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Gabby Nov 23
My stupid brain. Tearing you apart, in spite of my heart. I ache for you but do not deserve you. You are good, sweet, and kind. So I tear you apart, amplifying the smallest pieces to create a problem from nothing. In an attempt to make you bad. I don't deserve the good you bring to me, my brain yells at my heart, while my heart weeps for what it wants so dearly. My stupid, wretched brain. There is no need, can't you see, to tear them apart as you do. We are allowed to have the good, so, please. You stupid brain. Do not tear them apart any longer.
Gabby Nov 22
I am bound to this earth, like feathers to a bird. Only for a moment do I let myself fall into the clouds, to dream of other worlds. Slowly I am brought back into my flesh. The roots of my feet keep me steady on cold, damp soil. I cover myself in blankets of moss, to dream once again under an ink splotched sky.
Gabby Nov 21
I’m going to build you up, just to tear you down. I will care for you, and love you, and make you the happiest you’ve ever been. Just to take that care and love and tear it all to shreds. Then all the memories of us will be but ashes on the wind.
been in the drafts for a hot minue
Gabby Nov 2
How am I to know what's right from wrong when all the reasons blend into one.
Gabby Nov 2
we may be ourselves, but we are also others. built by each passerby whether we realize it or not. it takes but a glance or even a breath for their essence to become part of who we are.
Gabby Oct 5
It has been a year since I last got to hold you in my arms. You still walk this earth, but the missing you feels as if you have left it.
Gabby Sep 16
A cool wind rustles the spring leaves as they slowly combust.
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