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TW Oct 2019
I spoke to you on January 6th,
Staff party at the bar and it was tragic as ****,
So I'm walking outside to have a *** and just sit,
You told me "I got something better", thought you'd hand me a spliff,
But you gave me a cigar and we were having some drinks,
Everybody's inside getting gatted and blitzed,
But us two are doing good, sipping whiskey on the rocks,
Knew we weren't allowed but we'd risk it for the shots.

Got to talking about the future, what we plan to achieve,
It was like you sprung to life and told me fabulous dreams,
I was headed back to uni, that's the standard, it seems,
But you had hunger in your stomach, made you travel and leave,
So you saved every penny from the job that we hated,
And you gave up many offers to get properly faded,
Because you knew you had to get away from offices, papers,
And all the obstacles they drop on you to stop you from greatness.

Then you left a day later.
I moved away and we soon became strangers.
I called it the trip of a lifetime, guess I was stating facts,
Because you left on a plane and you never made it back,
And now I'm on track to go and waste my days in a cubicle,
I think that's why I couldn't show my face at your funeral,
And so in life, when the hard parts have got me pacing,
I'll try to remember our last conversation.
Rest easy Joe, we didn't know each other that well but I think about that night a lot.
TW Sep 2019
You can see a midday moon but not a midnight sun,
The planet's ******* with you til your big time comes,
I remember parents telling me to sit tight, son,
Because they knew just what would happen if this kid might run,
I'm, maladjusted and badly stunted, I'm lacking comfort,
Stuck in amber, I have to rush but I'm acupunctured,
Pins and needles are seething to see what happens under,
The skin of someone who carries burdens til backs are ruptured.
Did it ever freak you out as a kid that you could see the moon during the day?
TW Jun 2019
The raining has relented, take a second, get a breath and gasp,
Unfurl the whitened knuckles gripping tightly with a nettle's grasp,
And when the clouds are cleared, we can lie here in the wetted grass,
**** and newborn in the dew and give this life a second chance.
TW Mar 2019
I wish I was a shaman or tribal chieftain,
To get the sky bleeding in dryest seasons,
I know there's no rhyme or reason, higher meaning I believe in,
But my mind is reeling, can't fight the feeling,
Hail is a Hail Mary, it's guided healing,
So a Noah's Ark flood would be a sight to see then,
Quite appealing, so even I, the heathen,
I can't deny the sea then.

I just wanna lie outside in the rain,
No sign of the pain, sit still 'till my clothes need drying again,
I can't tell if I'm crying, it's lining my face and I'm dying for space,
Watching droplets pop atop the bridge of my nose, inching so close,
But I'm sitting alone, sniffing on the petrichor, I'm meant for more,
But death's the door I'm headed for.
TW Mar 2019
I know the AI Age is many Seasons away,
But I only see it working in one feasible way,
Like when I'd huddle under covers for that secretive play,
Let's put our brains into a game and load your genes in the tray,

I don't need an artificial assistant, don't need computer help,
I used to tell Clippy the little paperclip to ***** himself,
I don't want some sort of cyborg to walk, talk and make noise,
I ought to just evade toys and port you to my Gameboy,

This physical reset seems a bit of a defect,
For the business that we've left, that's getting my D S-d,
A head full of regrets, forget it and de-stress,
Negative pretext like letters with P.S,

I've got a Heart of Gold but for the life of me, girl,
That's the only way that I could buy you Diamonds and Pearls,
Or I could buy you X and Y but you'd evolve beyond your chromosomes,
Hacking satellites to Track my Spirit on my mobile phone,

If your battery's draining, the Hourglass of a Phantom,
Every charger's a sanctum, I'll get to sparking at random,
So we can do it all again, fall in love and get N-gaged,
I can be the one who's pushing all your buttons for a change,

Thinking back to days I'd mumble at you and you'd grumble back,
Now you'd make me shiver as you quiver with your rumble pack,,
I can try to lie but well, I can't help the truth,
Honestly, I just want my hand held with you.
If we ever figure out how to download someone's brain into a computer, the first thing I'll do is get my gameboy out :)
TW Mar 2019
I got some friends that are ride or die,
The type of guys always down to trade their life for mine,
To take an eye for eye, and stand by my side,
I watch their backs and know they'll never put a knife in mine,

In my group, there's a feel of a community,
And where I'm from, they're only seeing what's assumed of me,
They're doomed to be some dudes who never see the unity,
We've got each other and we'll always do it to a T.
I'd trust any of them to write my eulogy,
And I know that they'd do it beautifully,
It'd be brutal and truthful, I'm only human, geez,
And even when I'm gone, they'll find a way to ***** with me.

Some days we can't talk, or even stand each other,
This life is hard fought, but we're a band of brothers,
Enter a grey day, they add a splash of colour,
Then light one up and try to tell you that they had it rougher.

I got some friends that are ride or die,
The type of guys always down to trade their life for mine,
To tell me life's alright when time's in tight supply,
Take a leap together so we're never living high and dry.
Had some rough times and I'm just feeling pretty grateful and appreciative of all my friends now.
TW Mar 2019
I vow to never let destiny get the best of me,
Life expectancy threaten me through questions of legacy,
Mentally wrestle me, never envious jealousy,
I'll measure every breath and beat and take them to the Nth degree.
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