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May 22 · 735
I just want care
Remy May 22
I wish people cared.
I wish people were there.
They're too fed up in their pretty relationships and lives.
They don't dare ask about mine
I want to hide
I want to one day be honest and say:
"I'm fine"
May 16 · 127
Don't tell me to move on
Remy May 16
I moved on so many times...
It's like I never moved on in the first place.

He moved on,
It's like he never took a step in the first place.
There you have it. Moving on isn't easy... At least for the people who have ACTUALLY loved someone. If you can just say "I've moved on" without cringing or second guessing yourself. You never loved them. Loving and crushing are two different things. I wish ALL people knew that.
May 2 · 469
Remy May 2
The council has spoken. I don't know where this came from and I'm terribly sorry.
Apr 20 · 29
Remy Apr 20
When they say

"It is just another M U R D E R"

They don't understand

"It is still a M U R D E R"
Especially in the hands of a cop... Or a knee...
Apr 18 · 143
Remy Apr 18
I wanna go
I wanna go
I really wanna go
We all have that one toxic relationship you want to leave. For me, it's my foster family. But they tell me no other home will treat me better. So I deal.
Apr 10 · 39
Remy Apr 10
You can kiss your past "Goodbye"
Doesn't mean it'll "leave"
Apr 8 · 117
Remy Apr 8
KD= She’s not toxic, the love I found? Lost it.
ED= He just took the innocence, I lost a friend, he was prohibited.
PT= She’s gone because that boy, he took her fall.
PM= Caught me but his fingers slipped beneath my feet. He holds me up but I always fall.
RB= I really don’t know how I lost it all.
Apr 5 · 371
Remy Apr 5
While she giggles and prances,
He’s making me anxious.

She’s the Heather
Just call me the whatever.

I’m wearing his hoodie,
The one he gave to me.

Slowly sniffing the sleeve,
Wiping my cheek.

Never once did I think:
Perhaps I’m just lonely.
Just a draft. Made this in like a minute so makes no sense at all :/
Feb 12 · 164
What now...?
Remy Feb 12
Just finished writing a book.
Honestly lost track of how long that took.
So what’s next...?
Feb 5 · 59
Part 2
Remy Feb 5
Here I am,
Slowly here,
My hell?
Their tomorrow.
Sad thing is?
I have no room to sorrow.
Feb 5 · 119
Part 1
Remy Feb 5
Just trying to be myself .
Just trying to be happy.
All they want to do?
S T O P- me from laughing...
Dec 2020 · 186
Remy Dec 2020
She was blue. Color of the live-like sky.
He was red. Shed blood and tears like no other.
She was cool, he was a disaster.
They were both told, it could never happen.
Then there was purple. A very gorgeous color.
Purple tells a story.
A story created from its father and mother.
It was born from disaster, tragic, and laughter.
But was made from the best colors,
doesn’t need a happily ever after.
Dec 2020 · 43
Remy Dec 2020
I often cry in my bedroom.
Tell me,
isn’t that something we ALL do?
I guess you could call it a hobby.
Wanna know what’s so funny?
No one can stop me!
“You’ve been smiling too long are you REALLY okay?”
Sure, go on and ask me that another day.

We’ll see if my answer has changed...
Seriously, don’t we all feel this way sometimes? Just know, you’re not alone.
Dec 2020 · 187
The Story of us
Remy Dec 2020
There were once two souls,
waiting for someone to call their own.
One kiss - thousands of miles away.
One touch - awaited to feel one day.
One was night
one was day.
What was the same?
The love they craved.
Oct 2020 · 49
My dear lover...
Remy Oct 2020
You know what? Writing is my passion
I love it.
You’re my passion
I love you.
Life for me right now is pretty hard...
But you? You make it so much better!
Thank you.
You will forever be my #1
No matter where I am or where you are.
Now, I learned on February 15, 2019
that you better be happy with what you have before it’s gone forever. I’m not going to take that chance with you.
I’m not going to take you for granted.
No matter how annoying or aggravating you can be!
I love you, and I will always love you.
Stick with me please... You’re all I need to make it through this world.
Love, me
Sep 2020 · 80
Remy Sep 2020
The way her lips pierced her skin,
In a way she’d never forget.
“It’s a sin” They say;
“It’s a wall of shame,” They’d say.
The pain- the desire.
Their love shall never tire.
Like a sunflower and water,
They vowed for one another’.
One can’t grow without the other.
Never be ashamed,
Love is love. Forget the words of one.
Just listen to your heart.
Like a wall of art:
You’re unique, it’s a beauty.
Love me for me, love her for her.
No matter the fight; I’ll be by your side.
So let’s step up and show our pride!
To be honest, I’m proud oof this trash. But, this is just a draft(ish) so uhh yeah.
Do you think the beginning is kinda ******? I was told it was so...
Jun 2020 · 176
Remy Jun 2020
We're not
Blinded by the lights!
We will
Fight, for what is right.
We will
No one
can tell us otherwise!
This isn't just for blacks, this is for every race. Because believe it or not. We are all affected by this, but we will rise!
All of us, together.
Jun 2020 · 158
Remy Jun 2020
Aren't why we hide,
Why we cry,
Or for some, wish to die.
"It was the way the truth was denied."
The last line was from the song 'Suicide' by James Arthur.
May 2020 · 500
Remy May 2020
Respect is something you earn, you don't just get it because you wear a badge.
So my foster mother is a cop, and you know what she said last night? "Law enforcement comes first!" You know how wrong that is? The fact that people even have the mindset makes me sick to my stomach.
May 2020 · 217
Remy May 2020
A 3 year old's mind,
is filled with cupcakes and rainbows.
They see how glitter glows,
they know where the wind blows.
They don't see the *** of gold,
That awaits at the end of the rainbow.
They don't know the colors,
Of this fantastic aglow.
But when they grow old,
They'll know.
May 2020 · 159
Remy May 2020
Make a difference.
For instance,
Walk an old lady across the street.
Say "hi" to every new person you meet!
How about you smile every once in a while,
Don't be so hostile!
Sit next to the lonely boy at school,
Maybe that's cool enough for you?
Write a "Thank you" note to your teacher.
Come on guy's it's not so hard,
Just start from the heart!
But, the lesson is..
Just be a leader.
How about we make a "difference"?
Have any suggestions or feedback? Feel free to message me or email me at!
May 2020 · 830
Remy May 2020
I know I'm not perfect,
I may not be worth it.
I know I can love you one minute
and hate you the next.
Please know, I try my best.
Now that I'm gone,
I know you can rest.
Which is great,
you need someone who really needs you.
More than I do.
I'm sorry for being so mean,
I'm sorry for not coming clean.
I have my intentions,
And always end up learning my lesson.
Hewo Random person (⌐■-■)
Thank you so much for reading my first poem!
I think you should know that I'm a minor and my poems Tend to get dark (as you can see here)
If you have any suggestions for this poem please feel free to message me or email me at!

— The End —