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Kayla universe Dec 2020
How do you prepare to lose a soulmate? To say goodbye because saying anything will be the end? It’s a slow death. A slow death that will haunt you until the end.

Th end.
Kayla universe Nov 2020
Love my poetry and love my pain.
What a shame it is that they all can relate
Another poem about the complexity of being an artist and a poet. Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment down below❤️❤️
Kayla universe Nov 2020
Wake up and get out of bed. I am so ashamed of the hearts I break and this hurt won’t go away

The sun rises and I fall. I told them I wasn’t that strong
Hey, it’s been a minute! Just another sad poem. I hope you enjoy and leave a comment.❤️❤️
Kayla universe Aug 2020
There you go carrying around your pain again
There you go like living like a ghost

I’ve always lived this life alone and hurt is all too familiar of a feeling.
And maybe this pain anchors me into his Dead Sea or maybe, I like living here.

You see, I wear this agony like it is fine art on display. Let me put my pain into a painting or maybe get it in writing.

Keep as evidence that they killed me.
Ripped me apart and claimed it was love. Tore me open and stole the soul.

Criminals I say responsible for the death of one girl.

Reflect on my poetry as a cry for help.
We both know I never had it in me to yell.
This poem is about trauma from the past. Enjoy and leave a comment
Kayla universe Jul 2020
I left my man.

I walked away and they say that’s supposed to give you power.

I left my man.

I walked away, but I somehow I’m still afraid.
This poem is about leaving your abusive partner, but still having a feeling of no power and feeling weak. I left my abusive partner around this time last year and I am still trying to heal. Leave a comment and enjoy❤️❤️
Kayla universe Jul 2020
Have you ever been so sad that trying to happy is just plain exhausting?  

I’m overworked and I overslept.

The depression crept up and now some days, it’s hard to get out of bed.
I just wrote this poem today. It perfectly describes my depression at the moment. If anyone can relate leave a comment below. Enjoy ❤️❤️
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