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Postal Leo May 22
End of the world,
End of our butterfly kisses.
End of me calling you mine,
And people calling you Mrs.,.

All because one of us was a psychopath,
And you can’t begin to understand, how happy i was to put a cap in your ***.
Postal Leo May 16

Sorry, that's just the easy way to grab someones attention nowadays. Are you getting enough sleep? How about water?
Postal Leo May 16
There is no message.
I just had nothing to say.
Postal Leo May 15
I observe, a beautiful girl,
Piano kicks up,
And it sounds like twinkling stars.
She sings about being broken,
A prisoner in her own home.
Trust me…
I know what it’s like, to be all alone.

And I’m not one to get hyped over nothing,
But the fact we’re so similar,
Might just mean something.
So give me a chance to surprise you,
Mighty Queen,
I'll be your worker, if you work with me.

I can be different,
Isn’t every guy one of a kind?
But I’m not very special, hell, i don't even fly.
But give me, maybe, five seconds, and spare me a glance
And I’ll make us disappear,
Even ask for this dance.
And we can waltz through winter,
Jump through june,
Disappear back in april,
And you end up right back in your room.

Then i could reveal my magic trick,
And maybe we'd kiss.
But since this is all,
A shot in the dark,
Maybe I’d miss.
And maybe I’d get the, “Let’s just be friends…”
Maybe I should shut up.
Daily Upload!
Postal Leo May 15
This isn’t me.
I’m not the type of the guy,
That chases girls relentlessly.
I just want to play in the sun.
Only cared about making friends,
And being so **** happy...
Listening to smooth jazz,
So, so alone.
Postal Leo May 14
I'm sorry. I'm so unimaginably sorry. In a life filled with love and hate, I was the reason you made so many mistakes...

Comprehension is impossible, the end is always near.
Keeping that in mind, stay away from the drug fear.
Quickens you, to an abnormal pace.
Your heart and mind, both begin to race.
And everything drops. (R)

You can't help but think!
Think about all the mistakes you've made,
Think about your failing grades,
Think about the boys you hate,
and the girls you love, but….
No-one loves you, no no-one loves you!

And I’m so sorry,
If this doesn’t apply,
But i know there’s rhyme or reason,
To every fake kiss, and black eye,
Disgusted gaze, and small lie…
I mean,
What if your the villain in another’s story?
What if life is about love, not glory?
What if death is mandatory?
What if there is no Heaven or Hell, only Purgatory?
Or an endless darkness where we are forever judged,
By those who made better decisions than us.

Because while you sit around sipping,
From a bottle of wine that you stole,
Infuriated that your so alone…
Another sits working on their Bio project,
Need that easy A,
That quick dopamine from a “Good Job”,
A thumbs up,
And a simple piece of paper,
With one hundred at the top.

We’re all druggies. Some of us just don't know how to stop.
This is my first attempt at making legitimate music. I've wanted nothing more my whole life then to make my dad smile, and to finally reach my mom. So, this is like a promise ring, and anyone who reads it all, cares, you can receive the promise ring. I will make it. I cannot fail.
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