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Dec 2018 · 79
Selena WH Dec 2018
Just wanted to tell you, whoever is reading this;
You are beautiful,
On the inside and out.
You are amazing,
Just the way you are.
And you deserve to be loved,
And adored.
Nov 2018 · 181
Selena WH Nov 2018
They may poison her
With their bitter words,
Taint her with
Their twisted lies
And hurt her
Their vicious deeds.
But she will not
Let the pain consume her
Change her to be
Ruthless like them,
She will show them that
She is better
Will always be better
Than them.
For her heart is purer
Than theirs will
Ever be.
Nov 2018 · 75
Selena WH Nov 2018
Trials and tribulations
Struck her down
No remorse,
Fear engulfed her,
Pushed her into the dark
Where she crawled
Into a cocoon
Of isolation
The time will come
She will emerge out
Of her chrysalis
With hope
Eternal grace,
Her wings of freedom
Like a butterfly.
Nov 2018 · 86
Selena WH Nov 2018
She will shed her skin
Like a snake
When the time is right
For her to grow,
Only this time
She will not feel
When you condemn her
For changing.
She will not be
Into a better version
Of herself.
Nov 2018 · 309
Selena WH Nov 2018
They call her
"You are a woman after all,"
They said.
But she's more than what
They think she is.
She's an ocean of
She holds the power
Behind her cerulean eyes
To sustain life and
Drown it too.
Oct 2018 · 62
Selena WH Oct 2018
She might be
In immense pain,
But even in
Her most vulnerable state
She is beautiful.
What's most beautiful
About her is
Her strength,
Her tenacity,
Her resilience
Her courage
Which is as vast as the ocean
As she picks herself up
From the ashes,
From the wreckage of her life
To build herself
Once again
Against all the odds
Put against her.
I believe in you.
Oct 2018 · 34
The Wonders of Life
Selena WH Oct 2018
Her body was a
Soft canvas of beauty
But no one
Saw her and admired her
As an artwork.

She was
Fractured, bruised,
Burnt and broken but
She never
Fell and crumbled
To pieces.

She repaired herself
And came back stronger
Than ever,
Turning herself into
A masterpiece;

One that is
Beautifully marred by
The wonders of life.
Oct 2018 · 136
Selena WH Oct 2018
I miss those times
When you'd kiss me
With the sunshine on your lips,
Making me burst into
A sea of flowers.

Now I'm just a barren land.
Oct 2018 · 43
Selena WH Oct 2018
It's beautiful
How when I look
Into your
Dark caramel eyes
That burn into my soul,
I feel lost
But I also feel the
Like as if I'm home.
Oct 2018 · 73
Like A Fool
Selena WH Oct 2018
There are times
When I wished for you
To not exist,
Because you'll make me weak
And break me until
It becomes unbearable,
And then you'll just smile at me,
And like a fool
I'll fall in love with you
All over again.
This is from a perspective that I was reluctant to do.
My mother is currently in a verbally/emotionally abusive relationship, and just last night, her husband (my stepfather) hit her. That was the last straw for both me and my mother. But this poem kind of explains how she had felt before he did what he did.
Oct 2018 · 291
That Day
Selena WH Oct 2018
I'm waiting for that day
When I will look
At the stars in your eyes instead
Of the stars in the skies.
Aug 2018 · 102
Sunshine Fingertips
Selena WH Aug 2018
You caressed
My cheeks with
Your sunshine laced
Periwinkle and carnelian
Sprout out of the
Pages of my heart.
Aug 2018 · 104
Your Heart Is An Abode
Selena WH Aug 2018
Don't give out your heart
To people who
Just want to rent it,
Your heart is an abode
And it doesn't need
Love in bits and pieces
Because there will come a time
When the right person
Will walk into your life and
You will be loved
With their entirety.
Aug 2018 · 239
A Beautiful Mess
Selena WH Aug 2018
I'll turn the sound of my
Heart breaking into music,
The dripping ink and
Crumpled papers into art.
I'll become a
Beautiful mess, one you wish
You hadn't left.
Aug 2018 · 347
Who am I…?
Selena WH Aug 2018
You drained me of my identity and
Injected self doubt into my veins
Left me questioning my own sanity
Walking around aimlessly
At war with my own body every day
Trying to scrub your heavy words off my skin
My mental state has been shaken to its core
I don´t know who I am anymore.
I was in a relationship, as you can tell by some of my older poems, which I now recognize as emotionally abusive. This poem tells a lot.
Aug 2018 · 86
Your Love Pt. 3
Selena WH Aug 2018
Your love
Reignited the dying embers
In my heart,
Making me glow
As bright as
The sun.
Aug 2018 · 76
Your Love Pt. 2
Selena WH Aug 2018
Your love
Is the kind that is
Talked about in metaphors
And written into
Aug 2018 · 75
Your Love
Selena WH Aug 2018
Your love
Might not shine
Like the stars
In the inky black sky
It definitely burns
Like the sun,
And lights up my
Whole world.
Aug 2018 · 82
Your Eyes
Selena WH Aug 2018
Your eyes hold a darkness,
Which even the darkest nights
Would be jealous of,
And it's a perfect place for the stars
In my eyes to reside.
Jul 2018 · 73
You're Full of Love
Selena WH Jul 2018
Don't blame yourself for
Loving too much;
It's not your fault for trying to
Grow a garden of roses in
The desert of someone's heart.

You're full of love and
They just couldn't handle you.
Selena WH Jul 2018
You are the stars in the
Night sky,
The little sunshine on
A cloudy day.

You are the soothing rain on a
Summer day,
The disastrous, raging

You are old romantic classics
And love sonnets,
Yet so devastating.

You are art on street walls,
Making people look at you in awe
Before erasing and
Painting them over again.

You are candlelit dinners and
Slow waltzes in a fancy ballroom,
The late night jazz on a
Summer evening.

You’re the infinitesimal dust
And the
Cause of everything.

You’re the candle,
Illuminating the dark
But burning
Yourself down.

You are the midnight before
New year’s day,
The end and
The beginning.

You’re a multitude of paradoxes,
My love,
Devastating in
Your stupendous beauty.
Jul 2018 · 63
You Were
Selena WH Jul 2018
You were my stolen nights,
And sun kissed smiles.

You were my mid autumn colors,
And pale moonlight.

But now, you are just a fading memory out of my sight.
Jul 2018 · 79
You Left Me
Selena WH Jul 2018
You left me and
Made my heart bleed
In silent corners,
With the cacophony
Of my
Own heart beats.

There was nothing left in me
Except a few broken memories, and
The carcass of
Faith and betrayal.
Jul 2018 · 74
You Came Into My Life
Selena WH Jul 2018
You came into my life
When I had no one.

You loved me
When I was unloved.

You accepted me
When I was unaccepted.

You embraced me
And held me close to you
When I couldn’t even
Look at the reflection of myself
In the mirror.

You made me believe that
I was beautiful.

You told me that love existed,
And I trusted your words
With all my heart.

But one day,
You left me without
Saying anything.

You just left.

What did I do wrong?

Why did you have to leave me
When you knew that
Every bit of me depended
On you?

You were just like everyone else.

You poisoned me with your
Honey laced lies, and
Stripped away every ounce of
Strength I had and
As I fell weak, you crushed me
Into your feet.

“Just why?”

The question is still lingering
In my mind.
Jul 2018 · 79
You Be The Artist
Selena WH Jul 2018
Color me elegantly with your skillful fingertips.
Brush my cheeks with bright shades of love.
Paint my lips with the truth that lingers on your own.
Touch my skin and make me glow in your warmth.
Wrap my soul fully with a palette of colors.
You be the artist and make me your world renowned masterpiece.
Jul 2018 · 243
You Are Someone's Universe
Selena WH Jul 2018
You are someone's universe
Or galaxy or the brightest star in
Their night sky.

You are precious, my love.

You are needed,
More than you could ever think.

You are in their thoughts,
Memories of you linger in their minds
Like the fresh fragrance
Of roses.

They think about you
Every day;
Each passing second and minute.

You are deeply loved, and
Your life matters.

You are not to be blamed,
My love.

Life gets difficult sometimes, things
Do not go as planned,
Rejections and failures happen
But that doesn't mean
Life isn't beautiful or you have to
Give up.

Your day is just not here yet,
My love.

So don't give up, and
Don't taint your arms with strokes
Of crimson red.

You are an incredible person.

You are braver than any soldier
To walk on this planet.

Your battle scars
Are what makes you beautiful;
Wear them like a medallion
And be proud of them.

Because battle scars will heal,
Death doesn't.
You are all precious. I know it, and others know it, even if you don't.
Selena WH Jul 2018
I would say that you are my universe,
My galaxies or stars in
My night sky.

But they are common analogies
Used these days by poets
Limited by a collective imagination
Or lack thereof.

You are not space, my love,
You are not a void or empty space
With glimpses of light.

You are not a vast black mass
With spots of white,
You are indeed a spectrum of colors,
My love.

You are a compressed amalgamation
Of beauty and flaws
Contained in a singular entity.

You are not the unfathomable,
And you are not
The ethereal, my love.

You can be reached and
You can be sensed in your entirety.

You are not the vacuum, my love.

You are you.

You are an incredible creation; you are a human being.
Jul 2018 · 84
Somewhere Along The Way
Selena WH Jul 2018
Somewhere along the way,
My heart has stopped longing for
Your warmth and love,
The demons that run riots in my soul
No longer confide in your monsters.
I don't know you anymore and
I don't know
How to tell you that.
I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and I think this poem speaks for how I felt.
Jul 2018 · 340
You're Beautiful
Selena WH Jul 2018
You are beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are fat or thin,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are tall or short,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are dark or light,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you have scars or birthmarks,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are an introvert or extrovert,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you suffer from
Mental disorders,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you wear glasses or not,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor,
You're still beautiful.

You may have flaws,
But that's what makes you whole.

And to me,
You'll always be beautiful.
Every single one of you is freaking precious, and you're each beautiful in your own individual way. I don't care what you say, you will be forever beautiful to me.
Jul 2018 · 87
You and Me
Selena WH Jul 2018
There is no vacancy in my heart
For another love
Because it is filled with the hope
That you and me
Will one day end up together.
Jul 2018 · 321
Yesterday Is Gone
Selena WH Jul 2018
Yesterday is gone,
Tomorrow may not come,
Whatever life we have
In between that;
Let's take it and weave
Each moment we spend together
Into beautiful memories,
Breathing love and stardust
Like our fairytale was
Meant to be.
Jul 2018 · 104
Selena WH Jul 2018
I like writing
Your name on the steam of my
Bathroom mirror, it isn't much but
It makes me feel like you're
Here with me but then
The writing fades and melts away
Just like the love
You had for me did.
Jun 2018 · 91
While I sit Here
Selena WH Jun 2018
While I sit here
Using the ink from my veins
To write poetry for you,
You are out there
Composing melodies for
Someone else.
Jun 2018 · 74
When They Saw You
Selena WH Jun 2018
When they saw you as a small,
Trickling water stream, I saw you as
An ocean filled with promises
Of forever.

When they saw you as a deathly
Flood causing casualties, I saw you as
A saving oasis in a
Faraway desert.

When they saw you as a disastrous,
Raging hurricane, I saw you as
A soothing rain on a
Summer day.

When they saw you as a half empty
Water glass, I saw you as
A glass that was
Half full.

When they saw you as a transparent
Raindrop, I yearned to see
Through you, but
I couldn't.

You could destroy or sustain life, the
Power rested in your hands,
You made your choice
To drown me.
Jun 2018 · 95
What Art Actually Meant
Selena WH Jun 2018
You were a masterpiece
Lost in a world filled with people
Who failed to understand what
Art actually meant.
Never ever let anyone make you feel like you're not the gorgeous piece of art that you are.
Jun 2018 · 180
We Both Tried
Selena WH Jun 2018
We both tried our best
To be together.

But darling,
I can't hold the moon in my hands
And you can't
Walk on the sun.
Jun 2018 · 99
Selena WH Jun 2018
They kicked her
To the ground, and
Buried her
Along with her
Dreams and aspirations
Just like seeds
From beneath the soil,
She grew once again
Proved to the world
That she is
Don't let anyone, or anything get in your way.
Jun 2018 · 100
Two Broken Souls
Selena WH Jun 2018
Your heart is shattered
And so is mine.
But we are two broken souls
Whose pieces don't match.
May 2018 · 67
Today or Tomorrow
Selena WH May 2018
Just remember that
There is someone out there
Waiting to meet you,
Waiting to fall in love with you,
Waiting to listen to
Your stories and heal
Your scars.

So don't waste your time
Feeling unwanted and cry over
Someone who fails to
Realize your worth.

Just because someone
Left you stranded and in a pool
Of misery doesn't mean
You'll not feel love once more.

Love will find its way
To you again,
One way or another.

Today or tomorrow.
Please, please, please do not waste your time on people who are unworthy of you. You deserve people who treat you like the marvelous and prodigious person you are, no matter what you think you deserve.
Selena WH May 2018
Sometimes I just want to
Rip my heart into pieces, just
To try and understand
Why you like doing it so often.
May 2018 · 77
Selena WH May 2018
They thought
She was too fragile,
Too useless,
And over dependent.
They threw around words
That stung her heart
Like flames.
But she did not let
The fire
Engulf and burn
Her down,
She held the flames
In her palms
And became a torch,
Up the world.
May 2018 · 67
They Say
Selena WH May 2018
They say you can't see love,
You can only feel it,
But everytime your lip curves
Into a smile, I see love.

They say you can't taste love,
You can only feel it,
But everytime you paint my lips
With yours, I taste love.

They say you can't touch love,
You can only feel it,
But everytime we entwine our fingers together, I touch love.

They say you can't hear love,
You can only feel it,
But everytime your laughter comes pouring out, I hear love.

They say you can't smell love,
You can only feel it,
But everytime your fragrance intoxicates me, I smell love.
Selena WH May 2018
There is nothing
More tenacious than her heart;
It has been
And shattered,
Into a thousand pieces
Over and over again
And yet somehow
Still lives.
You can do this, I believe in you, even though I don´t believe in much, I believe in you.
May 2018 · 166
The Sun Rises
Selena WH May 2018
The sun rises yet again
Reminding me of the start
Of another day I have to spend
Without your sweet smiles
And warm embraces.
It is agonizing to do so.
I hope that no one else out there has experienced this.
And I am sorry if you have had to do so.
We will survive.
May 2018 · 112
The Road She Traveled
Selena WH May 2018
She was not born
This way,
The road she traveled
Made her like this.
The more treachery,
She endured,
The more she learnt
About herself.
She found her
True self
In the most
Unlikely of places.
May 2018 · 144
The Price I Paid
Selena WH May 2018
Sleepless nights,
Silent cries, empty heart,
Swollen eyes and words laced
With eternal pain are the
Price I paid for
Loving you.
You should never have to go through anything like this. And I hope you never go through anything like this.
May 2018 · 432
The Ocean And The Moon
Selena WH May 2018
I envy the ocean and the moon;
The way they affect
Each other even when
A few thousand miles apart.

Why can't we be like that?
Selena WH May 2018
You handed over
Pieces of your heart to
Strangers who disappeared
Like rain clouds
But don't worry darling,
The moon doesn't
Have to be full
To be considered beautiful.
You guys are beautiful, okay? Okay.
May 2018 · 471
The Moon
Selena WH May 2018
The moon has scars too,
But look at how it shines
Even in the darkest of times.
It's not only the moon that shines, you shine brightly as well. Never forget that.
May 2018 · 119
The Monsters
Selena WH May 2018
The monsters under my bed
Are afraid of the
Demons running riots in my soul.
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