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Matteo Palermo Jul 2019
To let go of my misery. To let go of my depression. Is to let go of everything I've ever had, I've ever worked for. Even though this is misery, this is also comfort. I wanna let go. But I can't
Matteo Palermo Jul 2019
Look me in the eyes and tell me what I’m feeling isn’t real
You can’t
Although these feeling might not be reciprocated
I can’t help them
I’ll look you in the eyes
And tell you
I love you
You’ll either turn and walk the other way
Or look deeper into my eyes
And say
I’ve been waiting for you to come clean
I love you too
Matteo Palermo Jul 2019
I’d rather suppress my feelings and pray they go away, than face the truth.
Matteo Palermo Jul 2019
I'll always remember your name
but you'll forget mine
as soon as you take
your last drag of your menthol cigarette
Forgotten in the smoke
Matteo Palermo Jul 2019
Let me show you what you’ve been missing.
The things everyone notices when they come across you
But you fail to see
We all have a little self doubt
But you’re to perfect to be staring at the reflection of someone else.
The mirror isn’t broken
But I’d put the shards back together with bloodied hands just to show you the reflection of who you truly are.
Matteo Palermo Jun 2019
Sorta like my detector for love
I guess this is how I really know if I’m into someone
First I start to feel off
The days begin to fade into each other
I don’t know where one starts and begins
I sleep off the confusion only to
Wake up
More lost.
I don’t feel adequate enough for someone
To love me
I’ll give you my all
Rip my heart out
Blood over your hands
Take whatever you want
But I don’t know if I’ll ever get it back
Matteo Palermo Jun 2019
It seems as if everyone has someone but me
All I have is my art
It get pretty lonely here
I can't fall asleep next to my art
I can't surprise my art with flowers
I can't confide in my art
It seems as if I'm the only one forgotten about
All I can do is feel
But I don't know if I want to feel anymore
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