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May 2023 · 538
Dandy randy Tom cat
Curiosity perhaps killed many a cat
For a cat it is an inquisitive brat

It could rummage through anything even your ******* trash
Tabby may spring on dinner table and cutlery may crash

Famous might be a cat for those famed nine lives
but not much help is that if in every danger it dives!

Its feline curiosity to crash-land it in trouble
for it tends to explore every kind of rubble.

The catty **** likes a fight and a wild-goose-chase.
Forever looking forward to amuse and amaze?

In a cat basket he's likely to be struck with ennui
Perhaps his caretaker thought only of his fengshui?

His meowing and hissing resonates in the valley
as he tussles with many rival cats in the alley

Mr. Tom cat thinks most females are saucy
but with them he acts in a way quite bossy

Wild and rough, with macho feral pride
I watch you tease and taunt in your typical stride.

No way is he kitty soft paws
Mr. Tomcat sure has the sharpest claws.

Tomcat ate the fishy leftover pudding & fish pie
and kissed the feline females and made them cry.

But my fav is my own cutie darling so soft
even if she may raid the larder and loft that's aloft .

A fun poem over the hols inspired by cats I have and watched
Aug 2022 · 655
Flight mode muse inking
As black as my birdlover poet's pen ink
Coal black as every poet's ink, hue upon hue
a rook and a raven flew flew flew
as the wind it breezily blew blew blew
And blustery became the view, view, view

An albatross then gracefully took to the air
and for hours it seemed to linger there
Then we saw magpies rise unto the skies
As well as a kestrel soar with such flying flair

Bright toucans and brown falcons too fly and glide
So many wings fill up God's wide skyline

All such avians rise and shine with 'flying colours'.
Their flight enabled and powered by divine powers

O' birds of flight your secrets tell
and if you know which of us
had end up in heaven or hell?
For isn't all is well that ends well.
Lets pray there ain't hell's murk
but Eden's light
at the end of the tunnel!
Jun 2022 · 843
Telly troubles and dangers
( I have posted this poem of mine on several different international poetry sites everytime there is a school shooting in the U.S as I care about all children deeply and feel for innocent lives lost.
This time in Uvalde, Texas, USA)

What kids are watching on telly
are crimes and crimes in all variety!
Crimes of hate
crimes of passion
acting it out at shocking rate
thinking in some wild fashion
then ending up cell mates
TV can **** their compassion
Their coffins enter cemetery gates

When kids watch their movie heroes
shoot down people with the gun
they are incited to do the same
to achieve some thrill and fun.

When they see their very film star
slash someone's throat in a fit of anger
they think well of crimes of rage
and plunge everybody else into danger.

The tendency to portray the violent scene
luridly and shockingly on the Big Screen
Ah, even for the small screen, tis the gory
that makes for the dark and thrilling story.

Now that technology's long opened
this wily pandora's box,
the dispersal of amplified social ills
just ain't no hoax

The rowdy hoodlums and reckless gangsters
are simply by-products of Tv influences
The world watches the thriving of the bully-boy pranksters
passively in helpless terror of their offences.

It's all portrayal of the ******, the obscene
by that devious Silver Screen
And the horror movie
though it may seem groovy
begets the horrendous
and drills evil thoughts subliminally
into the subconscious!

Viewing those gruesome swashbuckling films
gives rise to morbid sadistic whims
Flipping through the TV channels just ponder
if the telly's the perfect channel
of information is it a proper panel?

Dad always tells me, 'fear ye the roaches' flicking antennae?
While you oughtta fear the influence of 'em' flickering images by dish antennae'.

It's an unrestrained dark faking
of real life reality exaggerating
Whether it's Bollywood in the East
or it's Hollywood in the West
they don't merely impart tactics of defence
but rather those of aggressive offence

Just verbal tougher gun laws couldn't halt
even underage shooting sprees
Rather it's stringent scanning of Tv content
and banning citizens from acquiring guns
that might make it forever cease

Parental supervision too tis gravely essential
should've been of parental code quintessential
So the next time you catch your youth or teen
absorbed and engrossed while glued to the screen
Just sleuth a bit just to make sure
that for the ******* he's not too keen!

Only a mere single merit that I dug
as I drank cappucino in my mug
that atleast one couldn't live in a bubble
daily watching this bubblebug.
Humans have long trespassed and
destroyed animal territories.
Humans have poached
And selfishly encroached
upon animal habitats,
felling trees to build human habitations.
Now the tables were turned
Humans quarantined in house arrest,
while some lie sick in bedrest
So animals not usually seen had a fields day roaming upon roads, crossing the streets. Reclaiming the once jungle lands
turned into concrete urban jungles.

It's better that busy humans now become photoholic
than forever queueing in lines of heavy traffic.
Without human pollution, nature is all the more photogenic
Mother nature all a creation of God
has now had many of us grounded
as she gives us a hiding
while we go into hiding.
Extraordinary turn of events indeed!!
In several countries round the world:
Discos and casinos vacated
Pubs and nightclubs evacuated
Bars shutdown for lockdown
People are behind bars
instead of guzzling beer in bars
and instead of animals behind bars.

Humans compelled to hibernate
so animals busted their cell gate
Priorly animals were in an enclosure
Now they are getting free exposure
Self-centred humans cared mostly about themselves
but now the animal kingdom is the cynosure.
Animals were shut in cages
while now human activity is under similar closure.
Ah, this corona crisis!
Is all this mercenary stasis
for humans a roasting nemesis?
A heavy price to pay
for rapacious carelessness and arrogance
where humans acted like they are in control,
like they are controllers of this planet
and they could do anything they wish with it.
It's ignorance to think all this is mere coincidence.
Im relieved our Islamic prayers can be said any place, anywhere
to kneel and bow to the one true real sustainer of the universe.

We need to invoke and supplicate to the creator who is still in control...
as prayer can really truly prevent fear and anxiety in such scary times.
( "I suddenly realised that coincidence is a word we use when we are ignorant of the real causes." - Albert Salvadó
(I was also impressed by the news story in which Kuwait had sent a special plane to Italy to specially evacuate their nationals from there when Italy was heavily stricken with the corona virus)
Jun 2021 · 771
The value of life & oxygen
Dear God I thank you
for every single precious breath
And when you'll place us in paradise
   We shall thank you then for death.

People round the world gasping for breath, breathless,
short of breath, some unable to catch their breath,
       some breathing their last,
some on artificial costly breathalysers .
How many times do we thank God
for the countless free breaths we breathe our entire life??
Oxygen o2 more valuable and scarce than diamonds nowadays.
         Respiration, the main need of all life
Those who eventually recover from covid and find their breath again
             can finally breathe a sigh of relief.
Yet heavenly sights in paradise  will be sure
  to take our breath away anyway.

           Life or afterlife
      Here and hereafter
   Life's a gift from God
Now and thereafter
Why end it here and now
Why not extend fun and laughter?
When my DNA and RNA expires with me
  May God Resurrect and revive it in me
I live and die for an extension of life in afterlife
   God grant me that part eternity
To search for the meaning and purpose of life
   is to search and find the Creator of all life
      i know there's out there somewhere
     in Allah's universe, a heavenly portal
      that will lead me to eternal bliss
            designed by Allah the immortal.
Imagine a perfect heavenly life with no fear , death or problems
That's a life to die for, when Allah transports us to those realms.

    An abode with no sickness or illness
Only peace and total eternal happiness
No viruses but rather real flying horses like real Pegasuses
   We could get to ride and fly the universe
   with angelic wings without planes or buses
But you have to work to earn and deserve that heavenly paradise
        Just follow God's latest holy book, so perfect and so wise.
Take life for an escalator
Go both through its ups
and downs
Ride it like on an elevator
Expect both smiles and

Take life for a suspense
you and I unaware what
the next day will hold
Meditate and muse, or
this book of life just
Pore over it to watch
life's mysteries unfold.

Take life for the open sea
But pray drown not
yourself in it
lest you lose sight of
God's shore
and thereby lose all
spiritual wit.

Take life for a candle
let its glow illumine
others too
and in each and every of
its flicker
Try finding a hint or clue

Each soul's life unique as
mazes of one's
And usually for many
life's quite an uphill battle
At times sweet as
molasses, at times bitter
as mint
and life's roller coaster
may shake you like a rattle.

Life tis like the rise and
fall of notes
Consoling to find people
in the same boats
Ah on life you can find a
zillion quotes.

Thus ponder over your
life and reflect
how good you've been
to it
and not just how it's
been treating you
Veer around the pit, and
keep your path lit
for darkness of the soul
is for you unfit.

Take it in its stride even if it's a bittersweet life
Downhill's a joy ride, uphill has to be strife
Oct 2020 · 267
The poor child groaned

while his mother moaned

''Ah, he's possessed,

Oh, he's been bewitched'',

Superstition bemoaned

. To the witchdoctor she sped

and was back with murky potions

such yucky stinky lotions

Those mythical concoctions

The woman obeyed the wily witchdoctor

Placed belief in that traditional healer

and the poor child still groaned

but his mama no longer moaned

After two days of tribal treatment

and no lessening of predicament

she thought he needed something more potent

When all it turned out to be was a cavity dent!

But she would hear of no dentist

Like all quacks her witchdoctor had fooled her five senses

For his spells and his chants

and his mystical dance

held her too in a trance

Quite a weird ****** is he

Beware the medicine- man!

The devious cunning shaman

Beware that vodoo magic and witchcraft

that so survive on the gullible and the daft.

Yet I was warned to be wary of pharmaceuticals too

They can be harmful chemicals in the long run for you
I thought Witchdoctors only existed in Africa but turns out they are everywhere else too
Aug 2020 · 510
Autumn's ceremony
There stood an imaginary, invisible houri fairy
As a bride under a maple tree
Dressed in prism-hued layers
of chiffon in ethereal shimmers
and delicate silken gossamers
She having her weeny wedding in the fall
And fairy folk bustled about all round her
as flimsy and flighty as they could be
while saffron leaves fell down upon her
in ceremonial nuptial
An autumn's ritual
and as nature's pretty confetti!

Branches denuded
Yet autumn's august
for the wilting's
The willowy fairy
almost drowned
in henna fallen maple leaves
Playing hide 'n'seek with a browny brownie groom
camouflaged in the heap
© Copyright
This is about Autumn with a blend of eastern and western terms to describe the autumnal season and colours and to embody the commonly heard phrase, " she was married in the Fall"
Jul 2020 · 234
The human hues
She slipped clumsily in a café
Looked all around her
from the corner of her eye
Felt all eyes upon her
Bit her lip
and flushed crimson
most disconcertedly.

He was sacked,
literally fired
Got down in the dumps
Was down and out
and was left feeling
blue so gloomily.

He gave her a blossomed rose
Blood rushed to her cheeks
She blushed a deep red
so very joyously.

She watched her rival from afar
Summed up her envy in reflex
and she turned green jealously.

It looked hale and hearty
Ooh the cherubic chubby cheeks
Baby looked in the pink
as it babbled away innocently.

She heard of a loved one's demise.
That was a shock indeed
She went white as a sheet
as she then wept so woefully.

She saw a teeny-weeny spider on her skirts
Talk of arachnids and phobias, yikes!
She turned a pale yellow in fright
as she screamed so fearfully.

He found his sweetheart
in another man's arms
Doubted his own charms
and his face went purple with rage
almost immediately.

He faced his lifelong enemy
Hate brimmed up in him
as his bitterness found a vent
He shot him a black glare
how very scornfully

Well, well, it might seem that the worst of all the human hues
are the melancholic depressing blues
But I think being green for jealousy
and the black of hate
top the list in deserving poohs.
Mind you these human pigmentation of emotions
are a matter of reflex
for you can't choose
which of the human hues
you'd like to wear, on party day
and which you'd rather not use.
The colours of our emotions, each stanza describes different emotions and the colours they are represented by in English.
May 2020 · 219
The corona catastrophe
Silently shrill
a scary chill
has run down the spine
of our blue planet windmill
So many deceased
Too many ill
mounting and surmounting
the healthcare bill
Breathing for many
is like climbing uphill
or like panting on
your home treadmill
And it's frightening when
there is nil a pill.
A minute invisible
virus doth **** .
Pray to God for mercy
bow and kneel!
Many are dying
without a will
It's safer to stay home
by the window sill
The world seems to have come
to a standstill
You now have time to sharpen
your poetic quill
In lockdown pray
and ink still spill
You may hone
your poetic skill
Until the virus
has had its fill.
Corona they say feels like drowning
like a fish without a gill
for we can't breathe
like the eel or krill.
In mouths hot water
flush and swill
Exterminate this virus?
only God can and will.
Mar 2020 · 217
Pickled imagery
A large Alsatian barks at a passerby stranger
as the pond geese honk sensing grave danger
Trudges back home a rangy lone ranger.

Big and little aubergines cast a purple shade
In the twilight birdsong begins to fade
Night makes navy-blue of the greenery's jade.

Wolves howl in the distance
Panthers prowl near pig pens
Ocelots growl around the dens.

Dolphins perform in the aquatic circus
Kids count on the time-old abacus
All in all the miracle of creation's fabulous

Elsewhere the morn dawns upon wee ladybirds
And shepherds go about grazing their hungry herds.

A rare sight of starfishes settle upon beach pebbles
Pink salmon in a see-through lake breath out bubbles
Bombed by tech; corpses found in debris and rubbles!

Wild species lurk in the murky forest
Stands tall and hovering high mount Everest
A chance to enjoy nature at its very best!

Admit it O' mankind no one can ever be
at par with your and my versatile Creator
The billions of species is far too extraordinary
He single-handedly created all that variety in nature.

For even the clever human who invented the radio
did not as well model the computer.
The one who designed my dresser couldn't design my patio
It'd be rare for a shoemaker to also be a tutor  

But God He made both ant and elephant
and there's absolutely nothing that He can't.
Jan 2020 · 156
Swat the hate- hate bug
( a poem I wrote last year on another site)

Hatred is simply a fractious bug on the brain
which doesn't always wash away with the rain
that is neither the rain of love nor that of homily

But if you solemnly profess belief
in the God right above
let this even to atheists be relief
that God only means love
for no religion preaches hatred to man or family

The wronged wishing to be placated
The tortured wishing to be avenged
Embittered humans provoked to malice and hatred
forgetting we are all but Adam's progeny and kindred
Alas, hatred's a scenario that so costs humanity

Most of us are tired of hearing
of this cause and effect'
circle of violence and repercussion
Why wilfully make yourself a target
and fall in lasting perdition?

We don't wanna hear the hate crimes is a virus
that has no earthly cure
Since compassion is a vaccine
to prevent it for sure
Yet some might think
this is easy to sing and easy to say
Gosh, but don't the world need more die-hard supporters
of peace till judgement day?

Keep the peace and spread it.!!
Do your bit, come use your wit.
Swat and squash the hate bug from your mind and heart
Promote love and compassion even with words and art
Her hair glittered and shone
like glinting strands of gold
or her hair jet black
in a deep sheen of ebony
Ah, witness the Creator's creativity
in beauty's rich variety

Her eyes a shade
of sparkling jade

Or her hazel brown eyes
in all the hues of sunrise.

Her cheeks had a blush
of the red of rubies
Her arms shimmered
as does diamond dust
Her skin was radiant
like mother'o'pearl
Her neck and figure
so sinuous and slender
as the diamond back snake's

The coy quiver of her lips
like blossoming tulips

Her nails one could fancy
were pink sapphire
Ah, she could be a man's desire
set his beating heart on fire

But miss terrific might be waiting for heart throbs to marry
and not just any Tom **** , Bobs or Harry

So even if you may be a lady killer
meet your match
for she may be a femmefatale!

But whether we lasses are blessed
with glamorous obsidian jet black eyes
or eyes in shades of bronze sunset skies
Or our complexion is fair or dark, or our tresses blonde or black
The credit goes to their Creator, the Fashioner, the Wise.
As each is winsome in someone's  doting adoring eyes
Aug 2019 · 795
Humans need a Hereafter
Life would
be quite
worthless and short
If this is
the only
dear life
plans just
death can abort
to be
once you
your grave.
As for
those who
die young,
How short
would be
unfair and
unlucky if
the end
for them
life to the
fullest is
those who
and die
or those
born deaf, blind or lame
What if
they were
any cure
unlucky if
resurrection never came!
But a
belief that
there's a
after this
could be
of great
consolation and solace
to the
that they
make it up
under heaven's grace!
For the
good one
who is born blind,
In heaven
shall he in
vision see
And the
one yet
has lost his mind
will in the
be as sane
as could be.

The deaf
man with
his balance
of pious
Only the
what he
And that
godly one
born poor
and who
dies poor
could be
of the
richest at

In this life
saintly yet
unable to talk
cheer up
to believe
has in stock
For this
world can
be misery,
the place to rock
In this
world at
to let
the hawk gawk
shall ye mock.

Thus for a
true happy ever after
for an
abode of mirth and laughter
Work towards thy hereafter
A divine place devoid of disaster!
O' God therefore after my death and demise
Do place me in a peaceful palatial paradise.
Profile cover pic represents my Taj mahal poem
Jun 2019 · 4.2k
Sing a song of Taj Mahal
Sing a song of Tajmahal
a fine nazm or a ghazal
Of this landmark for lovers
Ah, a lover's edifice
Complete with medieval bowers
It's a Mecca for tourists!
Tis sensational, tis exceptional
tis truly a touristy place.

Watch the shimmer of its magnificent marbled dome
Moonlight or sunlight, it glimmers of imperial chrome
It's ironical then
that though Indian-Arabian I am
I haven't yet been to this touristy place

It is truly as they must say, a lover's shrine
a place where hearts duly incline
They find it steamy
I find it dreamy
Oh, I've got to see for myself this touristy place.

Each of the marbled minarets
conceal such romantic secrets
for lovers to silently explore
to admire and to adore
A place human lovebirds couldn't ignore.
Ah you've got to visit this touristy place!

Two famed lovers lie in the legendary vault below
and the stream too it has a romantic flow
It's a lovers haven and paradise on earth
Even dead passions there undergo a rebirth
Ah, rekindle my love for you in this touristy place!

Extol I may this awesome imposing edifice
A greed for pure love is perhaps better than avarice
Löng live the legend of Shah jahan and Mumtaz mahal
Long live love and love like a Moghul
so forever we have this monumental grace!
Yeah take me my luv to this touristy place!
Celebrating Muslim architecture in my motherland India
If only we could fly like  
those that tweet or hoot
without aid of jet or  

For I sure don't like  
wings that boom and roar
just so they can take off  
and soar

Ah, to fly without petrol, diesel  
or fuel
Oh, to halt that taloned midair  
duel *

Birds they don't pollute  
the air
nor need they any airline  

So if only I too could rise  
and glide
and let the wind be my  
sole guide

I'd be happy to fly all the  
way to 'em' faraway stars
if I was assured I'd risk  
no charring scars.

Flying without aviation  
I could be sightseeing  
many more cities

Ah I so wish to fly just  
like a jay or jackdaw
Then I'd fly across all and  
every border
For I'd know nor follow
no man-made law!

If only we needed no darned immigration pass or visa
We could have visited so many more touristy places
Say even the spectacular and popular pyramids of Giza
And we could have known different cultures and races
Ah, a stylish photo next to the leaning tower of Pisa
And return with exotica like a framed pic of the Mona Lisa
*the. Starred line refers to the amazing midair talined fight btw  eagles I watched on the telly.

My  profile pic is from the Internet reflecting this newest poem.
Dec 2018 · 2.9k
Charity starters
Charity starts at home don't we say?
Be kind to your kith and kin come what may.
A family's not only your safe haven
Tis pals your very own roots
Water these shoots with love devoid of hate
So they bear you sweeter fruits.

Maybe you'd say that's not so easy
but perhaps that's coz you just too busy
Or your clock just don't chime
for quality family time?
For if you can't make time for a letter or a hug
Then let my poem give your conscience a gentle tug.

And if this may sound like a very preachy homily
Deserves much more mention and affection the family
If you can make time for so many other things
some of them not even worthwhile
Try discover the happiness family brings
Just a tad modify that routine lifestyle.

My words in crystal clear clarity
sing compassion is likewise a charity
Charity need not be for strangers only
Find out who needs help in kindred and family
Ties of kinship severe not
Value the relations you've got
Your siblings, cousins from your family tree
and all else that you call family.

What supports and buttresses your family tree are your very own roots
And what keeps the tree living on are your beloved offshoots
Love and regard is quintessential to reaping  sweeter fruits
My cover pic reflects my newest poem, it's selected from the Internet
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
O' Human heart
O' heart, I wonder how
you can store
so many different
emotions of ours
in just thy four puny
while pumping away the
liquid of life

O' heart in you we
discover love
but side by side you can
harbour hate
In you we find the
emotion of happiness
but side by side you
simmer rage!

When you cease to beat
many plans you thwart
May God protect the
young human heart.

And while some O' heart
you hold dear
some make you skip a
beat in fear!

O' heart but we find in
you as well
the vile emotion of
Such a potpourri of
emotions in you dwell
Help filter out any wrong
ones for you and me!

A mere four chambers
indeed, but spacious are
Invite therein
whomsoever in the
world you may

But in the end forget not
to reserve
atleast a single chamber
for its Creator, to
The creator of hearts
More than that deserves.
Aug 2018 · 2.1k
Mankind in dreamland
Pestered and pursued
by unknown foes
A topsyturvy land
where snakes can have horns
and cows can have fangs.
Night'mares' where the day's stallions
make mountains out of molehills

A chance to witness greek mythology-like creatures for real
For dreamland tis a place for the unreal and surreal.

Those hair-raising scary scary dreams
beset with horrified silent screams!

We do try to interrupt nightmares, pinching ourselves
With relief wake up to see there aren't any horrid elves.
We also try to interpret dreams filled with mystery
But gifted dream interpreters like prophet Joseph
Are now part of biblical human history

All in all, dreamland's fascination
for extra-ordinary exaggeration
and tall-tale imagination

Where myth and legend come to life
An amalgam of fiction or real strife

Where assorted monsters of the mind
reign supreme in that REM sleep of our kind.

Yet on the other hand the wishful, wistful sweet sweet dreams
where fantasies form mirages bordered by fanciful seams.

Where castles in the air that humans build, float gently down to earth
only to shoot back up unto nowhere from the awakened one's berth.

In dreamland a pauper girl can be a princess or fairy fair
for daydreams extend into the night and linger on there.

A quote I took to heart and it to console all and sundry
'that if your sweet dreams don't come true, don't you fret
for atleast your nightmares didn't come true either,
so just heave a sigh, by and by.

Every night let us all just fly away and escape
And lo behold  the extraordinary world of Dreamscape
My profile homepage pic represents my newest poem.
Apr 2018 · 1.3k
Play it on your lips
Wear a smile on your face,
Wear a smile all day,
For nothing  you wear, looks lovely without it
Smile away the day,
and watch the effect
you pass around
It might just cheer up the not
so gay
and happiness may well

And don't you look your best
when you do smile
No wonder you're asked to say
'cheese' for a photo
but the trick is to wear it all
the while
'To smile without distinction'
be thy motto.:)

When someone creases their
forehead into a frown
You curve your lips upward
into a smile
Don't let their scowl get you
They,d be the one to look the
while you show off your
inspiring style.

If people stare 'n' glare at you
Return their glares and stares
with a grinning smile
Keep smiling whether they boo
or pooh pooh
They might just reset their
mental file.

Thus forever flash your
They aren't meant merely for
chow and bites.
Flash em' into a smile that
A crescent shaped smiley on
the face
explore your own ******
expression delights.:)  

A smile is a sign of happiness right under your nose
Smile warmly like the sunshine, like the crescent moon
Even when the icy cold wind of discourtesy blows
My profile homepage pic reflects my newest poem.
Feb 2018 · 1.3k
Suicide is not the solution
When life
seems all hopeless
still don't you loose
all scope of hope
for there's
this thing
in the air,
Reach out
for God's sturdy rope.

For how
sure can
you be
death will
take you
to a better fate
What if
you are
into a
worse where there's no turning
back at any rate!

In times of trials and tribulations invoke Him
Or your chances of contentment remain slim

You too haven't been infallible and above all blame,
that you wish for a perfect rosy life
The excuses for suicide are usually so lame,
Better enjoy your share even so in strife.

friend, plan to commit this act
just to invoke another's pity and regret.
The pity and regret will come and go
Besides it soothes no decomposed,
and a large slice of your life
May lie in waste, your soul disposed

Why rush for thy grave,
It may further gloom.
Suicide's ain't a way out
fellow human friend.
Pray a godless way ,not send
you unto this doom.
You haven't right to bring
any life to its end.

And it's probable that all
those years
that you now wish to recklessly
discard in dust
have something bright ahead,
got to be a ray of
Extinguish it not if in God
you trust!
To help prevent suicide with hope.
Dec 2017 · 852
Scenery medley contrasts
Marshes and meadows
Sunshine and shadows

Gentle ripples on the calm river
Foaming rapids in white water

The jungle echoes in the semi-darkness
while daylight creepy-crawlies clear the mess.

Peasants toiling and pheasants scratching
as I spy a cricket somersaulting

The cactus the desert's prickly femme-fatale
elsewhere a lone leaf floats in the canal

Prairie dogs go popping
while hares go hopping
and ladies go shopping

Swans have formed a V-line
The flora too is divine
as bees nosedive in bee-line.

Seista seizes birdlovers too
Thus they miss out on the hoopoe's song
For the hoopoe, it does not sing on cue
since a bird may sing anytime to woo.

What a medley eh of scenery
Murky eve and dawning greenery

Ah, wherever you go nature's so panoramic
While we make and take pictures
God actually makes what's so picturesque!
Of splendid thrones of gold  
or treasures manifold  
Of jewelled caskets  
or lavish banquets  
Of Emirs and rajahs  
Of Sultan and Shahs  
Of kings and queens  
Of rulers and emperors  
Of sparkling crowns  
or flowing gowns  
Of their subservient stewards and obedient pages  
Of their stalwart squires and servile knaves  
Of poor humble, docile minions  
who tended to regal pavilions  
And obeisantly carried royal palanquins  
Oh and some were real life harlequins  
Of castles and palaces  
of abounding gold and silver  
in ostentatious regal splendour  
The sidelined fanning maids in waiting  
Yet to me only one thing worth noticing  
The minstrels who came to sing  
from afar for the queen and king  
For I'd rather be a poetess for kings  
so to my tunes swayed a kingdom  
than I be the king of mere subjects  
and be filled with regal boredom!  
So I could join ranks of  
and sing for the king  
some folklores.
Since the site has no picture feature for each poem I think I will post the poems pic on my cover photo, so the cover photo will represent my latest poem. Take care all and best wishes to site owners.

— The End —