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 Sep 9 Styles
Whisper Yes
Am I where I am supposed to be?
Am I on the right path?
Am I serving those I am meant to serve?
Am I loving who I am meant to love?
You think there is a right and wrong child
There is no right or wrong
There is moment by moment alignment
Moment by moment alignment
Feeling in this moment does it feel true
Not oh is there somewhere else I’m meant to be
Someone else I’m meant to be with
Those thoughts takes you away from NOW
Right here, right now is the place
Where you are is exactly where you are meant to be
Commit to each moment
Commit to this place
Love all in
Show up fully and watch as your life becomes an offering
As it becomes what it is meant to become
Meet each moment
Meet the being who is in front of you
And love and laugh and dance
And do all the things that bring you joy
Let go of worrying if you are where you are meant to be
Let go of worrying about am I reading and writing enough
Truth is you love to read and write
It won’t go, it can’t be lost
Even if it’s clouded over for a bit
It cannot be lost
It’s right there
When you can you’ll come to it
Trust the process
Trust it all
Everything that is happening
Everything that has ever happened
And everything that will ever happen
Is in service of the greatest good
It’s bigger than you can comprehend
Trust in that which you cannot see
 Jan 27 Styles
Jme Love
Im not the girl people love
Im the girl people leave
mirrors facing mirrors
endless reflections
melt into the water
facing imperfections
touching every scar
to make sure it's still there
sometimes i forget to exist
only remember when they stare
when the questions they ask
make me realize the room i'm in
notice the inconsistencies
and now i've ruined it
there's no more roof
i'm above the floor
i'm trying to remember
what's worth staying for
fading away
evaporated blood
i know at least i've felt love
maybe not loved
but when it has to be the way it is
that'll have to be enough
push me down the stairs
tell everyone i tripped
putting your bag in my chair
so i have nowhere to sit
question for me
but you answer it
actively getting between
me and my friends

sensed competition
but i don't know why
is it something i have
or some idiot guy
going out of your way
to complicate my life
don't know what i did
to get on your bad side
 Apr 2021 Styles
Jennifer DeLong
As you hold me in your arms
Our fingers entwined together
A current of energy
Flowing from your body to mine
So strong and exhilarating
I melt into you
My heart racing
My breathing erratic
I feel like I could explode
From this overwhelming feeling
Your energy and soul
Connecting to mine
I have never felt you like this before
And I can’t wait to feel you like that again

©Jennifer L DeLong 10/02/17
 Apr 2021 Styles
Jennifer DeLong
There is 2
One is Zoey
Black and fat
One is Battle
Grey and tall
Russian blue
Can be moody
loves to be petted
Short hair domestic
Eats alot
needs attention
but must have her space
Characters they are
So opposite
So alike
it's quite fun
having these two
they are my joy
they give me
alot to look forward to
I know they care
No matter what
These 2 cats
really are so special
we are family
I got them
and they got me to
I love these 2 cats
they are so cool
They know I love them
They are kinda spoiled
but deserve it
that much is true
These 2 cats
My 2 cats
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
 Apr 2021 Styles
Jennifer DeLong
Why so much violence
Why can't we find peace
Why are you protesting
causing so much destruction
is that really better ?
Breaking windows
spraying hate upon
these walls
Your destroying
people's lives
your turning our
city into a ugly ****** up
How does that get your message across ?
Grow the **** up
and look up protesting
see it's meaning are you reading the meaning ?
It's about using your voice and standing up
Your all acting like brats
hurting others
acting like bullies
that's not protesting
your not getting attention
Your getting us *******
I hope you get to feel the
damage your causing
You belong in a cell
Where you can't destroy
and steal and throw
temper tantrums
Where you can't spread
your ugliness
and we can find peace
and find our way ahead
It has to stop
your not proving anything
I know you must be stopped
it has to end
it's no longer about
race or hate
It's about adults who are
acting like children
You need to learn
the meaning
of protesting
You need to build others
up and help people see
there is a way forward
So stop just stop
We can handle this
You need to be taught
a lesson and karma
will handle you soon
I just hope sooner
not later
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
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