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  Jul 2017 RuthAnne
Stephanie Grace
Where do you reside now that you are not here?
Do you still see me when I shed a tear?
Are you the wind that blows against my hair?
Will you be the blossom that spreads everywhere?
Well wherever you are and whatever you do
I hope you know I am always thinking of you
  Mar 2017 RuthAnne
Zero Nine
Within a sea of many troubles

My heart goes

Unwilling as the body, too

Last made my bed in sheets of fire

Eager, so faithful of the blue
  Mar 2017 RuthAnne
Zero Nine
And this Winter, unlike the past deaths through my life,
may offer motion toward a place from here
With my heart broke, as he departs in the night,
carried memories let in tears still travel hard
May my motion, then be truly swift to mirror his,
to futures on the East horizon
  Mar 2017 RuthAnne
Zero Nine
"You will not defeat me,"
from the summit of your lungs
arterial winter
is all over and all done
I want the rain to smother us,
one nose to another
sharing the air
at the corner of Fifth and Couch
I want the silence between us
sinking heavily
while enjoying
the rare absence of spoken word
I want you filling my chest
with the bumps that were
lost to view some time ago,
like we share phantom sensations
from before we knew love
"Return my youth to me,"
acid dripping from your tongue
We can sing in song
Is this the end or the beginning?
Probably both.
  Mar 2017 RuthAnne
Jair Graham
His lips, honeysuckle.
His hand on her chest, warm and soothing.
A hot kiss at the base of her neck,
His strong fingers running through her hair...
Whiskey on her tongue;
Two bodies, touching, feeling, receiving.
Hot, delicate, sublime;
Tender, creating sparks,
  Feb 2017 RuthAnne
Silver Dreams
Moaning and sighing,
our breaths intertwine.
As do our bodies.
We crave for each other.
Staring into his eyes,
I know,
I could stare into them
for an eternity.
This lust,
has never been so strong before.
I yearn for your touch.
Your breath in my ear.
Your lips on my neck.
Your hands roaming everywhere.
Just being with you,
all those before you...
are just names
that are slowly
slipping out of my mind.
This sweetness,
I taste on your lips,
I'm addicted to it.
I'm awake when I'm with you,
I don't want to ever go to sleep,
if it means I'm without
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