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What, are you scared of me?
It's embarassin'I've been here for you, but how come you're never been there for me?
Wake up this is me your consciousness
The voice inside your head
How can you play victim when it was you who awaken me
You were in charge when you was little a plain  piece of paper and crayons was all it took you to get read of me
I was once boredom but now you have congratulated and graduated me to this state of mind
Depression, regression all seeds of your suppression, but I miss when you and I had scary dreams
I don't really wanna talk about it
Now where were we?
Way back in the day when
You and I had it all mapped out in the basement
Cryin' in your room like a baby
"I wish mom was here"
We all do so we wouldn't have to hear about it
Every single record you don't really wanna change me
You entertaining me feed me more sadness and with gladness no sadness you did this to yourself
Do you really wanna get rid of your main attraction
Look really close i am you and you’re me
So stop playing victim man up
All this negativity you’re feeding me I don’t need anymore feeding
I need you to cure me
Smile again you’re in charge
Let’s play hide and seek again hide me in a place you won’t ever ever find me
Be happy now it’s your time and you’re worth it
Life is tiring
You start running
Running and until your lungs completely fail you
and you get tired of running
But you remain glad that you
Still alive
My opinions were too
Valuable to become tweets
So they became poems
We’ve got to be organized first
And then we move forward
organization breeds peace
Peace make you stay calm
Calm with a expectancy attitude
Everything is for you you’re going to win
A certain kind of organization
A cool kind of peace ☮️
In         a      bucket  
full        of     fruit        Its        you
that      i      chose
Her hair neatly tied to  her back
Always with her glasses on
Humming her favorite hym
Bright smile and a bundle of joy
That’s how you always find her
A beacon of knowledge cascading into a pool of love

Warm hugs with a cup of tea
I swear she has the best vibes
Your well being is always her priority
Wrapped up by wise advice
She waters and nature you like a summer garden

The custodian of the family’s heritage stood by my uncle side
Raised a gentleman of my father
She is the wisest woman behind the three successful man

Leaving you smiling bright
A true testimony of granny love
She scolds with her sarcasm
“Finish them!?”, that’s her remarks
After dropping her tupperware
She is always so precise I swear
She is always listening

Grandma’s love
Perfect type of love
Fix your colar and fix your trousers
Stand up high and be a fine gentleman
Words I wear to my chest
Always will be
Granny’s boy
You can become what you want to be
You have the power to control to become what you want to be
Exactly as you want to be
And nothing else
Just become yourself
The best version you can be
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