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 Dec 2017 Neha Srivastava
 Dec 2017 Neha Srivastava
Kiss me like
I am your savior
Rescuing you
From deep
Dark water

Kiss me like
I am a feast
And you are
Starving, hungry
For me

Kiss me like
We are to lose
All sense of time
Lost in this one kiss

Kiss me like
You are leaving
And saying goodbye
But never really leave

Kiss me like
I mean the stars
And the moon
The oceans and
Mountains and
Everything in between
To you

Kiss me like
I am your
First kiss and
You are shy

Kiss me like
You are a wildfire
And I am
Only dry tinder
To be consumed by your flames

Kiss me like
I am the last
Breath of air
On a dying planet

Kiss me like
This is everything
You want
And nothing
You want to leave

Kiss me like
You are kissing away
The sadness in
My soul

Kiss me like
You think
I should be kissed

In the end
I just want you
To kiss me
When the time comes
I will leave you
locked in the closets
of your heart

There will be no words
of consolations
No letters left upon the desk
inked with my explanations

I am sure it will be the dark of night
when whippoorwills do call
For they cry into the dark
but nothing replies at all

By the time the sun stumbles in
And you reach for the sky and yawn
The dew will cover the grass but there will be no footsteps left upon the lawn

What happens after that I really
don't want to know
I will be hitchhiking down the road
keeping it on the low

Don't blame yourself for my failures
It was just that I ran out of time
And my feet were really telling me
they were sick of all my lying

So goodbye , farewell , Godspeed ,
live long and I hope that you prosper
It's time to end the intimations
and all the pain I cause her
Few relations are your identity,
The serendipity!
Few  relations  are  fake,
Just namesake!
Few don't have name,
Yet flame!
Moment by moment,
the miles melt,
In a fire unknown,
the dew drops swelt.

Desires deepen
as the dusk darkens,
The eyes tell all
As the moon brightens!

The signal sent by
the series of sighs,
Fans the faint flames,
The hope revives!

Arousing the long
laid back longing,
Be mine!
Says the intoxicating evening!

A carvan of dream
passed the past night,
The setting sun says,
"Realize it tonight!"

Enchanting evening,
makes the hearts sing,
Forgetting everything,
Let's loosen the string!
Sunset on full moon night
Arouse the passion..
One odd romantic poem i could write...haha
 Aug 2017 Neha Srivastava
I'm left wondering if anyone is
really worth taking up your space
and your time,
if anyone is worthy of trying to take you in, wrap you up, make you theirs
pluck you like a pretty flower and take away your air  

why should they be aloud to come in and mess you all up
and make you believe in something that isn't
and take all those little pieces of you that were once what made you,
the good stuff, the real stuff, the things that made you beautiful inside,
before they stole them, or **** on them or made you feel like they weren't worthy of being

that's what happens when people think they fall in love,
all they are really doing is stealing precious roots from a person's soul,
changing them up to make them the person in their mind that they want you to be, not who you truly are

I'm left looking at a reflection of a person that I have no idea who that is, just a shell with my face on it,
an empty stomach and an even emptier heart
because someone told me they loved me and stole all of my light to take for themselves
too greedy to let a beautiful thing bloom
He doesn't know
that he is my harbour after a stormy day
A haven
where I let my thoughts drift and dreams rest
That he is my rain, sunshine
and rainbow at different times  
And the muse behind my songs and rhymes
He doesn't know
that he is the reason behind the smile in my eyes
And why I sing and curl my toes
He doesn't know
that he sets my pulse racing
And I suppose he will never know.
 Aug 2017 Neha Srivastava
words are truly expressed through personal experience
to describe to your fellows something of life
- the experience you lived,
otherwise it is just something you heard
something you read, something unreal, to you.
You said that you'd be there,
to catch me when I fall;
all I felt was empty air,
you weren't there at all.

You said you'd lift me up,
whenever I was down;
your leaving was abrupt,
you didn't stick around.

You said you'd be my honey,
through the laughter and the sadness;
but what's happened isn't funny,
now I know this thing called madness.

You said "I'll always love you,"
it was just the other day;
but hell is what you put me through,
and I never had my say.

You said I was your loving lad,
and you were my bonny bride;
but love is not the thing you had,
only arrogance and pride.

You said you'd love me till the end,
but the end, it never came;
you disappeared, around the bend,
as I called, in vain, your name.

— The End —