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Nov 17 · 195
The Mad Romentic
Swoo Nov 17
I want to drown in your essence.
Synchronise with your soul.
Until we are one mighty force,our little universe. - The Mad Romantic. -Swoo
Sep 15 · 31
A Dominatrix Spirit
Swoo Sep 15
She possesses a spirit of a *******.
As she possesses me swiftly without any calculated effort.
I'm gone, doubled flamed now, more than ever.
As I proper re call...... I've never been a lone since I felt her.
A ******* Spirit - Swoo
Sep 10 · 27
Swoo Sep 10
She used to be celebrated. Thru water splashes, river streams and water fountains.  As the mountains changed to their greeneries. A scenery that always compels true children of the planet to want to run across it's open fields. What happened to her Joy's ?Nothing really. There's even rumours about her even forgetting her origin's. Truth is thru climate change, She also evolved way passed the comfort norms of the rest of the human species. As the rest of the nature side still rejoices while the plants, trees, flowers still flourish. With everything else still sticking to their traditions she's still celebrated. Spring - Swoo
Aug 13 · 91
A Rare type of rose
Swoo Aug 13
From the very first day I saw you. I never lost sight. A normal human being at that point and then  magic was born from the moment our stars aligned and it's a been magic ever since. A rare type of rose which possesses feels of beautiful melodies on interludes. A rare type of rose -Swoo
Swoo Jul 16
I've been binded by the bonds of authentic love.
Thru time all the artworks that ever surpassed the feels of ordinary emotions  had some type of frequency of her in them.
I've used her vibrations as a drive, and inspiration.
Fell for her light and  that wavy vibe as it had me all wavy bunch.
So i stay ravaged savagely by all of this raw emotions. Holding her hand untill we can no longer hold each other spiritualy or physically. Only she can release me. - Swoo
Apr 6 · 1.2k
Off the woodworks
Swoo Apr 6
Even as a statue without being hand crafted by the architecture she would mach it. Molded in a sway like detail, whoever designed this woodworks would be amaized howmuch she perfectly blanded with it. A melody of nature's rhythm flowing from her hair to her shoes. She was a sensational feel.💋🌹❤️😍📳📳📳🙏🏾 Off the woodworks -Swoo
Feb 23 · 35
One ill always crave
Swoo Feb 23
I long for her shes who I'll always crave. Time and dintances run their beat down. Memories with each other still pending. Nothing is without consequences! Hate that I'm without you and the fact that my moments are stolen by somebody else. She's the one I'll always crave -  Swoo
Feb 4 · 58
Till i met You
Swoo Feb 4
Till I Met You

Never thought I'd wanna be the one,
Never... thought I'd wanna be the star of the show till I met you,. - Swoo
Gone Tings
Dec 2020 · 99
He Said
Swoo Dec 2020
He Said
Love you a million fold.
He said
Love you with my entire being.
He said Love you until the after life!
Thru the test of time I'll hold on to you
As long as you hold on to me.
He said
To infinity and beyond I love you.
He said
That's my creed to you.
- He Said -                           Sw👀
Dec 2020 · 304
Soul Tie
Swoo Dec 2020
Wanna hold her waist, look her right in the eyes and say baby you were tailored for me. Before I kiss her like I'm under French Possession my soul tie. - Soul Tie
Aug 2020 · 235
Swoo Aug 2020

Oh Joy how you come at me like the beach waves though. I'm tumbled on the the ground humbled all joy to the furthest corners of my feels. A sneaky one you already beat spring to it didn't you? Done with the teases and little glimses and graced us with full body appearances oh joy. She's an escapee from the garden this one. All stylish even on disguise cap and sun glasses like she's on the run yet she's all joy dressed like the sky as nature's own. -Sw👀
Aug 2020 · 334
Ciao Bella
Swoo Aug 2020
She wore a t- shirt that said Goodbye Beautiful but beauty  never left her. Actually every time I saw her beautiful was always with her.... Out standing a force of nature. A treat to my natural lances. Ciao Bella but beautiful I hope you never live me. Sw👀
Jul 2020 · 263
Look At Me
Swoo Jul 2020
Look at me. Look at me and let my reflection get trapped in those👀as I journey to places that no being's ever been and I'll triumph. Since thru those windows is where I find home. And thru those windows is where I'd find you if you ever got lost from me. Look at me. -Sw👀
May 2020 · 155
The Origin Of Trees
Swoo May 2020
🌿Medicate for that mind release, I spurk Mary then write magic. So this poetry must really come from the depths where lies the origin of trees🌿. So I'm cloud nine while the ground holds me, and the feeling of flight is only known when maryjanes aroma is inhailed🌿. Sw👀
May 2020 · 246
My Better Tomorrow
Swoo May 2020
You're my hyper spirit in this pendemic. When tomorrow is uncertain I'm hopeful. Since your bigger dreams make my dreams bigger than I've known them to be. So in this cold  night I'm here thinking about you, as far as you are from me I'm close to you my better tomorrow. ,- My Better Tomorrow.  Sw👀
May 2020 · 130
The Feeling I Love The Most
Swoo May 2020
Without the glimses of you I'm numb! We often C😕nfuse functioning with feeling.
Without the contact of you I function. Though as you and I rendezvou in one frequency. I get to feel I come alive more than I already am. You're the feeling I love the most. - Sw👀
Apr 2020 · 204
My Universe
Swoo Apr 2020
You're my universe cause I took time to planet, Lived, Learned and grew things. In that sense we grew each other. And in time ourselves plant new seeds for the next coming generations filled with versions of ourselves. Become a real beautiful family tree full of stories of time.- My Universe. - Sw👀
Mar 2020 · 124
Swoo Mar 2020
She uses flowers as some type of therapy,but somehow she's a flower of her own kind. A descendant of the garden of Eden. Polinised by the warmth and energy of earths young healthy sun she stays beautiful. -Swoo
Mar 2020 · 142
Hermosa Rosa
Swoo Mar 2020
Oooooh  Hermosa rosa🌹 you're much felt as far as the evolution of nature goes. Thru time you've transitioned, thru different  seasons wilding their different kinds of tests stayed triumph. Here in my world you're felt as much as the rest of nature's existence feels as the artist called wind feels as it cuts thru them. A joy to my eyes and spirit just like wind paints the skies on a beautiful cloudy day  a force of nature on her own💯✔️👌🏾😍😍💕👆🏾🙏🏾🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌. -Swoo
Mar 2020 · 259
The Maker Of Clouds
Swoo Mar 2020
I'm so submissive when it comes to only only her. -Swoo
Mar 2020 · 83
Plugged In
Swoo Mar 2020
Plugged In

She had plugged in!!!! It was in 2013 when I was belly twenty three. While I was in my broken pieces and she puzzled me. Now a bunch of years in, and  every time I see her she causes changes to the way I breath giving me feels, as I  want to be in whatever location she's in looking into those eyes and  diving into her soul. With her knowing she's been the love of my life all along plugged in. -Swoo
Feb 2020 · 192
Gone Boy
Swoo Feb 2020
Gone Boy

She owns me yet she doesn't seem to really know this.
I've existed also to love her for a long time now, with her smile as my most priceless of gifts. I've also grown to  wear it on my own.
From the day I took time looking at her smile and appreciated the effects it had on me. Life has been beautiful ever since as she flows through me.
Moving from the inner depths of my creation to the outbursts of my expression, she has a hold on me as I feel her more than anything I've ever encountered I'm a gone boy.

Swoo Feb 2020
She has dreams of touching skies wheather its  physical form or in hyper spirits. Takes trips to little Paris and takes pictures on a bridge of locked up secrete. Yet still wants to go to Big Paris and enjoy the high fashion trends of France maybe speak a little bit of french c'est la vie she'd probably say a honey with a lot of sauce I say. - A Pedi Women With  French Taste

Oct 2019 · 81
Swoo Oct 2019

Sometimes all I want to do is hold you.
Just put my arms around you and savor that moment.
I'm really glad we never got a title
Not friends.
Not anything governed by man that always gets ruined, but just us loving each other until the end of our time on this earth.
With you just feeling loved by me being enough and everything else on practical terms.
Without the urge of telling it to you but as you're in front of me those words turning into physical form enjoying a feeling we've always known Us.

Jul 2019 · 126
An Effortless Escape
Swoo Jul 2019
An Effortless Escape

Her spirit is sturborn she will will never let me go. Ive had a hundred tries but she put me on a thousand trials, seen her in my visions and it was a beautiful scene yet a torture to my reality stream. So I fall asleep to escape her grasp only to discover she's built a home in my dreams an effortless escape.

May 2019 · 99
The Sky
Swoo May 2019
The sky is such a marvelous thing at night, right when I have a conversation with Bob Marley about how he had the arrangements of his guitar strings. How the melodies would touch people's souls when he would play them his tunes.
The sky is a beautiful thing at night how its like a big human eye scope where you could almost see the otherside where there's a visual of some existence that never changes its form.

Sometimes when I'm high elevated I look up the skies and wonder how come  ever since I reliased there where shiny little somethings at night as a little kid. How come their still shining in those similar places they shined from untill now? " I'm sure you guys have somehow wondered the same thing sometimes" the sky is the most beautiful thing at night.

Feb 2019 · 85
Swoo Feb 2019
Un Bothered

How much it had took me just to convince my self, that it didn't matter.. With almost every strength on my body I had to hold it together so I couldn't break down and crumble. All those lies that were probably true. She didn't care for me as much as I did, as bitter and painful that truth was I had to swallow it, continue showing love with no return as I made excuses for her actions pacing inside my self just not to admit it she probably wasn't  meant for me. I did think about that quit often cincidering her actions... But then her actions where also confusing since she would be cold as a moon then one day hot as a summers day. So I couldn't really live because what if my perception of her was wrong since the views under love influence and conscious are never the same so I stayed with all the strength I had left trying not to doubt her or even judge as much as it did hurt I pretended that it didn't bother me Un bothered.

A lovers reflection
Nov 2018 · 105
Swoo Nov 2018

I don't smoke cigarates but I have alot of **** in my system, trees made me me a victim as they planted their seeds in me just because  they felt my soul had a lot of life. They attached their roots to me as they pulled my souls energy source just for their own life's force gain. Now I roll up after cutting some detachments since this trees have been riding my waves as part of my emotions just so they could be free Trees.

Aug 2018 · 2.8k
A Cold Affair
Swoo Aug 2018
A Cold Affair

She'd been  the queen from the moment she was born everybody felt her. She knew it and at some point became sure of it, but nothing lasts forever in the circle of nature all four siblings got their turn and every one of them brought their own drama with them. She was the cruelest of the four because when she came around everything in it's different existence had their mixed reaction towards her. Some animals would hibernate and humans would almost do the same but for them it was a part time thing specially when her moods were up. She would make them feel her every single move they would get cold, change their usuals clothes and trade them for their warmer versions which usually stay stuffed in the deepest parts of their closets. They'd put on scurves, boots, track suits to hand gluves since even their hands would nearly freeze she was one hell of a cold women. As her circle was nearing the finish line on her last run she would become the meanest. To be honest she was never cruel or mearnt to torment, being cold was the only way she knew how to show love and by the cold breeze and a wave of cold fronts it was her only trying to be remembered as another sibling was about to take their turn. She would over express herself and yes she would be felt as it was winters last goodbye.

Misunderstood type of love
Swoo Aug 2018
A Shadow Hidden From Its Shine

From the very beginning it was put on, then put out when it got too excited. Hidden from the spotlight it only came alive in the..........
Jul 2018 · 127
A smile from a rose
Swoo Jul 2018
A Smile From Rose

It was right there, right then when I realised it, might have somehow thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but that didn't matter a rose had smiled at me.

A beauty a thing, a powerful being, as years went by I realised it had a strong hold on me, shook it off a cupla times maybe even convinced my self it was just a dream too, but no I'd see that smile from a rose again and nearly fall on my knees, but what was it? Just a smile? A normal a thing was it? No ways it was something way more as time went by I stopped being confused, took it in and eventually  started wearing it my self. It was an amour in most times, how untouchable I'd become pulling that energy from it. I could have lied to my self thinking it was all me, but no I wore an amour made out of a living smile! Unseen to the visible eye but powerful to the imagination to the point it somehow influenced my reality, it was a smile from a rose shining on me and its warmth would make me whole in ways that couldnt be explained. A dilusion in the eyes of a normal folk and a make believe to someone who thought they understood. It was something more to me, who could have thought a life would change the day a rose smiled for them a smile from a rose

Jul 2018 · 122
The Sea
Swoo Jul 2018
The Sea

The temperature changed on us as my arms froze, At that moment I feared that I couldn't save her!!! All that struggle all that fighting started to feel like it was for nothing but was all hope lost? Was it all lost in the sea lost in the sea?
During those final moments with the hypothermia starting to kick in its coldest grip,the dilutions of a perfect love affair had us smiling as the ice froze us together forcing that  automatic but ice cold type of cuddle, me and her were caught in moment of something like the Titatic non perfect cold driven script.
Where we finished? Was there not even a little hope for us as we were lost in the sea, lost on the sea?
Looking back to the life we lived.. I wasn't all that bad. I loved her way too much otherwise why would I still be here? Still fighting and having hopes that our heartbeats would combine and the rhythms together could give us a fighting chance.
I could've have left her but the current was too strong my sea was her, and deep in her eyes her tears drowned me and her eye bags were as the ice bags that would freeze since we were both in it so it was killing the both of us.
So hope wasn't lost and the love was still the same, the only thing was that we just had to master the way of the waves that always seemed to be always a bit to strong but never for both of us the sea.

Jul 2018 · 111
Swoo Jul 2018

Deep in the depths of her inner core the fragments of me call a sweet home, years have passed by with new versions trying to insert and hack her mainframe. I've stayed hidden living in the most delecate parts of her functions, "suctioned by the old father from that day I vouwed  I'd never live" even if one day I'm mimicked in a version of a doll, or cast away as ash in mother natures oceans path ways in her I'll forever live programmed.

Jul 2018 · 134
A Beaming Love
Swoo Jul 2018
A Beaming Love

Caught up so caught up that's how it feels, how you often ask yourself how could you be strangle held by something so not normal, but then again what's normal have to do with anything? When it gets you it gets you if it doesn't move you someway, make you shered a tear or give shivers to the spine, it must be unreal if it dont make that moment right there feel like the entire universe is looking at you just you at that moment then is it really love. Can you really say you're being  love beamed?

 Cause you can front about it, make claims of loving but is the person you loving feeling loved? Do they often find themselves feeling the pressure from the words you tell them? find them questioning themselves about a certain moment involving you and them?  Then end up being sure by comfirming it to themselves like ****** this one loves me!!! Love beamed that's how it works one energy channeled from one destination to another, a dancing of souls without you even being there in a form of a traveling love. Its a matter of feeling because you can say it all you want, but if the one you claim to be loving doesn't feel loved then you don't possess a beaming love love beamed a beaming love.

Jul 2018 · 3.2k
Swoo Jul 2018

Energy that's something else isn't it? something so beautiful in it's natural form, as it connects  us from a smile to a simple gesture that ends up being meaningful it flows.
Energy powerful it alters a mood to the extant that it appears in the ways a certain person behaves.
We all connected thru different energy forms, Connected thru different signatures that form friendships, relationships that get fitted in different loves that we end up being on.
 As the energy flows our ways change in different times, shared in different places.
 As we channel the energy of the situation that we're in,Oooh we let that energy flow which most times its beyond our control. In most cases its chemistry if the energy is good thru the connection those electrical sparkles called vibes will show.
We are all connected thru the energy that flows energy.


— The End —