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"You touched my fingertips.
I felt it. My heart skipped a beat.
Taking hold of my hand. It stopped.
The high school child in me embraced
the playtime once again.
Sitting on a park bench thinking of our bleachers
at the Friday night football games.
Now we cheer for the pigeons as they fight
for the bread crumbs.
It's all so beautiful, only different times.
We are here still together, that's all that really
Beautiful to reminisce, grateful that
we can.
To kiss each others lips, and start our hearts
pumping once again."
4.2k · Jun 2015
"The Devil Went To Church"
"An evening of cool air surrounded by stars, evil
strolled the streets, and found himself in black folks arms.
They took him in as all believers would do.
Not knowing of his intentions, never knowing the Devils due.
He praised the Lord as the scriptures were being read.
His insides were of fire, as he thought of them being dead.
The hour had passed. It was all he could take.
Pulling out his weapon. It was a big mistake.
For the damage was done, nine laid in their blood.
Evil footsteps of blood running like a raging flood.
600 miles later he was stopped in flight.
Charleston in it's pain would not give up this fight.
Blacks and Whites have gathered to mourn hand and hand.
The Devil brought them together thinking they would leave
God's Promised Land.
All Good will come out of Evil. Something The Devil
will never know.
Yet, Charleston has it's believers with God's Love... It
will always show."
God Bless the people of Charleston. God Bless The United States Of America!!!
3.4k · Oct 2016
"The Beer Drinkers"
" I had toasted many in my life time.
Glasses of the most expensive wines, the
exclusive champagnes, and the cheapest of
Funny. Out of all, the  beers were the most
enjoyable through my years.
I now ask myself why? It's because of the
Sophistication was always troubling to me.
Don't get me wrong. To each is own i always
Joke telling, and stories that seemed to be so
crazy, many wondered if they were true.
It was how the story was told, Some were hysterical
you had to hold you stomach with both hands
praying that it didn't split apart.
Others were so sad they brought tears to your eyes.
That's when i new i belonged, There is where i saw
love among friends.
The beer drinkers. Happy, Hardy. Without a trouble
in the world.
Where are they now?
A question that is not to be answered.
No more pat on the backs.
No more. " Hey don't forget tomorrow nights
card game at Tony's."
No more. "See ya latter's."
Just millions of us sitting at our computers, and
maybe drinking a beer.
To them i raise my mug with a toast.
"Happy to spend this time with you."
2.5k · Aug 2016
"The Helpless Viet-Nam Vet"
" I ran into a homeless man with a bag filled with
empty soda bottles and cans.
They amounted to fifty-five cents, i
took them out of his hands.
I saw the anger in his eyes, as he began to
shout out his why's.
I quickly told him. "I'm here to help."
The fear went away, as he started to cry.
We talked on the side of the road. A
lost soul from the Viet-Nam war.
I too am a Vet. He now felt very comfortable
with every word i said.
I then opened the door to my car, asked
him to hop in, telling him were not going
very far.
I noticed his fingers, tanned from nicotine stains.
So i drove him to the nearest 7-11 asking what
was his favorite cigarette brands?
Kools was his answer.
We left, and drove to Mc  Donald's to buy
We filled our stomachs, he lit a cigarette, and
said. "Thank you so, so much."
I asked if there's somewhere i can drop you
off? He replied." No, the outdoors are my home.
i'll be fine, and you Michael. You are one of a kind."
I do this, because it's the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It's such a blessing  TO DO!!!!!!
1.9k · Aug 2016
"As I Once saw"
" The year was 1968. My journey in life took me
to a place so unfamiliar to me. Fort Ord Army Base.
There is where i began my Manhood. (Boot Camp)
Week after week of drills that brought sweat out
of me that i never knew existed.
This was in Northern California. Land of American beauty.
Yet i was in Hell. All we thought at that time was, can we make it through?
Then beyond any notice to us, we were all called out for a roll
call.. The Commanding Officer awarded us with a weekend pass.
The cheer was so loud i thought i was in a Football stadium.
We were dismissed, and packed to see what "I Once Saw."
First stop. A town called Carmel. Cobblestone streets, trees with
leaves of color as if they were born out of a Kaleidoscope.
It was though i was living in a Charles Dickens novel.
I walked through stores that held no dust. Nothing out of place, they
had a Heavenly touch.
When i stopped for a bite to eat.
Even that was an unforgettable experience.
The food tasted much better. I didn't want to leave my seat.
What captured me the most as i strolled through these impressive
streets of Carmel, was a view in where i stood overlooking the Pacific
"BIG SUR". I almost fainted. A sight so beautiful to my eyes i wondered
Why? Why do so many people leave this great land of ours to go on
vacations elsewhere?
To be standing on a cliff looking at the raging ocean waves pounding
the walls of these mighty rocks.
"As I Once Saw" I yearn for more.
A sight that comes to me in so many of my nights.
Branded in my mind for the rest of my life."
To all my Poet Friends. Next vacation, try Northern Cally.
You must visit Carmel, and Big Sur, if you hadn't already.
God Bless,
1.8k · Sep 2016
"Back In The Day"
"Back In The Day, Yeah, when men did a little work, but
a lot of play.
Meetings at the saloon, and many times drinking
til noon.
So many pats on the back from strangers they cared
nothing about.
Just the company at a card table, or playing
craps in the back.
Yeah. Back In The Day is something today that
they cheer about.
Something though they all left out.
Their Ladies kept at home.
Probably dancing with the
kitchen broom.
Hardly ever spoken to, only when they jumped
after being told what to do.
Cleaning, and cooking. Making sure the children
were all cared for, cleaned, and dressed.
Making sure the Mother in them gave them their
No respect until one day they took a stand.
They fought  back against man.
They've come a long way to show the world that
they can.
So many say. "It's a man's world."
I say. "Look at the shape it's in."
Seems we  left it impearled."
I write this, because i'm a man of 66 years young. I think Back In The Day
quite a bit. The days of my Grandparents. The early 1900's. Woman were nothing but a Human Robot to the men. The work that the woman did, was the work the man wanted no part of, yet they show no respect for the love that woman had for man. To me it was a sin. Imagine if they were given self respect, and honor Back In The Day. If they did, too me...
Today would be called, and proudly said."It's a woman's world." I also said. PROUDLY, because it would not be in the shape it's in!!!!!
1.6k · Sep 2016
"An Object, and It's Truth"
"Just who do you think you are?
You skip out on your wife over a neighborhood
It's not like you fool to do the things you
To leave the one who loves you.
You best learn how to chill.
Feeling like the cool cat with the curiosity
they hold inside.
One day you just may find out, that
you'll always have things to hide.
No way to live a life when you have
the best waiting for you after a long hard
day of work.
She wraps her beautiful arms around you,and
tells you how much your worth.
You must not have the will to throw things
that are so wonderful away.
Now i can stop looking at myself in this
mirror, get some sleep to awake for a brighter,
and better day."
How many of you can relate? Work hard for what you have.
If you can find each others hearts. Then you will become one!!!
" I met a woman from Colombia, our cultures
are far from the same.
Yet when we kiss are thoughts become one,
as we dismiss the world of all it's childish games."
1.2k · Jul 2016
"My strangers Last Breath,
"I once met a homeless man lying in
the beach sand.
The heat of it helped his chills, i dare not
give him a hand.
He asked if i could cover him with the coat
that i had to wear.
I placed it around his shoulders,
he looked at me with a heart warming stare.
A tear came from my eye as i asked if
i could be of some help.
A voice, he spoke. " I'm so thirsty, just a
sip of your coke."
I quickly satisfied his thirst and told him i'd
be right back.
Running to the nearest take out restaurant he
began to shout.
"Please come back, don't leave me alone."
So i stopped and ran back.
i held him in my arms. He took his last
breath, then he was gone."
Please pray, and help the homeless every chance you can..
1.2k · Oct 2016
"Memories and dreams are precious
They're always there when you seem
to need them the most."
"A summer day in August, with the sun brightening  a dark
blue sky.
You became a perfumed breeze that walked by.
You caught my eye.
"An August Wind" guided you to me.
I felt the warmth of it's touch.
We walked for hours, we spoke of so much.
Smiles, and laughter showed up on our first date that night.
It was felt by two, it was right.
Love at first sight.
Every August i think of that day with you in that wind,
and your perfume presence in the air.
Many times i imagine the smell of your fragrance.
I look, but your no longer their."...
I enjoyed 39 Wonderful, & exciting perfumed "AUGUST WINDS"...
My wife Jo Anne. My Soul Mate, passed Jan. 18th 2010 ..
Her perfumed fragrance was called (360 degrees)...
1.1k · Aug 2016
"Respect, Not Dis-Respect"
"While in school, never dis-respect a nerd.
Someday, he may be your boss."
1.1k · Sep 2016
"A Special Love"
"I gave her a hand full of kisses, she
then shed a tear.
Her head moved gently into my chest
Speaking softly. "I never want to move
from here."
Never feeling love before, That's what
Foster homes do, but now she's mine in
My arms to a FAMILY to come home to.
Adoption is such a wonderful experience
to live.
Happy eyes beam like the sun.
My wife, mine, and our 11 year young
Girl we named, Sam."
"So hard to let love go.
You try, and try, but the negative always shows.
Family, and a friend show their concern with a pat on the back,
and a voice crying out. "Don't worry it's going to be all right."
Eventually is like a clock that stopped in time.
Love is a quickly needed emotion, it's branded in the mind.
Will a heart someday come knocking at my door?
Will she have the magic that i patiently wait for?
Memories of my past will always be my present,
but can my  now present become my memories of my future?
Excuse me. Theirs a knock at my door!!
" Hello my name is Michael. Whats yours."
1.1k · Feb 2014
"She walked through Palestine streets of dusty dirt, and clay,
tired from the long hot days, a ******* they all say.
Living the life of sin, to her their was no other way,
until the day she met a man they called Jesus,
His love directed her to a brand new way.
A tiredness came over him, he stopped, and had to rest.
The now lady washed his feet, cleansed his body to show
a love she now possessed.
Faith was true, his kindness was sweet.
Magdalene sensed an up coming defeat.
Magdalene's Love was strong, she fought herself to let him go.
Questions of why, she would never ever ask.
She excepted to keep it in her past.
Feeling bewildered for so many years,
knowing her love for him will always grow.
Mary Magdalene loved Jesus.
And we in the world will always know."....
992 · Mar 2014
"Your Italian Heart"
"Your ancestors left their Italy lands for a better
life here in the States.
They multiplied, shared their lives to make homes for
people of their same faith.
Planting many seeds to watch their gardens grow.
Their children were the flowers.
Many Italian Hearts will glow.
With you planted in Brooklyn.
It's beauty was of a girl whom iv'e grown to know.
Your gardeners nurtured you with love,
to make sure a **** would never grow.
In time, your Italian Heart traveled in distance to meet up
with mine.
Our friendship poured smooth, like a bottle of vintage wine.
Two glasses stay full up until this day,
because of your ancestors leaving their Italy lands,
and giving us a better way."
"Unwrap the Glad bag gently, and lift up Gods newest baby angel.
Free her from the woods where no toddler should ever lay.
Place her gently beneath your wings, and fly her to the Heavens
where she can once again play.
Allow her to know of the world, and how we all cared.
Tell her of our tears turning into smiles once justice is prevailed.
When she's comfortable in the Heavens have her meet "WINNIE THE POOH,"
Give her the life that was taken, and her favorite Teddy too.
Such a beautiful little girl with a name to match.
Caylee Marie Anthony your butterfly will fly.
One that we will never catch."
Dear Caylee,
"Your popularity came to us from a photo. A world of love went to you through our hearts."  
Goodbye Little Angel,
Michael De Tomasso
985 · Mar 2014
"The Heart Of A Bully"
"The Heart Of A Bully
can never be revealed,
Until the *** of a Bully
is kicked."!!!!
I never liked Bullies in my younger days. I still don't like them today. I have always cheered for the underdog, and kicked a lot of Bullies *****. Funny things happen to Bullies when they face defeat. They seem to become humble, and show the Heart that they thought they never had...
942 · Apr 2015
"Lost In A Thought"
"Lost in a thought.
Will it be tonight's dream?
A day dream has no images,
it's just a stare in the air.
The mind wonders of all past places.
Things of so much importance as
your thought races.
Will you visit me while i sleep, possibly
1:26 AM?
It's also tomorrow's date.
The day of your Birthday once again.
My thought, and dream will be complete, only
if you come to me, blowing out your candles on
the cake full of sweets."
928 · Aug 2016
"Dear Mrs."
"Oh No,
Here's another morning without
you. it leaves me with another day
surrounded with my broken heart.
Can't seem to look up at the sky, all the raindrops
keep falling upon my teary eyes.
It's so hard to go on when all our memories have
been you and me.
Do i stand a chance with this helpless romance, of
how it use to be.
Baby i can't go on thinking your in the arms
of someone new.
It has always been . me, and you.
Honey i ask for a second chance, don't
you hear me calling?
Please don't take the good times away.
I'll do anything to bring back your sun that
has fallen.
I constantly see two people walking, from the
back they look like you, but when they turn, your
I walk alone with my shadow, and when it appears
against the walls, i talk to you.
At night i toss, and turn. i reach over, and
your no longer there.
I wonder if you do the same.
If you can only spend one evening with me, and
talk it over with a dinner. i know what i have to
offer you would possibly make our matters better, much
Baby i'm begging to give me one more chance with you,and
stop the rain from falling.
Please, let me see the sky's, and the sun again."
Just a write of some friends in my past who never wrote letters to their
Mrs....Now their ***'s
919 · Feb 2014
"The Unexpected"
"We looked in the pet shop window, after having lunch 
with Linda, and Sam.
The little pup placed his paw on the glass.
as my wife reached down with her hand.
The twinkle in her eye i noticed quickly,
it was a reminder when she first looked at me.
Let's be on our way i say. Let's be on our way.
Why? she asked me.
The answer was "A Tragedy."
Your headed for a Tragedy.
We argued for awhile, away went her smile,
i did what i had to do. I'm sure you know of the out come.
We named her Toto 2.
The years have past. They flew by so fast, as we sat sadly by her side.
The future Tragedy i spoke, was of the dog, but my wife was the one who died."
"Many Thirst for the water, many thirst for the love,
so many thirst for success, and the power of being above..
Still. How many thirst for "The Word" that will fill your cup each day?
This is the Thirst that is needed, it's near you in so many ways.
It will enter your ears with having your mouth much to say.
It's a Thirst that fills the soul, leading you to a bright, and better day.
I now drink of this Thirst, and all has come true.
You drink of this Thirst, and find your cup being filled too.".....
I have found the "Glory of God" in "The Word"  My cup now, is never empty!!!
857 · Jan 2017
"A Replacement"
"You get what you want , but you don't
have what you need.
Many of us go through life with smiles
on our faces, yet the heart is of stone.
It needs to be chiseled down.
you need tools for that, but not the kind
of tools that many think about.
( a hammer & a chisel)
Try thinking of placing the hammer with
a (Thought) and the chisel with a (Goal)
Try thinking of the things you received in
your life that you always took for granted.
They came to you with a purpose.
Many of us think for what was received was
placed in their proper place. if so then why
the heart of stone.
Try now in your lives to whatever comes to
you, set them toward a goal. A goal to start
breaking down the stone, and replace it with Love.
A love that gives  now what you need.
Have the things you need, rather with the things
you got. "A Replacement"....
"It's minutes til morning, do you think of me there?
Weeks have past. To me lonely Sunrises.
And the fragrance of you no longer fills my air.
My thoughts of you are riddled, a puzzle with missing pieces.
Never knowing of your feelings, feelings joined with hugs, and kisses.
Do you think of our once upon a time kisses, our laughter behind
closed doors?
You scratching my back, Then me wanting to scratch yours.
Morning has now fully arrived.
Another lonely sunrise for me to see.
Will she ever again call?
In this moment, by any chance is she thinking of me?..
      "I WONDER"......
For all who "WONDER"....
821 · Mar 2014
"The Viet-Nam Vet"
"We fought in the land of Viet-Nam,
to come home to a world of strangers.
They spit, they cursed, and fingered me,
calling us baby killers.
Our tears never showed,
and our voices were silent.
We stood proud of our country,
so they live free in it.
Years have past, but the wounds still live.
People now salute me, for the life i offered to give."
We were ordered to stop the spread of Communism.. And to all the people that spit, cursed, and fingered me.. "I FORGIVE YOU"!!!
818 · Aug 2016
"Jack & Jill"
" A neighbor's BBQ was a bit of a bore, until
what i saw.
She had to be sent from the heavens, i even looked
to see if she had a pair of wings.
Her entrance was as if she was floating over
the blades of the freshly mowed Kentucky Blue grass.
Friends took her by the hands, and rushed her to my
Laughter stood meek, and quite during the introductions
of our names.
Our distinguished guest Harry. Along with his lovely wife
Sharry Replied. " Jack, i would like for you to meet my
most resent Best Girlfriend Jill."
Now the laughter exploded.
I was taken by surprise, and could only say, "Let's go up the hill."
She took my joke well, and moved in to take my hand.
We talked for hours while listening to the late arrival of
a 1970 Soft Rock Band.
So as the old saying goes. "All good things come to an end."
As did our evening.
The months flew by so quickly. Yes she was wearing my ring.
Becoming Mr. & Mrs. truly was a terrific thing.
Having children was now on our minds, and we wanted
to do something special.
We lived up to the story book rhyme.
Finding the hill that suited us us both, had
all the beauty you can imagine.
Looking over the canyon's *****.
The time came, and there we were.
Taking each others hand as they walked up the
hill singing. "Jack and Jill are going up the hill, but
not to fetch a bucket of water."
9 months later they both sat down
holding softly their new baby daughter."
Strictly Fiction. Just a thought of a pair of Jack and Jill's
living somewhere in the world doing, or thinking of doing what
my mind put on my "White Wall"....
812 · Jul 2016
A Perfect Come True"
"Over, and over i wish for that perfect
come true.
Thinking of your mind, can i ever place it
in mine?
Days go by i forever see you in
my eyes as i look in every mirror.
Nights begins it's journey while i'm
left to worry.
Worry for that perfect come true.
Roses with their perfect pedals.
Waves with their mighty raw.
A sunrise followed by it's beautiful
A skyline with your 50th story view.
So many "Perfect Come Trues"
Where are you."
782 · Mar 2014
"At 10 years old the emotion of like became love.
For the first time i felt an adult in me, but not looking at
my baseball glove.
I shook my head, and looked at her again,.
She smiled, as i greened." ....
My 1st encounter of the opposite ***, and starting to understand new feelings that were beginning to emerge at our young age!!
"I feel a warm breeze approaching, it's settling over God's land.
Angel Mouths are coming, coming to give us a hand.
Listen to their praise, their words we need to hear.,
Absorb them in your souls, for a new life will appear.
Don't be afraid they come in peace
Sent from up above, to open hearts, and minds,
Explaining Our Lords love.
Many of us don't listen, we seem to turn them away,
someday you may need them, for they will always be here to stay.
Angel Mouths are coming, Angel Mouths are here,
listen to their praise, their words we need to hear.
Their words must flow like blood pumped directly to your heart.
That's where Our Lord lives, he's been their from the start.
God's world is at a threshold, we feel his pain each day,
but an Angel Mouth keeps praying for the pain to go away.
We need to take them in, and praise the work they do,
for we are all God's children. He needs our praise too.
Angel Mouths are coming, we all know that they are here.
Listen to their praise, their words we need to hear.
If you should ever feel broken with your world falling into doubt.
Quickly. Fall to your knees, look up to the sky, and become an
Written June 10 2011.....
772 · Mar 2015
"A Letter To Love"
Dear Love,
"You have been a part of my life for many, many
A vacation perhaps you are on that avoids me
to feel your touch, or the sweet nothings that have
been silent in my ears?
Life is complete with you in it's company, but
filled with an emptiness once you walked out of
my party.
Many friends turn out to become acquaintance's
no love lost at all.
Then again there was one, and still
never to call.
Do i place you in the same category
as she?
Will you ever return to my party to spend
your remaining lifetime with me?"....
" I knocked at your door,
i was asked not to come back anymore.
I broke his little girls heart.
No time to explain what drove us apart.
I fled quickly due to the anger in his eyes,
his harsh tone of voice as you looked from your window,
and me waving my goodbye's.
Running to  my home feeling safe in my room.
A framed picture of you on my wall.
I just had to make a call.
A desperate need to unleash my sorrow
to mend the heart of his baby girl.
The third ring he picked up, and said, "hello"
I replied "Sir, it's me Angelo."
"Please listen to my explanation, it's one to be heard.
To belittle your daughter in our childish crowd, as she ran away
i brought the bully to the curb.
A lesson was learned here, and only good comes out of bad.
I was part of that terrible act.
My apologize's from all, for we all hold the feeling of sad."
She will be protected by me when she's out of your company.
Cause the picture of her on my wall means a great deal to me."...
739 · Feb 2017
"My Baby Boy Has Died"
"He came to us with the brightest brown eyes.
Cuddled in Mom's arms never thinking ever of
early goodbye's.
Living much of a sheltered life learning dad's
A table he once made that brought him
much praise.
His town was as small as the bucket of water
he would get from the well.
Knowing at a young age he had bigger plans, with
so much more to tell.
A Jewish boy with an ambition of traveling
the land.
His time had come to leave home to
become a man.
Footstep after footstep took him on a
journey that pleased him well.
People listened to his words of hope
taking their lives out of dispel.
The word went out across many villages
that a man was lifting up hearts, and souls.
A man they called Jesus. Making their
lives whole.
Miracles were performed, along with
many storms.
So many followers, yet so much doubt.
I knew this was to happen. He knew
not to put up a fight.
Torture came upon him, keeling over, then
stood up for more.
Moments later, sentenced to death, and
placing a crown of thorns on his head.
You all know the ending.
My Son died for all your sins.
As your Heavenly Father i ask only one
Please become Born Again."

Signed: The Holy Spirit!!!!
Why? Because God gets all The Glory!!!!!
729 · Feb 2015
" Will you be in my hands once again?
Have the tears stopped running down your face,
Hoping the sorrows have fled from the misery's of
that forgotten place.
Are you on your way home?
Can you fill me with the desires of years ago?
Can we store the hurt that was so hard of letting go?
The visions in our souls were many,
can they be seen when you return?
I pray they will, without having to learn.
My heart still beats in tune with yours.
Does your's still hold the same notes?
Another dance, another whisper to my ear, but only
of different quotes.
My door is open, as i wait for you to knock.
My hand will rise quickly as i undo the lock.
We stand, and stare before the clutch of our hands,
You've "COME HOME" i reply with a tear in my eye.
You dried it off as you said. "Yes, with no more goodbye's."
726 · Mar 2014
"Yesterday's are Forever"
"We met on a sunny afternoon a short time ago.
It then became a yesterday when we parted,
and replaced with a heavy soul.
The day was filled with two lives,
and what life had to offer,
grabbing every second we had,
hoping it will all last forever.
Days do end, but Yesterday's are Forever.
The food, the wine, and you, blending in with
the ocean view.
Can it be some what of a Miracle given a day so beautiful?
Or more so a Miracle that can never be taken away.".....
721 · Feb 2015
"The Offering"
"I once saw a man collecting bottles.
So i greeted him with an hello,
and gave him five dollars.
His eyes opened wide as his mouth
said, "God bless you"
He then reached in his pocket, and
i thought he pulled out a tissue.
To my behold, it was a wrinkly dollar bill,
and he offered it to me.
This set me back, and i felt what he wanted me to
He witnessed the shock in my eyes,and
said."He wanted to be a giver,,just like me."
I excepted the dollar bill so he can once again,, Feel like
a human being!!!!
"Once i was 10 playing stick ball on the
black tar streets in Brooklyn.
Then to hear my Mother call when
it was time to come in.
A basement apartment one bedroom that
slept four.
With Mom, and Dad on a pull away couch
hearing them both snore.
We didn't have much, but a roof over our
Three meals a day, our parents gave us their best.
They supported our needs, and healed
the bruises on our knees.
Never bated an eye to help us
when we cried.
Showing us so much love, but
we being too young to understand what
it was made of.
I'm all grown up now with children
of my own.
Teaching them what i was taught,
with a comfort that they will
never be alone.
My parents taught me well in
appreciating all in my past.
My children show me now
that our love will forever last."
705 · Feb 2014
"Take Away The Gray Days"
"Another morning without you.
I don't know if i can make it through another day.
You've been here so many days before,
now i just stare, and wish you come to open my closed door.
It's been Gray Days since you left me,
My heart, and soul lost, not knowing where they should be.
As i sit alone with these bare walls that once held memories
of you, and me, pictures of places when in love, and free.
Everywhere i walk my imagination feels your their,
hanging on to my broken heart, that needs to be repaired.
And the sun don't shine.
I stop, surrounded by all the Gray around me,
with tears starting to fall from my face.
Take Away The Gray Days.
Let me see the sun again to bring me back to the days of you, and me.
Please Take Away The Gray Days, and give me back how it used to be.
For now i'll just wait, and pray that you,
Take Away The Gray Days."
699 · Aug 2016
"If you think you know it all, i would
suggest you keep things to yourself."
"I sat in a restaurant waiting for my order to arrive,
In between a day dream, i glanced over my shoulder, and witnessed
tears coming out of a young man's eyes.
His right hand clutched in hers as she pulled away,
i was able to read her lips. "I have nothing more to say."
She excused herself, stood up, and slowly walked toward me,
looking into my eyes, she bowed her head, and softly said.
"Dam it, he still has my apartment key."
My lunch arrived as he sits their and cries.
I feel his pain, i once played that game.
The only difference was.
It was i who said the goodbye's.
We always hear of the girl with a broken heart.
"Boys Hearts Get Broken Too"
668 · Mar 2015
"If your last day can be remembered,
you deserve another."
"The radio music invaded my mind.
It brought me to a place i left behind.
Our glory days were filled with so
much fun, the song came to an end, but
the memory had just begun."
650 · Mar 2014
"My Someday"
"What do i say to you when my Someday arrives?
Should i speak of my tears, and all the nights i cried?
The world went on, as though you were never gone,
but when Manilow sings, the memories are now only mine.
I will tell you of the days after you passed away.
It left us all crippled, and the pain found it's place to stay.
The weeks, and months flew by, we stopped asking why.
Your spirit now lives on earth. Your soul above the sky's.
And when "My Someday" arrives.
I will speak. I will be their.
I will say only to you. "I love you, my dear."....
648 · Jan 2017
"A Mindless Mind"
The moon was full and bright just
the other night.
The howling and appearance  of the wolves
were nowhere in sight.
Fog draped the sky like a velvet cloth.
Flying bugs showed up. ( Gypsy Moths)
Such a fear was released in the air.
It bellowed deep within me shattering
my thought's with bells ringing in my ears.
I fell to the ground, not being able to take the
next step.
A taxi then pulled up with a lady in the
I was told she asked the driver to stop.
That was the last i was to hear.
Morning followed with the sun beating
down on my face.
I awoke in satin sheets, and a unfamiliar
Three knocks with a butler opening the door.
Asking "Coffee Sir"? I reached for it in
my pajamas of silk.
I felt like a piece of a puzzle that would
never find it's way home.
Interrupting my thought came a voice of
a woman. A beautiful woman. "Thank you Simone"
She said to me that i have been missing for hours, and
time to get up for my morning shower.
I did what she said, and at the same time thinking
i maybe dead.
That's not the case. I just happen to be in
another place.
My mind speaks to you. It's what so many of us go
I'm a man with Alzheimer's. Someone who needs
to be cared for. Please don't make me wander
Fiction of course. Stories like this happen everyday. Take care of your loved ones. For so many years they took care of you!!!
With Love, God Bless,
648 · Mar 2014
"There were times that you whispered in my ear.
Telling me how you loved me,
and me thanking God for allowing me to hear.
Your whispers followed with a soft kiss,
always thinking how special of a gift.
touching my lips,
i dared not to resist.
We then parted, and stared with your fragrance filling the air.
All becoming a part of me, and the taste of you everywhere.
Now being left alone, but with the above that i write.
To have "Heard" you, "Touch" you, "Smell," and "Taste" you,
Are the "SENSES" that i could never live without."
646 · May 2015
" Our marriage lasted 39 years, we had our ups and
downs shedding many tears.
At times she was SILK, and other times SANDPAPER.
I was neither. She keep us together.
Her softness calmed the mustang in me.
Her rough side placed me where i was supposed to be.
A soft cloth, and a scratchy piece of paper lived
with-in her flesh.
These two items made me a better man. They
brought out the best.
She rests in peace now, as i follow her ways.
Her being my "SILK & SANDPAPER" has left me
with wonderful, and brighter days."
631 · Apr 2015
"An Unforgettable Night"
" The bus ran late as i stood in the fog lighting
my cigar, and there you are.
Like a genie exiting from your bottle.
The aroma of the cherry blend smoke
filling the air with the dampness only England
can bare presented a perfect match of us two
just standing there.
Leaving London was immediately put on hold,
you captured my soul.
A taxi pulled up as if it was sent from up above.
We entered, and she spoke. "Take us to a place
where we are to make love."
Thoughts raced through his mind of what
the future may hold.
Living in the States with a job that awaits.
Can he be so bold?
The ride comes to an end, and pays the fair.
A doorman greets them with a hardy cheer.
Making their way through the lobby they
reach the front desk.
Keys to their room are handed to the lady.
She holds them tight up against her *******.
They exit the elevator on the 10th floor,
she injects the key to open the room door.
Making her way to the bathroom in order
to freshen up.
He takes a sit on the bed lays back only to pass out.
A tug on his shoulder, he awakes, with the bus driver
letting him know they're at the last stop."
628 · May 2015
"The HitchHiker"
"Being 18, free and driving the highway is a
young mans dream.
Mine came true with the wind through my hair
without a single care, and the smell of the beach in the air.
Just down the road stood a man with his hand held high.
The Hitchhiker was in the place of me. Should i
drive by?
I came to a stop, i let him in thinking of how it used to be.
I asked, "Where you headed."? He replied, "To the church just before
you reach the sea."
I hadn't a problem until his question arose. "Do you know Jesus."?
That's as far as the ride will go.
I pulled over, and demanded him to get out.
He looked at me with a smile, and for years i never new what
that was about.
Now that my years have passed, and the Lord is in my life.
There was a day that my car broke down, and i now stood in the
road with my hand in the air.
A car pulled up, i hopped in and said"God Bless You" he replied, "Please
don't go there." so i just gave him a smile.
That was when i realized the Hitchhiker's smile.
It was a silent prayer."....
616 · Sep 2016
"An Angel's Residence"
"Walking in the mist of a spray bottle type of
Two AM in the morning on a roadside in
a lot of pain.
Crashed his car into a tree. No one in sight.
Wandering all alone, never feeling such a
lonely fright.
His bones were chilled, having too much to
Legs felt like logs, mind not being able to think.
Never did pray in his life, but all of a sudden
he started to.
Praying to see head lights coming his way to
help him through.
For the first time he felt like the sheep that lost
it's way.
Wondering where is his shepherd to lead him out
of his stray.
Laying down on the side of the road, too weak
to go on.
Later waking up to a nurse, holding his left arm.
Telling him if it wasn't for your Guardian Angel
he would have been gone."
A true story of an old friend back in High School.
No one ever claimed responsibility of taking him to the
Angel's are always among us. Even on a dark, roadside Residence!!!
610 · Jul 2016
"A Rose was found in the snow, some 92
years ago.
It lay restful all alone on my Grandma's porch
with it's winter's chill.
When a little girl picked it up, rushed it to
her red freezing nose to get it's first smell.
She held it tight with her mittens of pink, too
young to know, that in winter roses don't
Excited,  filled with happiness, she ran up the
stairs to find her new born baby sister's bedroom
door closed.
Opening the door slowly she showed her crying
mom the rose.
At that moment the doctor pronounced the passing
of her baby sister who's name was ROSEALINDA."
The little girl who found the ROSE was my mother Mary- Joan.
Rosealinda was my aunt that i never had the pleasure of meeting or knowing..
602 · Apr 2015
"Soul Mates"
" You walked my way, and passed
me by so I thought I'd say hi.
You glanced into my eyes I'm burning inside then you gave
me your smile.
I never believed in love at first
sight until you came along.
Shame on me, you made me see
How much I was wrong.
We talked for awhile then went
for a ride in my Mercedes Benz.
I felt so alive with you by my side
Praying for this never to end.
The years have now passed, and
I pour you a glass of an expensive champagne.
We look in our eyes how we did
the first time with silence in our minds. To touch each glass thinking of our past when our lives changed
on a dime."....
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