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I have never been without it
The scent of regret surrounds me
Every mistake I ever made
Is the stench that so confounds me

Soaring heights of anxiety
I have never been without it
Not your garden variety
Plaguing much of society

How I long to be free of it
Unrelenting regret believed
I have never been without it
Dry heaving nightmares unrelieved

Trichinosis, lockjaw strangles
My regret knows all about it
Like Joe Btfsplk’s* cloud dangles
I have never been without it
Trying the French quatern form, a 4 x 4 w/ #8 syllables, w/ the 1st line repeated in each verse the way it is done here; no rules about rhyming.
*Al Capp's character w/ a perpetual cloud over his head used to fascinate me as a kid-anyone else remember him-a sad sack with no vowels in his name?
This world is like a ***** to be kicked sparingly
Because if you love her she will kick you back
To be out of its cruel clutches makes one just free
To be more vigilant follow the real right track

Saints and soothsayers know how to command
Ordinary folk believe just in sheer servitude
Out of all very many are but on moral remand
Courage and confidence with real fortitude

Help all those people who dare to take her on
Valiant are those who the art of living with grace
Weaker ones pay the bid and offer souls as pawn
They live and die in ***** death of sheer disgrace

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
I could never be friends with someone like them

Yes but-

**Why was I ever friends with her
My father,
staked his claim
upon the sun,
moon and stars
and love

and he gives me
his daughter
 Mar 2017 Micahel De Tomasso
How patient are the arms of the trees
To hold out and hold on
To the weight of the weighed winters snow
In place of their own
Their children, their leaves
Which have long since left left for the distant ground
Having moved on to another town
How they’re holding on and beholden now
How kind are these?
Such winter trees
Tis the truth.... :)
 Mar 2017 Micahel De Tomasso
If I could ask one thing of you
Make one wish
It would be that one day you would see this sight
Exactly as it is
Just like this
Standing atop this former mountain
Looking down into the valley of change
For miles and miles
Just to witness it
To view this world
Not as it once was or could’ve been
But for the beauty of the fading mist
For the aching, moaning, weeping wood
Which cries out for eyes
Which slowly degrades as the hilltop fades
Beneath the last few rays of light
As the day succumbs to the edge of night
Know that all that I want for you is to see
What it is, what it was
And what I suspect that it means
At least to my eyes and the likes of me
From this hilltop I wish you could see
It was pretty stunning - But it was just me
 Mar 2017 Micahel De Tomasso
A pendulum, rocking to the heartbeat of eternity
In time, in tune, in step with the world
Inside of the footprint of this city street

Like a whisper in the passing wind
Or a whistle nearby yet unseen
Striding forward with a massive force
Unstoppable as the former me

This is the essence of my own demise
And the love which grew too strong and too quickly
In order to keep my song alive

And yet through this I've become an entity
So I will rock for eternity, back and forth atop the hill
And also in the flatlands in the east
Where the whispers were first heard to me
True story lol - Most are
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