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Edmund black
39/M/NJ    Not Everything I Write Is About Me , However I Only Write For Myself....... Remember Jesus Is The Way And The Light.
Just another woman who never grew out of her emo poetry phase. I highly recommend this lovely poet, she's a great writer and an even ...
blue mercury
22/Non-binary/these soft crying clouds    bluest-bee/ ig: babiestxr spotify:
its gonna make sense
26/Two-Spirit/Philippines    doesn't make any sense/ trying hard to be a poet/ in between- madness and sanity, reality and fantasy. /Twitter, IG & Wattpad : @IGMSOfficial/ Tiktok ...
Toreinss Pinwinkel III
71/M/California    Poet, guitarist, singer, artist, philosopher, martial artist, and glad to be part of this community!
Swasti Jain
21/F/Delhi    I love to pen down my thoughts because they're either too beautiful or too deep. My poems contain a message. Also, I love capturing the ...
S Olson
Orion Schwalm
26/Nevada City, CA    Did you know That at any moment Our lives are complete?
Thomas P Owens Sr
M/New Market, Va    Lover of poetry, film, comedy, the paranormal, OBX, Rush and women named Eve
25/seaside soul    I write to express, not to impress. All works rightfully belong to me unless stated.
Give a little love
Far far away :D    Some poems for all the lovely people out there, that's right I love you! :D Soo... "Give a little love" ;*
Ola Radka
Bob B
I hadn't really written much poetry before 2014. It quite suddenly became a vehicle for me--and an exciting challenge--to reflect on life and to comment ...
Denise huddleston
I love writing, most of my writings are life experiences,but there are some that aren't, please enjoy
Home    Excelsior------- Personality type: INTJ...... My poems are mostly narratives, ballads, philosophical and sometimes romantic Message me for a sincere comment and i will be at ...
UnReality    Much Love and Beauty to anyone who looks
Amanda Evett
Because it seems counterproductive to keep art "in," I write it all down so I can sleep at night. I have been writing ever since ...
Love Love is beautiful love is the ultimate ♡♡♡
16/F/US of A    trying to stay afloat.
Pennsylvania    "all my little life, i tried to get it right, but no one hears when the kids cry, and most of our wounds never heal ...
Madrid    Hi there
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