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471 · May 2018
The Moon
Selena WH May 2018
The moon has scars too,
But look at how it shines
Even in the darkest of times.
It's not only the moon that shines, you shine brightly as well. Never forget that.
432 · May 2018
The Ocean And The Moon
Selena WH May 2018
I envy the ocean and the moon;
The way they affect
Each other even when
A few thousand miles apart.

Why can't we be like that?
347 · Aug 2018
Who am I…?
Selena WH Aug 2018
You drained me of my identity and
Injected self doubt into my veins
Left me questioning my own sanity
Walking around aimlessly
At war with my own body every day
Trying to scrub your heavy words off my skin
My mental state has been shaken to its core
I don´t know who I am anymore.
I was in a relationship, as you can tell by some of my older poems, which I now recognize as emotionally abusive. This poem tells a lot.
342 · Jul 2018
You're Beautiful
Selena WH Jul 2018
You are beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are fat or thin,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are tall or short,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are dark or light,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you have scars or birthmarks,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are an introvert or extrovert,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you suffer from
Mental disorders,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you wear glasses or not,
You're still beautiful.

It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor,
You're still beautiful.

You may have flaws,
But that's what makes you whole.

And to me,
You'll always be beautiful.
Every single one of you is freaking precious, and you're each beautiful in your own individual way. I don't care what you say, you will be forever beautiful to me.
336 · Apr 2018
Selena WH Apr 2018
A simple smile can end up
Making someone

A mere compliment
Can give someone a positive
Influx of energy
And brighten up their day.

A little appreciation
Is all that's needed to make
Someone's life worth

Something as simple as
Watching the butterflies unfold
Their wings against the
Skin of someone's finger
Can bring a smile to
Their face.

Or the tiny fingers of a toddler
Trying to intertwine
With theirs is enough to
Melt their heart.

These joys may seem
Inane in the grander scheme
Of things, but therein
Lies their truest happiness.

That's just how life works.
321 · Jul 2018
Yesterday Is Gone
Selena WH Jul 2018
Yesterday is gone,
Tomorrow may not come,
Whatever life we have
In between that;
Let's take it and weave
Each moment we spend together
Into beautiful memories,
Breathing love and stardust
Like our fairytale was
Meant to be.
309 · Nov 2018
Selena WH Nov 2018
They call her
"You are a woman after all,"
They said.
But she's more than what
They think she is.
She's an ocean of
She holds the power
Behind her cerulean eyes
To sustain life and
Drown it too.
291 · Oct 2018
That Day
Selena WH Oct 2018
I'm waiting for that day
When I will look
At the stars in your eyes instead
Of the stars in the skies.
267 · Mar 2018
Shades of Self Destruction
Selena WH Mar 2018
You didn't just leave me,
You ripped the colors from my world,
And left me in nothing but

I call them the
Shades of self destruction.
243 · Jul 2018
You Are Someone's Universe
Selena WH Jul 2018
You are someone's universe
Or galaxy or the brightest star in
Their night sky.

You are precious, my love.

You are needed,
More than you could ever think.

You are in their thoughts,
Memories of you linger in their minds
Like the fresh fragrance
Of roses.

They think about you
Every day;
Each passing second and minute.

You are deeply loved, and
Your life matters.

You are not to be blamed,
My love.

Life gets difficult sometimes, things
Do not go as planned,
Rejections and failures happen
But that doesn't mean
Life isn't beautiful or you have to
Give up.

Your day is just not here yet,
My love.

So don't give up, and
Don't taint your arms with strokes
Of crimson red.

You are an incredible person.

You are braver than any soldier
To walk on this planet.

Your battle scars
Are what makes you beautiful;
Wear them like a medallion
And be proud of them.

Because battle scars will heal,
Death doesn't.
You are all precious. I know it, and others know it, even if you don't.
239 · Aug 2018
A Beautiful Mess
Selena WH Aug 2018
I'll turn the sound of my
Heart breaking into music,
The dripping ink and
Crumpled papers into art.
I'll become a
Beautiful mess, one you wish
You hadn't left.
218 · Mar 2018
Raw and Flawed
Selena WH Mar 2018
She is not a preplanned list
Or a recipe of perfection.

She is not a dictionary of
Adjectives or an inventory of
The most beautiful things that designs
A flawless human being.

She is not a checklist
Of qualities that makes her
An exception.

She is raw and flawed.

She has emotions that makes
Her unique.

She is like the broken tiles
That is used to create an artwork.

She is a rain day
That forms a glorious, and
Vibrant rainbow.

She is the mud
That sustains the growth
Of gorgeous flowers.

She is a mushroom
That grows in the wilderness.

She is an old blanket
That warms my heart on a
Cold day.

She is imperfect
But that is what makes her whole and
That is what makes her, her.

And I love her
Twice as much for it.
211 · Apr 2018
She Deserved To Live
Selena WH Apr 2018
She was lost
And she didn't know what she felt
Anymore, she was happy
One minute and sad the next.

She would never tell
Anyone how she felt, she
Kept everything to herself because she
Didn't want to trouble others.

She stopped looking
At the mirror because their words
"Ugly" and "fat" among others would
Ring in her ears.

She had lost so much
And gained so little. She felt
That she wasn't enough for the others
As well for herself.

She would laugh
And she would smile but
Deep down she knew the laughter
Was empty and those smiles
Were a lie.

She started tainting
Her wrists with lines of crimson red,
Hoping that it would relieve
Her of her mental pain.

She wanted to escape
Their vicious remarks and their
Constant attacks, she wanted all the
Pain to be gone.

She deserved to live
Just as much as you and I do,
But the hate and cruelty around her
Suffocated her to death.
Everyone deserves to live just as much as anyone else. Stay strong, stay alive.
188 · Mar 2018
Self Love
Selena WH Mar 2018
She was scared,
She felt loneliness in
The darkest corners
Of her heart,
She was unsure
About her capabilities,
She only saw
Her flaws,
And very rarely the
Beauty in her
She understood
That the cure
For her fears,
Her doubts
Her Loneliness
Was nothing but
Self love.
Loving yourself is a big part of your life. Work towards that goal of loving and being happy with yourself; everyone deserves to be happy and love who they are.
181 · Nov 2018
Selena WH Nov 2018
They may poison her
With their bitter words,
Taint her with
Their twisted lies
And hurt her
Their vicious deeds.
But she will not
Let the pain consume her
Change her to be
Ruthless like them,
She will show them that
She is better
Will always be better
Than them.
For her heart is purer
Than theirs will
Ever be.
180 · Jun 2018
We Both Tried
Selena WH Jun 2018
We both tried our best
To be together.

But darling,
I can't hold the moon in my hands
And you can't
Walk on the sun.
166 · May 2018
The Sun Rises
Selena WH May 2018
The sun rises yet again
Reminding me of the start
Of another day I have to spend
Without your sweet smiles
And warm embraces.
It is agonizing to do so.
I hope that no one else out there has experienced this.
And I am sorry if you have had to do so.
We will survive.
148 · May 2018
The Day You Left Me
Selena WH May 2018
If tears could write poems,
Then the longest and most heartfelt
Poem I'd ever written was
On the day you left me.
147 · Apr 2018
Selena WH Apr 2018
She was broken,
Pieces of
Her splintered heart
Floated around
As she fell to the ground
But she did not
Give up,
She rose again
Gathered her
Shattered pieces,
Putting them
Back together
Bit by bit.
She was not broken
She was art;
A beautiful mosaic.
You guys can all be beautiful mosaics, I'm confident in that.
146 · Apr 2018
She Survived
Selena WH Apr 2018
Her scars
Are not ugly.
They are beautiful,
They speak of her pain,
The battles
She valiantly fought
With herself,
Her insecurites,
Her fears,
Each of them
Tell a different story,
And they stand
Testament to the fact
That she survived
All the ordeals
She has ever
Wear every scar or insecurity or fear as if it's your armor. You guys got this, don't let anything keep you from surviving or living.
144 · May 2018
The Price I Paid
Selena WH May 2018
Sleepless nights,
Silent cries, empty heart,
Swollen eyes and words laced
With eternal pain are the
Price I paid for
Loving you.
You should never have to go through anything like this. And I hope you never go through anything like this.
143 · Mar 2018
She Is Beautiful
Selena WH Mar 2018
She might be
Heart broken,
In immense pain
But even in
Her most vulnerable state
She is beautiful
And what's most beautiful
About her is
Her strength
Her tenacity,
Her resilience
Her courage
Which is as vast as the ocean
As she picks herself up
From the ashes,
From the wreckage of her life,
To build herself
Once again
Against all the odds
Put against her.
You guys can be amazingly strong, and everyone is a warrior, or a survivor in my eyes.
136 · Oct 2018
Selena WH Oct 2018
I miss those times
When you'd kiss me
With the sunshine on your lips,
Making me burst into
A sea of flowers.

Now I'm just a barren land.
Selena WH May 2018
You handed over
Pieces of your heart to
Strangers who disappeared
Like rain clouds
But don't worry darling,
The moon doesn't
Have to be full
To be considered beautiful.
You guys are beautiful, okay? Okay.
129 · Apr 2018
Someone Who Will:
Selena WH Apr 2018
One day, I hope
That I'll meet someone;

Someone who will not only
Listen to my spoken words but also
My unspoken silence.

Someone who will not just
Touch my skin but also my heart.

Someone who will
Give me a reason to be happy and
Not just use me
For their happiness.

Someone who will
Read my eyes and write poetry
About my smiles.

Someone who will
Make me the center of their

And the day I find that someone,
Everything will make sense.
Everything makes sense to me. I hope everything will make sense to you.
119 · May 2018
The Monsters
Selena WH May 2018
The monsters under my bed
Are afraid of the
Demons running riots in my soul.
119 · Apr 2018
Tell Me
Selena WH Apr 2018
I sit alone in silence,
In the corner of my empty room
Looking up at the moon
Through the clear window.
I don't see the moon,
I see you instead.

Your memory's crawling its way
Back into my mind.

I can't help but wonder
If you're glancing at the moon too,
And thinking about me
Just the way I'm thinking about you.

This silence is painful
And I feel like it's killing me alive.

All I hear is my heart
Dumming in my chest, wishing
And yearning to see you
For one last time.

Longing to hear you
Tell me that your heart aches
To be with me again.

Longing to hear you
Tell me that your fingers miss
Being entwined with mine.

Longing to hear you
Tell me that you miss my head
Against your naked chest.

Longing to hear you
Tell me that you miss my
Lipstick stains on your cheeks.

Longing for you,
My love, to tell me that you
Walk alone in the streets we used to
Roam together,
Trying to relive our memories.

Tell me, my love
That you wait at the french cafe,
With two coffee cups,
Your eyes fixated on the door
Waiting and hoping that
I'd walk in.

Tell me that you
Miss my tainted lips on yours.

Tell me that you
Miss my random musings, tell me
That every love bird in your garden
Still sing my name.

Tell me that the
Fragrance of my love still
Lingers in your mind.

Tell me, my love,
That I'm your favorite sweet pain,
You're favorite mistake.
118 · Apr 2018
She Will Not Give Up
Selena WH Apr 2018
She might be in pain,
Her skin might be scarred,
Tears might roll out from
The corners of her eyes,
And she might fall
She will not give up,
She will not give into
Your assaults,
She will rise again
To see another day,
With light in her eyes and
Roses blooming out
Of her scars.
Don't give up you guys, Stay Alive, it's worth it.
117 · Apr 2018
That One Song
Selena WH Apr 2018
Everyone has that one song
That's close to their hearts; that
Makes them laugh, cry
And brings back a wave of sweet,
Beautiful memories.
To me,
That song is your laughter.
114 · Apr 2018
She Is Not Weak
Selena WH Apr 2018
Just because she
Soft and delicate
Doesn't mean
She's weak,
Remember it's
Always the
Silk-like wing of
A butterfly
That breaks out of
A hard cocoon.
You are not weak, you are strong.
113 · Mar 2018
Russet Eyes
Selena WH Mar 2018
Your russet eyes
The waves in my heart
Just the way
The moon controls
The tidal waves.
112 · May 2018
The Road She Traveled
Selena WH May 2018
She was not born
This way,
The road she traveled
Made her like this.
The more treachery,
She endured,
The more she learnt
About herself.
She found her
True self
In the most
Unlikely of places.
110 · May 2018
That Was Enough
Selena WH May 2018
You walked through my ruins,
Admiring the wreckage
Spilling out of my bones, and
Called it beauty.

That was enough for me to
Fall in love with you.
Find someone who loves all of you and always finds you beautiful.
109 · Apr 2018
Show me
Selena WH Apr 2018
Show me the
Broken and cracked parts
Of your soul and
I'll show you how it still
Shines like polished gold.
109 · May 2018
The Crushing Weight
Selena WH May 2018
She loved her
With everything she had and her;
She drowned her
With the crushing weight of
Don't be with someone who returns nothing to you, you deserve better.
Selena WH Jul 2018
I would say that you are my universe,
My galaxies or stars in
My night sky.

But they are common analogies
Used these days by poets
Limited by a collective imagination
Or lack thereof.

You are not space, my love,
You are not a void or empty space
With glimpses of light.

You are not a vast black mass
With spots of white,
You are indeed a spectrum of colors,
My love.

You are a compressed amalgamation
Of beauty and flaws
Contained in a singular entity.

You are not the unfathomable,
And you are not
The ethereal, my love.

You can be reached and
You can be sensed in your entirety.

You are not the vacuum, my love.

You are you.

You are an incredible creation; you are a human being.
107 · Apr 2018
She Will Find The Strength
Selena WH Apr 2018
She will fall
Like the leaves do in Autumn
And society will
Strip her, leaving her
Naked and shivering from
The winds of Winter
But she will not wither,
She will sprout again
Like the crops do in Spring
And in Summer,
She will find the strength
To grow again.
104 · Aug 2018
Your Heart Is An Abode
Selena WH Aug 2018
Don't give out your heart
To people who
Just want to rent it,
Your heart is an abode
And it doesn't need
Love in bits and pieces
Because there will come a time
When the right person
Will walk into your life and
You will be loved
With their entirety.
104 · Jul 2018
Selena WH Jul 2018
I like writing
Your name on the steam of my
Bathroom mirror, it isn't much but
It makes me feel like you're
Here with me but then
The writing fades and melts away
Just like the love
You had for me did.
102 · Mar 2018
Loving You
Selena WH Mar 2018
Loving you was the most beautiful
Thing I've ever done,
But it also gave me the most heart
Crushing pain.

Knowing that you will never
Love me back, and
Knowing that you will love someone
Else and get kissed by them
Is like being granted
An immortal life when all you
Want to do is die.
102 · Aug 2018
Sunshine Fingertips
Selena WH Aug 2018
You caressed
My cheeks with
Your sunshine laced
Periwinkle and carnelian
Sprout out of the
Pages of my heart.
100 · Jun 2018
Two Broken Souls
Selena WH Jun 2018
Your heart is shattered
And so is mine.
But we are two broken souls
Whose pieces don't match.
99 · Jun 2018
Selena WH Jun 2018
They kicked her
To the ground, and
Buried her
Along with her
Dreams and aspirations
Just like seeds
From beneath the soil,
She grew once again
Proved to the world
That she is
Don't let anyone, or anything get in your way.
98 · Apr 2018
She Is The Sunset
Selena WH Apr 2018
She isn't April's rain,
She isn't the silver moon,
She's a flower
That bloomed out of rocks,
She's the stirring inside
The poets
Trying to sleep,
She's the sunset
Van Gogh
Couldn't paint.
You all are sunsets, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
96 · Mar 2018
Safe Haven
Selena WH Mar 2018
Be my safe haven,
Take me away
From this dreaded world and
Be the silver lining to
My dark clouds.

Lull me into your arms
And hold me till I forget all my pain,
Drench the deserts of my heart,
You be my rain.
95 · Jun 2018
What Art Actually Meant
Selena WH Jun 2018
You were a masterpiece
Lost in a world filled with people
Who failed to understand what
Art actually meant.
Never ever let anyone make you feel like you're not the gorgeous piece of art that you are.
94 · Mar 2018
Isn't As Hard
Selena WH Mar 2018
Being heartbroken
Isn't as hard as trying
To trust and love
Heartbreak will never be as hard as trying to trust and love again. Period.
94 · Mar 2018
Selena WH Mar 2018
When you show her
Your scars,
She caresses them
With her
Sunshine laced fingers,
Making daisies
Bloom out of them.
When you show her
Your pain,
She cups them
With the palms of her hands,
And hides them
Behind her ribcage,
Within the
Walls of her heart,
Making it
Beat down
Every bit of your pain
To dust.
She saves you
Every chance she gets
And she is
Nothing short of
A saviour.
91 · Jun 2018
While I sit Here
Selena WH Jun 2018
While I sit here
Using the ink from my veins
To write poetry for you,
You are out there
Composing melodies for
Someone else.
90 · Mar 2018
Memories Like Wine
Selena WH Mar 2018
The memories
You left behind are like wine,
The older they get, the
Stronger the hangover
From it is.
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