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Swoo May 9
Without the glimses of you I'm numb! We often C😕nfuse functioning with feeling.
Without the contact of you I function. Though as you and I rendezvou in one frequency. I get to feel I come alive more than I already am. You're the feeling I love the most. - Sw👀
Swoo Feb 14
Gone Boy

She owns me yet she doesn't seem to really know this.
I've existed also to love her for a long time now, with her smile as my most priceless of gifts. I've also grown to  wear it on my own.
From the day I took time looking at her smile and appreciated the effects it had on me. Life has been beautiful ever since as she flows through me.
Moving from the inner depths of my creation to the outbursts of my expression, she has a hold on me as I feel her more than anything I've ever encountered I'm a gone boy.


— The End —