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Mar 2017
I have never been without it
The scent of regret surrounds me
Every mistake I ever made
Is the stench that so confounds me

Soaring heights of anxiety
I have never been without it
Not your garden variety
Plaguing much of society

How I long to be free of it
Unrelenting regret believed
I have never been without it
Dry heaving nightmares unrelieved

Trichinosis, lockjaw strangles
My regret knows all about it
Like Joe Btfsplk’s* cloud dangles
I have never been without it
Trying the French quatern form, a 4 x 4 w/ #8 syllables, w/ the 1st line repeated in each verse the way it is done here; no rules about rhyming.
*Al Capp's character w/ a perpetual cloud over his head used to fascinate me as a kid-anyone else remember him-a sad sack with no vowels in his name?
Terry Jordan
Written by
Terry Jordan  Boca Raton, FL
(Boca Raton, FL)   
         Dereaux, BlueMoo, Ebba R, ---, Kim and 32 others
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