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Neha Srivastava Dec 2017
Love me like the moon loves the earth
Illuminate me in the darkest hours henceforth
Neha Srivastava Mar 2018
By the fortuitous act of destiny we met
I am here for you always, you said
Your words never aligned with your actions
This didnt govern the laws of my attraction
You kept promising
I kept believing
Hopes in my heart were crushed by your unkept words
But I kept covering the extra yard
Standing on the crossroad I accepted something I always knew
This realization cleared the view
There is one who you belong to
There is something else you crave for
This is when I started giving up
I didnt let go off you
I just let go off the willingness to be with you
Neha Srivastava Jul 2020
Life is a choice about wat you see and not perceive and wat you absorb that you percieved  !!!!!
Neha Srivastava Aug 2017
I don't envy your being,
I draw inspiration from your sheen.
Neha Srivastava Jan 2018
Darkness , you beauty
sheltering a shattered heart;
engulfing the ugliest lies;
beholding the fierce betrayals;
in your silence.
Neha Srivastava Jun 2017
Tonite she'll again take her thoughts to bed
Far away from fear
Let it be surreal
Her heart skips a beat
When she meets her dream
With the ticking clock
She explores her thoughts
Ahh she finds peace
Long time she at ease
They giggled they laughed out
Together they danced their hearts out
Under the moonlight
She paused for a while n held him tight
Her thoughts snuggled her gently
With giving her love abundantly
With teary eyes she waited for the dawn
To bring the reality *******
Her thoughts whispered going my love
Waiting for tonite when we shall be together my love
Neha Srivastava Jul 2017
As the dawn breaks over the horizon,
With the changing shades,I witness the sky being a Chameleon...
The spectrum of light
Widens the sight..
As it gets bright,
A smile flutters on my lips,with the hope of something new.
But a  tear rolls down for what is not there in the view...
Neha Srivastava Dec 2017
Every morning ,throughout the year
I hear demons in my head shouting loud around my ear
Lacing me with antagonism
drowning me into deep rooted negativism
I feel trapped in their grip
as they keep Pushing me to darkest corners like an adandoned ship
I lie on my bed unwanted and unheard
My mind is half asleep and my eyes are blurred
They made way through me for reasons unknown
It seemed easy to make them one of my own
Eyes half asleep ,I see a gleam of light
All I know is to fight with all my might
Exhausted as I manage to Chain the monster within me
Not afraid of the roars, I'll make them bend down their knees
This fight was mine , though the Battle is to be won
Neha Srivastava Aug 2017
Dear Mr. Depression
I have realized I am your Obsession,

You have made me a partner of your loneliness
Why are you guiding me to darkness,

Swayed away by your hypnotism
I make my way towards negativism,

I have lost interest in everything but you
People around are having no clue,

Are you my friend or my foe?
Coz you make my head blow,

I cannot deal with my blood boiling anger
Teary eyes I look out for an answer,

My days are so lonely my nights are so long
I now have a fear of the breaking dawn,

I feel so weak and numb
All I could do is to keep mum,

I am not getting killed , I am being suffocated
My inner peace is long awaited,

You make me so tired to fight
I beg you , This isn't right,

Shackles in my feet I can barely move
My Mind is in your trap but My heart disapproves,

The love in my heart is meant to overpower
You are unaware of the strength of my will power,

Slowly and steadily I change my direction
Your world was nothing but a deception,

I not only want to live I want to feel alive
Your foul intentions cannot keep me deprived,

Far away I see a light
Hope is standing on that side,

I promise not to look back while I start my Journey
Your pleas to keep me along are not worthy,

I might be late
But I'll make sure I reach that gate!!!
Neha Srivastava Apr 2018
Take me inside you is what he pleaded
She took him to the guided tour of her heart instead,
enroute he met the grieving edges, the bruised corners and the blood spilling plastered walls
Dreaded and bewildered he left only to disappear
smilingly she locked her heart  thinking about his unkept words;
Neha Srivastava Apr 2018
It didn't take her long to realize and start afresh
that he only professes love having his hands on her flesh,
How skillfully he practiced this mind body disconnect?
How secretly he kept his heart remain unaffected.
It was then she decided to let him go,
For her, love was an utmost amalgamation of both mind and body.
Neha Srivastava Jan 2018
How Skillfully she has Mastered the art
to build her walls up high from the start
keeping her beyond reach and secluded
She now enjoys being excluded

How magically her tears became her slaves
residing on the brim of her eyes making her brave
Slowly and steadily will they come out
knowing she's lonely and there is no one around.

How beautifully her heart holds
all her feelings inside
until midnight
when they unfold
behind her hands covering her mouth
so that no one hears her shouts

Darling , I am in total awe of you
You are a master piece
coz these skills are rarely seen
These are not signs of weakness
This is just your uniqueness
For commanding your emotions unbelievably
You deserve a bow undeniably

Who says you need to be fixed and there's something wrong
All you need to learn is to 'STOP BEING THIS STRONG'
Neha Srivastava Jan 2020
Empathy shall not be a rule for it could be hazardous at times.
Neha Srivastava Jul 2020
Things end..
But do they get over???
Neha Srivastava Jul 2020
Between "mere a serendipity" and a "cosmic irony" we all exist.
Neha Srivastava Jun 2020
There is no right or wrong
Living in the "Now" shan't always be the norm
Partly existing in the past
absorbing the essence and holding the grasp
Counting on the unknowns
and wanting them to be one of my own.
This is Me..
Breathing on these extremes
Neha Srivastava Aug 2017
'I am with you forever'  - He said
'Even forever comes with an end' - He meant
Neha Srivastava Aug 2017
His mind resides in this Heart-
'It never beats
It always thinks'
Neha Srivastava Dec 2017
Dont forget to hear my plea
Hold me tight when I am dangling free
When the ground below is not willing to hold my feet
and the sky above has refused to envelope my being in its deceit....
Neha Srivastava Jun 2017
Beaming Face
with a new found pace
Dreamy Eyes
Along with wings to fly
Myriads moods to rejoice
but not to lose the poise
Fresh in spirits and belief
Coz my raison deter is now ME! ! !
Neha Srivastava Aug 2017
I am a woman , I should be timid - They say
I am a human , I know no limit  - I say,

My existence is not meant for your judgment
Crushing me is not a sign of your triumphant,

My love for you has always been abundant
Why am I the one to make all the adjustments,

Look into my eyes , you'll see a twinkle
Savaging it , is so sinful,

My demand for freedom makes you reluctant
Clothed in societal norms , I have to bear its repercussion,

How are the governing laws so different for Both
What makes you so nervous of my growth,

Why do I have to fight for what is my right
Why do you enjoy my plight,

Being submissive is declared my attire
No one hears what my heart desires,

I am not the one to dance on your note
I am a volcano that erupts on my own,

I don't demand anything extraordinary
All I seek is equality,

Equality to Breathe without fear
Equality to be safe my dear!!!!!
A tribute to Equality of a woman
Neha Srivastava Jul 2017
When hope fades, despair flutters..
Resilience breaks, mind clutters..
On the verge of breaking down..
Oh I see you like a gleam of light all around..
You sprinkle life..
I am revived..
The Darkness settles as the dawn breaks..
With moist eyes I could see you leave..
But I promise there's no grief..
As my Inner self retains your Aura of mystery...
Neha Srivastava Nov 2017
On a lovely morning, I stand on the bus stop
Amidst the traffic running non stop
Mumbling my presentation which was due
Our eyes met and yes it was you
Your sight reminded me of our fight
When I had resisted your advancements last night
As i take a step back unsure of your foul intentions
I sensed a splash and pain
Was it Acid on my face?
I cried as I burnt
You feel so proud to see me melt
The pain makes me exhausted
I feel helpless as you leave me distorted...

On a beautiful evening, I walk on a street
I look so neat in a shirt and my new Jeans
You came from the other side of the road
You pinch me hard as you slowed
You whistled, you giggled
Your devilicious stare
Make my skin look bare
I am frozen , I am numb
I lower down my face with anguish as I hurriedly paced.

It was a dark night when I came out of my house
To get some urgent medicines for my spouse
Wish the darkness could convey
That you were hiding in the corner waiting for your prey
You grab my waist, you twitch my wrist
I yelled I begged
Not even your hands on my lips could silence my screams
I trembled with pain
As you came inside me again and again
Exhausted and satisfied you roar  cheer
You kicked me as you have won this battle
And left me besides my broken medicine bottlle.

Its not the sunrise,its not the sunset
Its not about if we have ever met
Its not my age
Its not my face
Then what it is all about??
Its about you and your insanity
Neha Srivastava Dec 2017
You'll not find me in the memories locked in your heart
Open your window and lookout for the brightest star
I am the one Shimmering and twinkling looking over you

Before the dawn fades me away....
Neha Srivastava Jan 2018
Don't Practice happiness
coz when you do
you build homes in people around you
and when they walk away
they take your shelter along with them;
Rather Practice Joy
coz when you do
your soul becomes your abode forever.
#Joy, #happiness
Neha Srivastava Jan 2018
The Hues and cries in your mind.
are the sounds from the universe inside you
and its there for a while

Scars of your mind unseen to the world
recite a Tale of your battle without an armour
and its been a while

Lips curled up setting a fake smile on your face
unfold the magical courage you hold
and its been a while

Release the universe,
Pick up your shield ,
Stop being this strong,
Tell me about your pain and grief
I'll share mine
Meanwhile the world goes on
Let us talk hands in hands.
Neha Srivastava Feb 2020
The trick is to live a life beyond survival.
Neha Srivastava Feb 2018
Wandering in the lanes of being your transient temptation,
in a run to be your progressing need,
or a potential for your imperishable desire
I have lost myself....
Neha Srivastava Aug 2017
You were everything to me once...
You lost my trust..
I lost you forever..
Neha Srivastava Jul 2017
Love O Love...
U Pour Pure Blood...
You had my soul with the innocent glitter... slaughtered it with no jitter???
Wounded & Bruised I get into my last slumber.
As I fall freely...
I forgive you my love willingly...
Love O Love..
U Pour Pure Blood...
Neha Srivastava Nov 2017
I had not realized until now
The love that I was longing for and wasn't allowed
It had always existed within me since eternity
How My mind has loved my heart so gorgeously
It sketches , it paints , it sculpts a world so new
of everything that lies in its preview
My mind envisages so beautifully
and let my heart absorb it presuambly
This gift is the only reality
as it gives hope to let my heart beat willingly
The day you'll be tired of your paint and brush
My Heartbeats will make no rush
Before you calm down together
Your love for my heart is rarest of rare...
Neha Srivastava Apr 2018
A bruise, a cut and the dripping blood
makes you sensitive like a rose bud,
Perturbed for what lies on the surface of the skin
Cared to notice what experiencing underneath?
Mental scar, depressed mood and grief so extended
why are all these left unattended?
Are these not signs of mental illness?
Then Why are these dealt with Prejudices?
Neha Srivastava Feb 2020
A moment lived is a moment won!!!!
Neha Srivastava Mar 2018
Trying to move on from you has been the toughest task so far
Until I realized it wasnt betrayal from your side at all
It was mere the lack of willingness you possess
Why was it so hard to confess
With your phrases , you placed me high
But your endeavors never made you mine..
Neha Srivastava Jul 2017
Bit by bit I build my sky
My wings are ready to fly high
High above the land of wrath and agony
Rising above the valleys of self atrophy
Far away from the cacophony deception
Where no one could judge my reflection
As I reach the realm of rainbows
Clouds pour nothing but love
The wind sings nothing but love
My soul soaks in love
Mesmerized by this divinity,
I meet my destiny
Neha Srivastava Apr 2018
You made me to fall for yourself
You pushed me away
And In between I found Myself
Neha Srivastava Dec 2017
You might not know the real me
The One you see and roams free
and the other whom you read locked in my poetry
I am a soothing breeze when heard
I could be a volcano in words
Gentle as a dewdrop on your window in a beautiful winter morning
I am the storm trapped in my pages rumbling and alarming.
Flip in the pages once ready for the thunder storm and fire flashes
You'll meet the whole of me once this dust settles.
Neha Srivastava Jul 2017
It was a bright sunny noon
In the month of June..
When I was walking hopelessly all alone.
My pace was slow..
I was feeling so low..
Hue and cry in my mind..
I hear a footstep closely behind..
As I turned back..
All I could see was pitch black..
Ohh, I felt a strange connection..
You were no one but my distorted reflection.
You knew all my woes..
You were all along the flow- You were my 'SHADOW'.
Tears filled my eyes..
As I hear u promise..
"Even when the sun will go down
And there will be darkness all around..
But my love, dont make your heart pound..
I'll embrace you with all my might..
You just have to hold me tight..
For all such times when u'll think I am gone..
Remember, you'll find me within you
And Together we shall be 'ONE'
Neha Srivastava Apr 2018
I have not given up on you
I have just learnt to place my worth high....
Neha Srivastava Dec 2017
Poetry - words unsaid and unheard
Neha Srivastava Jul 2017
I am an emotional fool I say ,
yes is my heart that feels the promise made wid every beat ..
and so are my eyes that lives that promise with every blink..

Promises are made to be broken they say..
Try not to you are also breaking my tender heart full of hopes..

My heart is shattered says nothing now..
just beating for u...
My eyes are closed. Says nothing now..
just full of tears rolling down for u..

My Mind is so clever that laughs and says
'Told u .. not to destroy urself just for a promise made'...
Neha Srivastava Dec 2017
I have based my existence on pure simple belief
Let it be no victories
Just toasts to life
Neha Srivastava Feb 2020
Realization is making your heart acquainted with what your mind is already aware of !!!!!
Neha Srivastava Nov 2017
His mind ditched his heart only to make his slave..
Now it thinks with every beat caught in his cage.
Neha Srivastava Jan 2018
For all the long nights battling for sleep
amidst the thoughts replaying in your mind a game so cheap;
For all the glimpses of yourself in the mirror
seeing a reflection beyond recognition and your screams in horror;
For all those mornings deciding to be or not to be
lying on your bed with lump in your throat and moist eyes;
For all those moments when your soul is crushed under the weight of hopelessness
and the only feeling you find true is helplessness;
For all the anger,betrayal,rejection and abandonment rushing through your mind and soul
Lying on your bed with the covers pulled up is not meant to be your goal;

Don't feel disillusioned by what's going inside you
Its high time you get into something 'new'
As sad it sounds, the world won't stop for you.
Don't waste time wallowing in self bitterness and hatred
Do yourself a loving favour for once and walk with self belief
Neha Srivastava Feb 2019
Mark my landscape with your fingers whipped in lust,
Stain my terrains and curves with your lips.
Come down and unravel the mystery while I gasp
Inject me with painful pleasure
Devour me!!!
#lust , #love , #body
Neha Srivastava Apr 2018
I am not my body
I am my defiant spirit....
Neha Srivastava Nov 2020
Sometimes people survive only to flourish....
Neha Srivastava Dec 2017
Life is transient and brief
So is your pain and grief
For something so momentary and fragile
Ruining yourself is so futile
Open the cage of your heart
where the grief has been locked and trapped
Set it free and let it flight high
Allow it to meet you eye on eye
Let it be with you like a tangent
This is the way to keep it abandoned
Grief , Transient , Pain , love
Neha Srivastava Nov 2018
Vacantness of my soul is no to be bared
For any fill would be interim
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