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Selena WH Aug 2018
I'll turn the sound of my
Heart breaking into music,
The dripping ink and
Crumpled papers into art.
I'll become a
Beautiful mess, one you wish
You hadn't left.
Selena WH Mar 2018
I fell for you and
You did too, or that's what I thought.
Too bad, I didn't know
That acting has always been
Your Forte.
Selena WH Dec 2018
Just wanted to tell you, whoever is reading this;
You are beautiful,
On the inside and out.
You are amazing,
Just the way you are.
And you deserve to be loved,
And adored.
Selena WH Mar 2018
Heartbreak was inevitable
When my inadvertent heart
Encountered your
Cold, unavailable one.
Selena WH Mar 2018
Your eyes are the painters that
Create the magnificent world that
You see.

Your hands are the paintbrushes which makes disaparte strokes that
Shape your future.

Your mind is a canvas on which
You paint everything that you desire to see.

This life that you live isn't imaginary,
It is your imagination that makes it lively.

Don't pay heeds to any boundaries you may encounter in your time,
Paint them too.

Paint the deep, dark corners of your life; fill them with a mellow shade
Of yellow.

Brighten your sullen days; imbue them with a bold and bright ray
Of vermillion.

When the leaves in your garden lose their sheen, revive them with a little
Touch of green.

When the sky starts to fade into muted pastels and the day enters into
An indigo of dusk.

Don't let the bright day merge into
The black night; turn on those white street lights.

Once you grow tired and your paint bottles dry, dip into the ocean of
Colors that line the sky.

Paint your mind with colorful lines that give you life, a sense of hope
And an emotional drive.
Selena WH Mar 2018
You may not be a garden of roses
But you definitely carry the
Beauty of the mid autumn leaves.
Even when they are falling,
The look beautiful.
Selena WH Oct 2018
I miss those times
When you'd kiss me
With the sunshine on your lips,
Making me burst into
A sea of flowers.

Now I'm just a barren land.
Selena WH Mar 2018
Your gentle touch and
Soft kisses made
Sunflowers bloom out of my scars
And I've been basking in light
Ever since.
Selena WH Mar 2018
I devoted my time
Trying to fix you but what
I failed to realize is that you were
Actually breaking my heart and
Tearing my soul apart.

While I was glueing your
Broken pieces together, you were
Ripping apart mine.

But by the time I realized it,
It was too late.
Selena WH Mar 2018
The butterflies
That spoke of your love
And the roses that bloomed
In your presence,
All have lost their colors
Just like your promises lost
Their Value
Selena WH Nov 2018
They call her
"You are a woman after all,"
They said.
But she's more than what
They think she is.
She's an ocean of
She holds the power
Behind her cerulean eyes
To sustain life and
Drown it too.
Selena WH Nov 2018
She will shed her skin
Like a snake
When the time is right
For her to grow,
Only this time
She will not feel
When you condemn her
For changing.
She will not be
Into a better version
Of herself.
Selena WH Nov 2018
Trials and tribulations
Struck her down
No remorse,
Fear engulfed her,
Pushed her into the dark
Where she crawled
Into a cocoon
Of isolation
The time will come
She will emerge out
Of her chrysalis
With hope
Eternal grace,
Her wings of freedom
Like a butterfly.
Selena WH Mar 2018
"Do you miss your first love?"
He asked.

"I don't."

"I only miss the innocence that
Believed in
Always and forevers."
Selena WH Mar 2018
Is like the
All the
And the
The people she loves,
Leaving them with
And the
Most beautiful
Selena WH Mar 2018
Emotions are like quicksand
The more you struggle
The faster you sink.
Selena WH Mar 2018
From the crimson red sky
To the cerulean ocean,
Every shade that makes the
Horizon beautiful
Reminds me of you.
Selena WH Mar 2018
Falling in love with someone
Is not always based on who they are,
Sometimes it's because of
The little things like their eyes,
Their smile and the sweet pain they
Make your heart feel.
Selena WH Mar 2018
"Fall in love again."

The whispers of my heart echoed
Through the empty room.

"For there's so much in you
Left to be ruined."
Selena WH Mar 2018
Flowers sprout out
In the pages of my heart
Every time you
Hold me in your arms
And tell me that
You love me too.
Selena WH Mar 2018
The fragments of light
You see in the sky tonight
Are not just stars,
They are pieces of my broken heart
Waiting to fall one by one
To grant your wishes.
Selena WH Mar 2018
It only took one night
For her body
To become
A graveyard,
Only one touch;
An unwanted touch
Tainting her
Delicate skin,
Mutating it
Into a bed of debris.
The light
In her eyes was
Stripped that night,
The warmth
In her heart was
Squeezed out,
And she was pushed
Into darkness
Memories of
That wretched night
Haunted her
Like ghouls.
But even in
That darkness,
She managed to see
A glimmer of light,
A breeze of hope,
And she understood
That even
Lifeless Graveyards
Bear flowers
That still grow
Selena WH Oct 2018
It's beautiful
How when I look
Into your
Dark caramel eyes
That burn into my soul,
I feel lost
But I also feel the
Like as if I'm home.
Selena WH Mar 2018
Give me a place in your eyes,
For that's the only place I see myself
To be beautiful,
For that's the only place I could call
Selena WH Mar 2018
I was an artist,
My fingers tainted with
The vibrant shades of love but
You were a canvas
Coated with the deadly
Hues of heartbreak.
Selena WH Mar 2018
I could show you all the stories,
Etched on my pale skin,
Waiting to be read and
Understood by someone
Whose name is inked
Across my heart.

I could show you all the battles,
That have been fought valiantly,
Inside my mind
Against pride and prejudice
That inflicted wounds so deep,
But hopefully
They shall be healed
By the medicine of time.

I could show you all
The mysteries from the
Darkest crevices of my mind,
Which may not be easy to
Decipher, but maybe,
One day, you may know
That all the false faces that I keep
Aren't the ones I own.
Selena WH Mar 2018
If I showed you my scars
Would you place feather light kisses on them and whisper in my ears
That you love me?

If I showed you the cracks in my heart,
Would you glue them with your love
And make a promise to always be there for me?

If I showed you my tears,
Would you collect those droplets in a jar and always keep them close to
Your heart?

If I showed you my darkest side,
Would you adorn it with little stars and a full moon, bringing some light
Into my life?

If I showed you my pain,
Would you lull me into your arms, hold me close to you and nurse my
Soul to breathe?

If I showed you who I am,
Would you accept my flaws and love me with all your heart, and hold my
Hand until death do us part?
Selena WH Mar 2018
I love you enough
To let you go when you
No longer wish to
Spend your days and nights
With me.

I love you enough
To mask my true feelings and
Put on a fake smile
Just so that you would not feel
Bad for being happy.

I love you enough
To act like I'm okay when
I'm clearly not
Just so that you would not feel
Guilty for what you did.

I love you enough
To dissemble like I've moved on
When in reality I haven't
Just so that you could continue
Your life without me.

I love you enough
To pretend loving someone
When I obviously don't
Just so that you could erase me
From your memory.
Selena WH Mar 2018
I know I'm hard to love,
But please don't give up on me.

I'm new to this.

I'm like a desert that has
Never seen rain.
Selena WH Mar 2018
In your arms,
I found a place into which
I fit perfectly, safely and securely
Without any doubts.

In your arms,
I found the strength and courage
To let go of all my fears.

In your arms,
I found the warmth needed
To melt my frozen heart.

In your arms,
I found my safe haven.

Nestled in your arms,
With our fingers intertwined
And your warm breath
Caressing the skin of my neck,

I knew I had found my home.
Selena WH Mar 2018
I'm stronger than I look.
I promise I'll survive
And I promise I won't die.
Your absence won't **** me but
Memories of your dark,
Caramel eyes and your
Smile will.

Slowly and painfully.
Selena WH Mar 2018
I saw beauty in your scars,
And in your pain,
I saw courage and strength.

Your tears showed
Me the battles you have valiantly
Fought and won.

What would I not give for
A moment in which you could see
Yourself through my eyes.

Maybe then you'll find your solace.

Maybe then you'll find peace
In this world of despair.
Selena WH Mar 2018
Being heartbroken
Isn't as hard as trying
To trust and love
Heartbreak will never be as hard as trying to trust and love again. Period.
Selena WH Mar 2018
I still remember
The first time we met;
Your eyes locking with mine
In a crowded room and
It felt like waves
Crashing against a rock.

At that moment
I knew I was falling for you;
Falling and drowning
In those
Dark, caramel colored eyes.

The first time
Your fingertips grazed my skin;
I still remember that.
It felt like a thousand butterflies
Unfolding their graceful wings
Against my skin.

When you painted my lips
With the truth in yours, I felt
The broken pieces of my heart
Glueing itself;
And my world felt whole again.

The words you whispered
Into my ears;
I hadn't anticipated them. Your
Words mixed with my silences, those
Gentle words were mine
And mine alone.

We are meant to be;
An unwritten and unspoken destiny,
We live in silence. The words
Uttered are for us to hear.
I am yours and you are mine, with
Heads bowed, I submit myself
To your love.

You; to me, there is only you.
My words, my silences,
My deepest desires, my happiness
And my anguish, my flesh
And my passions; they all begin
And end with you.

Our flesh may wither away, and
We may become dust,
But our souls will remain together.
This love of ours is immortal,
And we will drown in one another
For an eternity.
Selena WH Mar 2018
It's beautiful
How when I'm with you,
Time stands still
Yet at the same time, it flies
As I gaze deeply into
Your dark, caramel eyes.
Selena WH Mar 2018
It's beautiful
How you give someone
All the power they would need to
Destroy you and yet they
Love you like you are
The only thing that's keeping
Them alive.
Selena WH Mar 2018
You crushed my heart
And tore my soul into shreds;
You destroyed me
In every way possible
But it will not stop me from
Falling in love.

I'll fall in love again,
Like I've never been hurt before.
Selena WH Mar 2018
I don't want to be
The name on your blocked list and
Neither do I want to be a
Forgotten contact.

I don’t want to be
A phase in your life, or your
Flavor of the month.

I don’t want to be
The forgotten smudge of a handprint
On your window pane.

I want to be the
Dried lavenders you keep between
The pages of an
Old romantic classic, and
I want to be the beautiful handwritten
Letters that you keep under your
Pillow, holding them close
To your heart at night.
I want to be the
Pearls from a broken necklace
You’ve been treasuring
For ages, your wristwatch that
You always wear on your
Right hand.

I want to be the
Sweatshirt that carries your
Fragrance and be an old blanket
That keeps you warm on
A cold winter night.

I want to be the
Reason behind your smiles, and
I want to be your muse, be
Someone who you think about on
Your lonely nights.

I want to be the girl in
Your story, which you will
Very fondly tell your children
Before their bedtime,
Under the starry night sky,
A light smile playing on your lips
While doing so.
Selena WH Mar 2018
I don't want to be the sun
Which shines bright light into
Everyone's life.

I want to be the moon
Which shines through darkness despite it's deepest wounds.
Selena WH Mar 2018
I'd tear down the night sky,
And paint it with all the
Vibrant shades of the rainbow,
Just so that you wouldn't have to live
In this darkness again.
Selena WH Mar 2018
Whenever you feel
Like giving up,
Just remember that
There is someone
Out There
Still looking out
For your
Beautiful soul.
Selena WH Mar 2018
You stripped
The warmth in my heart
With your dark and nefarious self,
Leaving me to wither
In the cold.

But don't worry, my love.

Just like larkspurs,
I'll bloom again
And let the wounds you left on me
Bleed beautifully.
Be just like larkspurs.
Selena WH Mar 2018
You leaving me
Was painful. But seeing you
Torn and broken
By the person you left me for
Hurts me even more.
Selena WH Oct 2018
There are times
When I wished for you
To not exist,
Because you'll make me weak
And break me until
It becomes unbearable,
And then you'll just smile at me,
And like a fool
I'll fall in love with you
All over again.
This is from a perspective that I was reluctant to do.
My mother is currently in a verbally/emotionally abusive relationship, and just last night, her husband (my stepfather) hit her. That was the last straw for both me and my mother. But this poem kind of explains how she had felt before he did what he did.
Selena WH Mar 2018
Loving you was the most beautiful
Thing I've ever done,
But it also gave me the most heart
Crushing pain.

Knowing that you will never
Love me back, and
Knowing that you will love someone
Else and get kissed by them
Is like being granted
An immortal life when all you
Want to do is die.
Selena WH Mar 2018
The memories
You left behind are like wine,
The older they get, the
Stronger the hangover
From it is.
Selena WH Mar 2018
If there is anything
I could be, I would love to be
Your mirror and show
You all the goodness you have
Buried within you.

I would love to show you
Everything that you have failed to
See in yourself and
Make you understand why
You are worthy of being loved.
Selena WH Apr 2018
She was broken,
Pieces of
Her splintered heart
Floated around
As she fell to the ground
But she did not
Give up,
She rose again
Gathered her
Shattered pieces,
Putting them
Back together
Bit by bit.
She was not broken
She was art;
A beautiful mosaic.
You guys can all be beautiful mosaics, I'm confident in that.
Selena WH Mar 2018
Of all the mistakes
I've ever made, the worse one
Would be falling in love with you
Even after knowing
That you don't have the space
In your heart
To love me back.
Selena WH Mar 2018
All of a sudden,
The love which I thought was ours
Turned out to be mine.

Only Mine.

It was just me
Loving the both of us.

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