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Normally right ?
To be calm
When you're sad
And cry
When you're very
 Dec 2018 Kenlum Michaelson
Zoe G
Isn't it
to think
that we aren't that far away
44 minutes
and 1 day
till I'll say
I've been waiting to see
I find it interesting that someone you want to see or spend time with could be so close, yet out of reach for whatever reason.
 Dec 2018 Kenlum Michaelson
if you’re the sun then i’m the rain
which colour should we be today?
It's cold.
Oh, so cold.
Not outside, not in my room.
In me.
“who are you?”
I only see
red, purple, blue and yellow
in the mirror
the seduction dripping from my lips
the sin between my thighs
safety is an illusion
you tore me in half
but not end me
I am your broken doll
 Nov 2018 Kenlum Michaelson
These words, like blood, flow through my veins. Burning through my skin as they try to escape my body. They need to be heard. Need to be seen. I can't keep them inside much longer. I need to get them out. They keep me awake at night, taunting me. Ideas flow through my head like a rushing river, my lips the dam. As the seasons go cold, the skin on my lips crack, giving space for these words to flow. They flow through the air with the harsh winter wind, bringing tears to my eyes as they whip around me. Tangling my hair into knots. Despite this, a sense of warmth envelopes me.
Knowing these words are free now. No longer haunting my dreams. Pounding in my head. Screaming to be set free.
I have walked on glass
On the softest petals
On thorns
On fire.
I have walked all walks of life
I don't really know what's behind my skull
They talk too fast, and that's all I know
Whatever it says, I'll take it slow
I'll take my time to write, like I haven't been
Sitting here, I must let the silence seep in
Until I find the problem

— The End —