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He was a monster, but he was my lover.

Funny,  I can’t tell the difference anymore.
This poem is about being in abusive or toxic relationships where your partner is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, however they still do terrible things. Leave a comment and enjoy❤️❤️
But they never knew the silence was her cry for help.
Often times, I struggle with depression and I am not very open about it with my friends and family. It is in the words that I don’t speak that I ask for help. Can anyone relate? Enjoy and comment down below❤️❤️
Depression manifested by isolation

Communication is more important than ever these days so how I do I tell you that I wanna run away?

Change my name and get a new look because I’ve been locked in this cage for over 96 days.

It’s summertime and the living isn’t easy.

This poem is really about living in isolation during this global pandemic we’re all facing. I really feel like I just want to run away and start somewhere new. How are you feeling during this time? Enjoy the poem and leave a comment below❤️❤️
Another day locked in this cage.

I want to die.

Can someone take the pain away?
This poem is just about what I’m going through right now and with the virus. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave a comment ❤️❤️
I’ll trap you inside these lines so maybe then you will always be mine
This poem was inspired by a situation I’m going through. Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment ❤️
Love is wild

Maybe too wild for me.

And I used to believe that it was a mistake for these poor boys to love me.

To try and catch me, but now it’s clear to see.

They are the wild things and I am desperately trying to catch them. running, running and scraping my knees.

When I realize that I cannot love, that I could not tame such wild beasts?
Back in 2018, I wrote a poem called wild thing. It’s still on profile if you want to read it, but the other day I realized that roles are now reversed. Instead of trying to catch me, I am trying to catch them. I guess it’s all part of being single. Enjoy and leave a comment ❤️❤️
I wrote this poem back in 2018 during one of the darkest times in my life. I was suffering from depression and this is how I felt at the time. I hope you enjoy the poem and please leave a comment.❤️❤️
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