with charms
Of wonder
As the story goes...
He collected and placed them
On candlelit shelves
Deep in the chambers
Of The Temple Of Self
Then he left and went on a journey
Hoping the gold would be there
On his retuning...

He didn’t fair as well
In his travels of the new lands
In a cavern of dirt he dug in deep
With a guide of retribution and confusion
He knew this place was incomplete.

And so here
In the silence of our prayers
Once again we become aware
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Feb 20 · 396
Sniveling Stars
Traveler Feb 20
Pain, yes “pain” make us strong
Exercise it or suffer along
Feed back is what we seek
We’re all a bunch of egotistic freaks

Take the good with the bad
Don’t know nothing and be glad
The masters fall like eggs from walls
Sniveling stars grow ya some *****!
Traveler 🧳
Feb 18 · 187
Traveler Feb 18
There's 100 trillion universes
With hundreds of trillion planets
We are but a speck of stardust
Yet we take these scores for granted

100 trillion stars
In the sky's of our night's
Hundreds of trillions of people As gravity holds on tight.

A 100 trillion cell's
Make up the human body...
100 trillion Atoms
In each and every cell...
Billions of chemical reactions every fraction of a second.
And all this connected by an invisible quantum field.

See for yourself
What the research says...

In the minute plunk of the atom
Is where we actually live 🎼
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Feb 16 · 76
I’ve Returned
Traveler Feb 16
I am here to resolve
A life time of doubts and
Invisible hopes
There's nothing left to be known and no,
I'm not the Pope
It has all been a grandiose
Innocuously divine design
Parting seas and crushing fleas
Is what seems to please
The human kind
But I’m here now so...
All aboard
It's heaven time!

The HP computer wasn’t letting me on for a minute there
Feb 11 · 337
Traveler Feb 11
There’s uneasiness
In the waves between

A nagging emptiness
Of unfulfilled routine

Can you truly claim
You’re living your dream?
Traveler 🧳
Feb 10 · 53
Quantum Choices
Traveler Feb 10
Aerial receptive
These nerves endings
This husk is merely the host
Our wave lengths interfere with each other
In atomically charged combinations
We choose our relations

Choose wise!
Traveler 🧳
Feb 8 · 194
Traveler Feb 8
Nothing has possibilities
Where did you think
Such impossibilities
Come from?

Light and sound
Are measurably
Atomically associated

Possibilities are merely
The potential of dark matter
The matter of nothing

Don’t exist!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Dark matter is the only thing that isn’t made out of light.
Feb 7 · 189
Rhymes of Insight
Traveler Feb 7
Can our consciousnesses be
Fast or slow?
Can our awarenesses be
High or even low?

You do realise
Of course...

Language was simply designed
to hide our feelings
We hide behind our poetic preserves
Whether were loving or were killing
Say what you shall
In the presence of light
Poets stands up with their words to fight

That was just a few rhymes of insight!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Feb 6 · 298
Only A Flesh Wound
Traveler Feb 6
Free from childhood
That no longer exist
Living in the moment
Becomes our gift

Let not the blemished proof of our youth
Hides our secret truths
Allow them to be merely dimples
In your smiles!
Traveler 🧳 T
Feb 5 · 516
Traveler’s Times
Traveler Feb 5
The simple act of looking
Will cause something to be
So I control my gaze
In a contemporary maze
Of love and poetry!
Feb 1 · 795
Light Defined
Traveler Feb 1
The magnitude and brilliance of
Your luminescence
Is captured in the formula for light!

V•B = 0 🌤

V•D = pv ☀️

V x H = J + —-- ☄️

Shine on you crazy Diamond!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

That is as close as I could get to the actual formula
My iPhone characters are limited
Jan 31 · 361
Traveler Jan 31
The blue sky is my canvas
Until the canopy of the night
Then my brushstroke
Become comet tails
An astroid field of flight

No language in my dream
No limits of the tongue
My flights of mindfulness
Has only just begun
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 31 · 258
Traveler Jan 31
The past no longer exist
The future will never be here
We will always be in this moment
Traveler 🧳
We only have limited colours to paint with.
But the ability of the artist
Has no limits.
Jan 30 · 150
Versus of Venus
Traveler Jan 30
Pristine in her posturing
She's The Mighty Phoenix
She's the elegance Swan
She's the Verses of Venus
She's the Daughter of Dawn

Remotes in her proximity
Across a dreamy grassy pond
I am the song of her destiny
I am the Lily her lotus rest upon

Dear Verses of Venus
You ruffled my drake feather!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 28 · 379
Traveler Jan 28
If I only had the words
That flowed like all the best
I’d tie you in a knot
of my grandiloquence!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Word of the day!
Jan 28 · 307
Flesh On The Line
Traveler Jan 28
Listen to all the unrest
What if they all knew
The universe
Is trying to talk us through

You better learn to listen
And expand your beliefs
There’s no rest for the wicked
Religions can be a thief

Suffer and slumber
Or wake up and fly
There’s much more
Than flesh on the line!
Jan 28 · 884
Good News (For a change)
Traveler Jan 28
I’d like to think
I’ve always been good
But I know very well
What’s under this hood

Things I’ve done
Still make me cringe
Once my shadow
Was on that fence

But the good news
Other than an emotional wound
Bad karma doesn’t mean you’re doomed!
Traveler 🧳
Jan 26 · 100
Quantum Bible
Traveler Jan 26
In the main frame of the gods
Reality is a creative projection
A flash-drive driven hunger
In a field of quantum particles
Forming repetitive simulations
Our flesh is but
A mathematical sensation

Harvesters of experience
Unfolding blueprints of divinity
The scripture of the cosmos
Tell the story’s of our lives
Traveler 🧳

The quick cure for bad karma is to simply realign with the universe.
Jan 25 · 293
Quantum Payer
Traveler Jan 25
I can feel the rain
In the thirst of my prayer
The mud on my feet
Dark clouds everywhere

Now storms are forming
In the desert of drought
The crops are growing
My prayer has no doubt
Traveling 🧳 Tim

An indigenous shaman
Taught me
How he prayed for rain
And it rained....

Inspired by Gregg Barden
A famous scientist
Jan 24 · 641
Traveler Jan 24
What scientist thought to be a Big Bang
Was actually the main frame
Booting up!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 24 · 149
Traveler Jan 24
Order out of chaos
The scale that never ends
Find the tonic of the key
Sustain then bend
Skill comes from discipline
Run the scale again
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Jan 24 · 157
The Eye’s of God
Traveler Jan 24
I have the eye’s of god
Both you and me
Our eyes are blind
But through god we see!
Jan 24 · 602
Exchange Of Smiles
Traveler Jan 24
Behind every tree
An eye watches
The hand of doubt
Hesitantly reaches
While quickly pulling back
To many eyes to count

You and I
Seek the gleam of
Eye to eye contact
Open curtains
Exchange of smiles
But we haven’t seen that
No, not in a coronavirus mile!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Traveler Jan 23
Icarian in nature
We rise till we burnout
The hierarchy inherits
Our uncommon wealth

Grave markers parish
In the forgetfulness of time
We are merely
Used up building blocks
As evolution unwinds

Our consciousness diminishes
Cascading façade
Oozing into the
Muck of wonder
Recycle bin
Take us home
Once again!
Traveling 🧳 Tim
Jan 21 · 261
More Coffee
Traveler Jan 21
Up all night!
Playing poetry
Writing my guitar
Today I’ll be
A falling star..

The caffeinated paradox
Traveler 🧳 Tim
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