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 May 2019 Postal Leo
Anne J
You know
It’s like a feat
It never stops or misses a beat
It’s like a feat
It’s like a dream
It takes you down an imaginative stream
It’s like a change
It surprises on what’ll be an exchange
It’s like a nightmare
It gives out a sickly red herring glare
It’s like a fall
It rushes out to a crying yet crackling call
It’s like a feat
It  stops or throws out a defeat
It’s like a feat
You know
Another poem for my art project, a reverse poem. Read it forwards or backwards, though I prefer backwards.
 May 2019 Postal Leo
BR Dragos
Girls with glasses are cute
but that's only what I think
and she doesn't agree
so she's wearing contact lens
and she's losing them more
often than not
and the house becomes
a minefield
and we have the thread

it's just a small apartment
it shouldn't be that hard
to find them or the
one that got lost

when only one got lost
she would use the other
and cover her other
eye and look around
and point things and tell
me to turn them over so
she could take a better look

and I would sometimes
say "I told you"
but I no longer do it

I look under the cover
and the pillows
and the sheets
and the carpet
in shoes, under them
pockets, corners, folds
sink, toilet, tub

one day
she covers her free eye
and uses the other one
to look at her phone

"Really now?" I say
on my knees, searching
in shoes

she shows me her phone
and what I see is a bottle of

"Been wanting to get this
for a while now," she says.
"After this I'm seriously gonna."

I take a better look at the thing
and by gods
it's not a perfume bottle
not in that sense anyway

its description says
that you spray the things
you lose often with it
and your pet dog, being addicted
to the smell, will find them
for you

I drop the shoe down at my feet
and sit back and laugh
for about a full minute

When I'm done she's out
of the room

And I shout after her
"I don't believe in buying dogs,
I told you."

I don't believe in buying dogs
You either adopt them
or don't have them

but please, whatever you do,
don't ever spray stuff on the
stuff that comes in contact with
your eyes
 May 2019 Postal Leo
You are the light of my life
My morning sun and my evening moon
I want to reach you and stay by your side
Too bad you’re just “not in the mood”
Too bad “you have better things to do”
Because the only thing I do
is think of you

I dream
of you thinking about me too
Sometimes we want to be cared about by the wrong person
 May 2019 Postal Leo
Which way leads to you?
Do I need a compass to find my way?
As if you are an island
from some far-away shore
that I spot but can never reach

I look at you
you are so close
Would a map help me out?
Tracing a line between you and me?
Finding the way
as the crow flies
so I can get to you
as soon as can be?

Should I use my heart?
it makes the most sense
but for almost
2, 3 years
I have already used it

and I've never gotten

I am forever

and you are still that island
that I cannot
This is about a friend I used to have
 May 2019 Postal Leo
Anne J
 May 2019 Postal Leo
Anne J
Claw my big heart out
String my organs to a big tree
Break my ripped neck out
The second haiku for my project
 Feb 2019 Postal Leo
he was the skeletons in your closet
the monster underneath your bed
like he’d crawled out from down below
to lie on top of it instead
 Feb 2019 Postal Leo
Hank Love
With just hands
At last through years
I gazed upon that yonder shore. 
Above the mist and smoke
Where men would dare claim
Such a vision appeared
Of that Golden Palace
That divine rod 
That separates myself 
From my dreams.
Blessings to the dreamers, still
Even in the night's own hour
They still long for what the 
Heart desires. 
Amidst the Autumn 
Afar the Altar 
Yond that threshold there
That Golden vision
I peered through tears.
Such a vision for the blind 
It would aspire their view
Towards the very
Face of Christ.
Direct your paths 
Through  that starry night 
That gentle morn.
Hear me Aurora!
Your kindred spirit 
Of yesterday's departure.
Memory, a fantasy
Absurd though dire, still
Deceived I was not
Captivated, brought forth
Against her silver lined glory
In the Golden Vision pure 
Through the starry night.
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