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Kay-Rosa Aug 2019
When Klaus Hargreeves said,
name was Dave,"
Everyone noticed the
silent emphasis that rang in the grief
behind his words.
The question, "Who was she?"
puts a sting in the back of the throat,
a pierce in the eyes,
pouring red, thick
truths from the soul.
Kay-Rosa Aug 2019
almost caught around cold marble corners,
stealing strawberries
never noticed by the common crowds,
painfully singled out by the mobs
snatching frozen kisses through double sided mirros,
make me look conceded
silver moments savored by golden windows,
showing worlds who never cared
wondering why we are labeled as villain,
they are the crude smokes that filling ****** skies
contaminated by pleas of those who perspire over you,
fall me upon silent ears
slink around in dark damp under-secret tunnels,
intials engraved within an immature heart pressured into perfection by natural issues
pollution, famine, war, death
four horsmen ready to ride unto an unforgiving world,
but i am the best
the horsemen can never outrun me
i'll always be just behind the almost-loyal congregations, lying in wait amongst the shadows not cowering,
waiting for their side effects to set in
it never takes long
for the noble steeds stomp upon my seeds of doubt,
pressing them firmly in with blood, sweat and tears
first, little sprouts, then large blinding leaves and rolling suffocating vines with poison thorns
don't ***** yourselves children, the fear will set in
hello, freshman year
Kay-Rosa Aug 2019
There are things
I wished I'dve said to her
when I had the chance, There are days
when I wish I would've spoken my mind.
And there are times
when I wonder why I didn't, But now in the revelation
of my possible success
I wish her
by my side, though metaphorically and emotionally she always will be
but physically
I need her support.
Just like she needed mine.
But, millions and millions of miles away it feels
from her comforting glance, from the inexplicable
she granted me, the
she bestowed in my heart and now I wish
I wish she was somehow here again.
This was an original piece I performed at a poetry slam in Jersey, enjoyed the rhythm of the delivery.
Kay-Rosa Aug 2019
         too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words
         "the ineffable beauty of her freedom"
          freedom to speak, to sing, to love

          "the ineffable beauty of her freedom"
           freedom to live, to laugh, to fight
Kay-Rosa Aug 2019
please don't leave me
the constant nagging in the back of my mind
this pessimistic fate
those fake tears
i can't stand it

please stop crying
i never meant to hurt you
only to love you
but i love to deep
i can't stand it

please be safe
don't get lost in the big bad world
i'll be your flashlight
i'll be your guard dog
cause i can't stand it

without you
Hello Poetry! I'm back
Kay-Rosa Jun 2019
Sirens, constant
flashes of red and blue
Children's cries, tiny
hands, reaching out to spirits
cringing away from shadows.
Annoyed police
screaming children to
"Shh, don't cry, little one."
Don't cry, it makes them want to cry, too.
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