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Shna Oct 2018
What was her number?
By 6am she was gone.
I forgot to ask.
Shna Oct 2018
Did it hurt you
when I died?
It hurt me more mate
because I had to lie.
I told you straight
"I'm okay"
then I went away
and I couldn't stay,
I couldn't even try
o brother mine.
Shna Oct 2018
It burns in my chest
this desire fuelled passion,
like a dragon's breath.
Shna Oct 2018
To live a life's a waste of time,
when nothing feels alright
yet everything's 'just fine'.
But tomorrow will be different
until tomorrow was today.
Imagine my surprise,
when it turned out just the same.
Shna Oct 2018
Man will suffer in belief
and drown in truths ill conceived.
Aspersions fills the air you breath,
cutting deep you twist and wreathe.

These jagged words arm the blind
fear sharpens, fear lies.
In the end, man will find
fear's the end of all mankind.
Shna Oct 2018
I felt happiness
between bottles eight and nine
and then it left me.
Shna Oct 2018
A fifty hour week,
sat behind my computer screen
I earn my keep.

Ensuring a single bed and four solid walls.
Ensuring five hours of sleep,
three ready-meals and a shower.

This office full of clones
justifying identical existences.
Fifty hours surrounded by reflections
and copies of those who only imitate the successful.

Isolated from their lives
as they are from mine,
in sorry grey cubicles like cheap tombs
decorated in this months spreadsheet wallpaper.

An ant farm on the eighteenth floor,
corporate and corrosive
a logo for a Queen.

I can work this Saturday, no problem.
I cancel plans.

A 60 hour week.
Above all else
life should be enjoyed.

— The End —