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Laiyn Davis Mar 25
How do I make you understand that i feel lost?
No-one will see this.
How can I convey my pain?
No-one will hear this.
Drowning slowly in a tar pit of self doubt.
Struggling artist's can understand, perhaps.
I don't want to be famous.
I want to be heard, seen.
Seen by my father, who will know me as a man.
Heard by my grandma, maybe she will finally understand.
Laiyn Davis Mar 25
Stuck in a dream,
Falling forever.

Under the maple tree,
Simple endeavors.

Staring at the sun,
Seems quite bright.

End of the day,
I'm hypontized.
Laiyn Davis Mar 19
Pray for me.
Whether I'm weak or strong, I need your words,
Encouragement, flocks around me, just like birds.
Human nature declares we depend on one another.
Just like I’m bound to argue with my great grandmother.

No love in this country, hate from the skies.
Perilous horizons, and I'm ready to die!
Die for my beliefs,
Die by the police,
Dead for my friends,
Not dead till the story ends.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways.
Getting kicked outta heaven for being born this way.
So I suppose I'll have to make a legacy on earth.
And make Gabriel and the angels give me a wide berth.

All I want is success, but hate on you if you succeed.
So done with feeling nothing, believe I'm ready to bleed,
For everything I stand for, all that I believe.
When I die, I suppose, I'll end up in the garden of greed.
Laiyn Davis Mar 19
Love is like an overshadowing darkness, in the light, that forces you to feel a way.
Love is incredibly simple, however complicated it may seem, and most realize in a dream.
A dream, not asleep.
But a quick glance, and the heart begins to beat.
Whether it’s outside, in the pouring rain.
Or a simple sunny noontide.
Cupid’s arrow will always hit.
At the most inconvenient possible time.

Love is like a taxi ride around a small country town, when all you know, is the city.
It’s always new, foreign, and incredibly unsightly.
The food *****, the music is not at all your style, but you pretend to enjoy it anyway.

Basically…. Point is, I think I'm falling in love.
And I don't want to get hurt again.
I'm so tired of feeling numb.
Laiyn Davis Feb 27
So confused, on how I always try my best, but always,
Seem to be outdone,
By some one who does less,
Or is younger than me,

I've found in a Human shoot Human planet,
That nothing is sacred, not even love,
Or the base principles thereof.
Maybe I should give it up.
Laiyn Davis Feb 27
All the thoughts in my head.
Won’t stop racing,
Til I’m dead.
Impossibly docile,
Inefficiently plain.
Shoot off all my fingers,
And only faith remains!

It’s been so long since we’ve spoken.
I once believed I was to be a conduit,
Thought I could be chosen.
   Unbelievably simple,
Disgustingly new.
Cut off my head,
I shall sprout two.

Why do you exist?
Are you simply here,
To ruin all happiness?
  Happily together,
Yet always apart.
Kick it back to the beginning,
And i'll restart!
Laiyn Davis Feb 25
I get it, you don't read my **** because it's not beautiful, or elegant, and i talk about love and suicide way to much. I get that everyone else on this sight is better than me, 10/1. I get that you ******* hate it when I ******* cuss. But LOOK here. I'm not changing for you, my dad, my grandma, or anyone else. I am me, and i will be so gloriously, constantly, and ******* dutifully.

                                  And if you actually took the time.
You can ******* now.
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