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  Mar 21 Zoe G
Jo Pietersen
they called her honey
because her soul
was golden
Zoe G Mar 2
Maybe I'll wake up feeling better
Maybe my pain will go away
Tomorrow morning
Maybe I'll wake up with a
on my face
Maybe I'll be okay
When the moon leaves
Maybe the tears will dry
When the light breaks
Maybe my thoughts will drift away

This weight on my back
This cut in my heart
This hole in my brain
This scar on my hand
These bags under my eyes
This hurt in my body
Might go away
If tomorrow morning comes
Zoe G Mar 2
They explain what I went through
Said it had purpose, meaning
Said that I'm better off
A lesson learned is knowledge gained
Is what they say
But how do you describe my pain
From day to day
Still lingering
Forever the same
No matter what I do
To try and escape
It's always a part of my
So now what can you say?
Zoe G Mar 2
Dead men dance
With freedom in their hands
Gone is the world
Gone are their plans
They have nothing
Yet nothing is okay
Embracing the beauty within the mundane
They were alive
Zoe G Jan 24
Tell me
how do I fall out of love?
I know its not common,
with everyone floating into
but I want to leave
this land
of love
So teach me
to stop loving
to stop holding
to stop waiting
for truth

I'm done with love
I'm done with you
Zoe G Dec 2019
Seen by everybody
known by no one
Zoe G Oct 2019
and so we run
with arms
blind to what's
in front of us

whatever you feel first
(they say)
grab it
keep it
hold it
cherish it
don't let it go
don't let anyone take it

and so we run
and fight
and beat
and curse
and torture
and scream
to claim what we believe is

who is they exactly?
we will never know
but we decided to listen to them
and so we run
and so we run
will we stop?
and so we run
and so we run
will you stop?
and so we run
and so we run
will I stop?
and so we run
and so we run
but eventually we get tired
no one knows it yet, but we will get tired
and what happens after that?
-we run-
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