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Sorta like my detector for love
I guess this is how I really know if I’m into someone
First I start to feel off
The days begin to fade into each other
I don’t know where one starts and begins
I sleep off the confusion only to
Wake up
More lost.
I don’t feel adequate enough for someone
To love me
I’ll give you my all
Rip my heart out
Blood over your hands
Take whatever you want
But I don’t know if I’ll ever get it back
Eros Oct 2014
Sometimes I wonder
What my life would be like
If I had never met you.

Not in a spiteful way,
Just out of curiosity.
Would a new name replace
The space
You've reserved between my lips? Or would I still be out there,
Counting time
Between the ticks of my metal detector?

Do you remember the metal detector?

You know,
I always was a treasure hunter.

I don't think I ever told you this but,
Before we met,
I modified it a bit.
I was tired of lugging it around,
So I put it in my heart.
This way,
I had nothing weighing me down.
I used that ****** thing for years.

After a while, though,
I got tired of metal.
I only ever found scraps, anyway.
So I modified it a bit more.  
I barely made it out of that one intact,
But it was worth it.
This time, I was looking for love.

I don't want to run this tangent
Into the ground,
But I guess what I really want to know is

Would my heart ever beat that fast again?

— The End —