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"So many of my words you heard before,
Along with excuses, i just can't think
of anymore.
What i can do is pray that i will try.
Like a baby taken their first steps, they
begin to smile to stop the cry.
I never felt your pain until now, my heart
is soar.
If it's this that you felt, please open
your door.
Knowing is now the knowledge that you gave to me.
Break these chains, set me free.
Allow me back into your arms, let me hold you once
Even if not for lovers, but slowly, a friend."
I have never been without it
The scent of regret surrounds me
Every mistake I ever made
Is the stench that so confounds me

Soaring heights of anxiety
I have never been without it
Not your garden variety
Plaguing much of society

How I long to be free of it
Unrelenting regret believed
I have never been without it
Dry heaving nightmares unrelieved

Trichinosis, lockjaw strangles
My regret knows all about it
Like Joe Btfsplk’s* cloud dangles
I have never been without it
Trying the French quatern form, a 4 x 4 w/ #8 syllables, w/ the 1st line repeated in each verse the way it is done here; no rules about rhyming.
*Al Capp's character w/ a perpetual cloud over his head used to fascinate me as a kid-anyone else remember him-a sad sack with no vowels in his name?
My father,
staked his claim
upon the sun,
moon and stars
and love

and he gives me
his daughter
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