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Gabby Sep 14
Let it out, let it go.
Like a breath. In. Then out. Then gone.
Let it out, let it go.
You can't keep holding them in. The screams. The pain. The tears.
Let it out, let it go.
You're only going to hurt more bottling everything up the way you do.
Let it out, let it go.
The words. The silence. The heart, mind, and soul.
Let it out, let it go.
The tears need to fall. The screams need to be loosed. The pain needs to be shown.
Let it out, let it go.
The words need to be heard. The silence needs to be heard. The heart, mind, and soul needs to be freed.
Let it out, let it go.
Out of the bottle and into the wind.
Gabby Aug 22
Love is a terribly beautiful thing. It has the ability to build you up and then tear you down without a moments notice. Despite all the hurt love can cause, you should never be afraid of it. Love is worth the risk of being hurt.
Gabby Jul 17
You can’t tell me how I feel. You aren’t under my flesh. You can't tell me what to think. You aren’t inside my head. You can’t speak for me. You aren’t my lips or tongue.
Gabby Apr 29
Deep in the forest, through the leaves, and under the moss covered trees, is a whole new world full of life, light, love, and mystery. They try to hide it from you though. They don't want others to find out what hides under the tree roots. It's their lovely little secret that they must protect at all costs. I see why they would want to hide it. It is beautiful. There is no fear, and the only tears are from too much laughter. Flowers bloom all year, and the rivers are crystal clear. The mystery lies in how? How does all this exist deep within the earth? How does one get to such a place? Well, I'll tell you. You just have to keep it a secret. They love their secrets. First, you have to go into the forest, but don't bring anything with you. Only yourself, and yourself only. Once in the forest, listen. The birds will lead the way. Hum along to their songs. That's how you gain their trust. Trust is the important part. Without trust, you will gain no secrets. Secrets are the key to a world built by secrets. The more secrets you learn by the bird's song, the better. Follow the birds through the forest until you reach the stream. You'll know the stream when you get there. It trickles on and is dark enough that you can see the bottom. Trying to wade through the stream is not wise. You'll most likely drown. There should be a rock in the middle of the stream. Jump, and hope you don't slip. It is good that you cannot see the bottom. Try to make it to the rock and then to the other side of the stream in one fluid motion. Don't stop on the rock. Once on the other side, you will no longer hear the birds, for you have learned all you can from them. Keep going forward. Soon you shall see bits of crimson fur popping in and out of the bushes. Stop. Hum the songs you learned from the birds and wait for Red to reveal himself to you. If twenty beats pass you by with no Red, turn back and go home. Fast. You don't want them to catch you lingering. However, if Red does show himself, bow, and bow deeply. With courtesy of course. It is a great honor should Red show himself. There is no mistaking Red. You feel it heavy within your gut, and tingling in your toes. Follow him as he turns to leave. If you let him out of sight, turn back home. And go swiftly and silently. If they hear you, you are as good as gone. If you manage to stay with him, he will lead you to an ancient willow tree, its branches reaching far and wide. You are almost there. To the world in which you seek. Now you must tie a piece of yourself to the Great Willow. A piece of clothing. Hair. A breath. But the Great Willow must accept you first. Walk up to the base of the tree, carefully, watch your step. Lay your hand gently on the cool rough bark. If pain flickers through your hand, back away slowly. Red will lead you back to the stream. Thank him generously for the safety he grants in doing so. If there is a warm tingling sensation that flows through your hand and into your body, congratulations, the Great Willow accepts you. Take three steps back. If you are wearing shoes, discard them so your bare feet are in contact with the lush moss that covers the forest floor. The ground will rumble, do not fear. It is just the Great Willow unearthing her roots to give you access to the world below. Thank Her as you pass below her roots down into the cool damp earth. The darkness will not last long. Your path will soon be lit up with foxfire and ghosts. A green hue that casts long shadows as you wander down the soft dirt path. A door of moss and bark will be at its end. The key lies deep. Reach for it and it will find you. Once you have the key, the door will open before you.  Congratulations. You made it to the world full of life, light, love, and mystery. Walk carefully. The roots breathe beneath the earth here.
Gabby Apr 26
Upon a hilltop deep in the woods, there lies an iron box. Red and rough. They say that all the worlds secrets lay in this iron box. But no one knows for sure. Many have tried to open this box, all have failed. Men and woman. Boy and girls. All have tried to open this box. There is nothing to show for it though. Not even the tiniest of scratches have been left on the box by all the tools that have been used to try to open it. Today there is yet another crowd surrounding the red rough box that lays on the hilltop deep within the woods. People with axes and crowbars try their luck. Still, the box remains whole. A young boy makes his way through the crowd and stands before the box. An older man chuckles at him and holds out his crowbar. "Want to try?" asks the man.
The boy shakes his head and steps closer to the box. Gently he lowers his hand on to the top of the box, his eyes flutter closed. The box glows under his hand. The soft yellow light flows over the box until the whole thing is glowing that soft yellow. A click sounds and the boy pushes the top of the box off. The whole crowd is silent as they watch the boy. How he opened the box with a gentle touch.
"How did you do that?" the man with the crowbar exclaims to the boy.
"I just asked the box to open." the boy responds before he slips his way back through the crowd away from the box.
Quickly the crowd pushes and shoves, trying to get closer to the box to see what is inside the box. What the world's secrets are. But when they get to the box all they see is a single white feather.
Gabby Apr 4
There is an empty space. In time. In me. And in you. It's a type of emptiness that's hallow and distant. But still in reach and full. Hallow of empathy, distant from warmth. Full of disdain, and close to the cold. It lurks on the very edges of what we hold close and dear. Waiting. Watching. Ready to take a hold of you.
Gabby Apr 4
I can't say these words I want to say. They lump in my throat and I am forced to swallow them once again. Why can't I say them? They are just words after all. I can't say them to you or anyone else. Not even a whisper of them to myself. So I keep them locked up in my head where they swirl around making me dizzy. Being dizzy on your own words is the worst kind of dizzy. A fog clouds your mind. In this fog is the words you want to say, along with possibilities of the replies you would get from them. The conversations swirl and swirl until your sick. Sick of the words. Sick of yourself. Sick of the world. Don't swallow your words until your dizzy, sick. Until your head and heart hurts from all that you can't say. All the possibilities of what could be because of those words. Don't become dizzy, sick.
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