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I don't want  you to wake  up
And feel my love  

I dont want you to wake up feeling cold at the middle of the night

So I will warmly embrace you
Gently as you embrace us
Feeling your each and every void
I want you to feel adequate
Eyes cast
Beautiful mind
Your energy and mine
Hearts beating fast
Lips locking
Body on mine
Your skin devouring
Deep in your flesh
Minds exploding
Dissolving in pleasure
An instrument to play
Delicious noises
Murmuring in my ear
Words with moarning
Art performing
................. Art performing
You can become what you want to be
You have the power to control to become what you want to be
Exactly as you want to be
And nothing else
Just become yourself
The best version you can be
I want to make you


everyone before

this one is for a special girl
I just wanna be
The best man
That i can be
When we met I was pretty ****** up
I was a boy and all I liked was playing with my toys
I was hurt
I could not express it i had pride

When I met you i was unaware
But i become aware of you
How you move, even when you shy couldn't tell
'"Mm look at this girl", I said in my mind
Look at how she walks with confidence
There was really something special about you
Something that made me at ease and want to spend more time with you

I remember the night I spent liking all your pictures on Instagram
Must have been a bit strange to you but
I was just amazed glued to my phone seeing a beautiful girl in all those images
Remember the night it was just you and i
sitting late at night it felt like it was us against the world
You plus I, I promise the thought always follows with a smile
It is how you make me feel
It is just amazing how I just find myself
In a space I have never been before
A space where it is only you who exists  
stop hurting you
because it only hurt myself
Expressing without fear
Letting you in
Getting lost Behind those beautiful marble eyes
And get embraced by your sweet pure love
That type of love
The one which  heals all wounds
You know the First heart breaks
And even feeling the void of a space left when the boy lost his mom
Looking at you a perfect girl, beautiful capable woman
Who has endured it all but still stands tall
When we met i was pretty ****** up
There was really something special about you
Looking at you a perfect girl, beautiful capable woman
How ugly your past is determines how brighter your future will  become.
You refuse to love
Because you fear
Your heart will be broken
Do you see
How much your
Heart is broken
The Clock is 12:57 as my not so favorite math teacher asks for someone to make a prayer before we march outside for lunch. The prayer is quickly done. Thank God it was short as i quickly jump out my sit marching to the door. So focused embarking on my journey with a slightly angry face, a reflex it’s just hard to smile when the man is hungry. Silly I is leaving the room with no food, I quickly remember I have a gorgeous looking Chelsea bun chilling in my back pack. Quickly going back to my desk to my surprise my bag is perfectly placed by the window glancing directly at the merciless sun as it hits directly on my bag. I pick up my beg sliding my fingers inside the hot looking oven taking out my juicy looking Chelsea bread as all the cream had melted top. Not wasting anytime I unwrap the thin plastic on top as I bite on this appetizing bun. As I continuously plough, sinking my teeth graciously thanking Mr Sun for plastering my Chelsea bun with honey. I can’t help it my mind is exploding this is just too much deliciousness. I promise you it was heavenly, lip smacking, yummy, sweet deliciously tasting. I continued to bite, lick my fingers, bite my finger "ouch!"and continue to devour as I get sad to the realization that I there was nothing left for me to eat.
leave your Chelsea bun on the sun for a few seconds i promise you wont regret it.
I have came a long way
I have experienced it all
I have cried
I have been happy
I have been confused
And been discouraged

But through it all
I found that Christ is not just a Word or a myth
Have you ever been strong because being strong is the only Option you have
Have you searched and wondered But still find no answers
Searching and wondering but not Finding any peace

But Christ, oh Christ!
The son of man, Jesus he says
If you’re tired I will give you rest
Ask and it shall be given you
Seek and you shall find
Knock and it will be opened for you
Now I’ve found rest
I have an intense understanding of my relationship with Jesus.
My mind
has become a torture house
Victim to myself
Guillotined by my own consciousness
Lord forgive me I am a sinner
I sin against you in doubt
I lie, I steal
I destroy our foundation of trust
I won’t even mention my lust
I Wear my sins and hide away in shame
All my misery and hardships sometimes my life feels like a game
But when I face these uncertainties what do I do
I hate to disappoint you sometimes I’m sad and I cry  
I am depressed
I am hurt
Is this how it should work?
My dear Son
My dear daughter
Look at how you have grown
I smile looking at you everyday
I am with you when it hurts
Are you with me when it hurts?
Is this how it should work?
To stand by each other when it’s all good but Curse when it pain
What happened to our vows of trust?
Even death won’t do us part
Trust me when you in pain  
Never stop believing in the power that we have
I never give a person, anything they can't handle,
I told you, you’re the light for this world
Now hold our trust like a candle
Your faith is all I need
Even when you weak and when you in need
Your faith is all I need
Even when you can’t see what you seek
Your faith is all I need
Never doubt
This world is not enough that’s why I made you heaven
Just do well by my side
In all your truth and all your doubts
Thank you father
You are welcome my child.
this poem is a conversation i had with my father .
ANSWERS to what we often ask
solutions in our faith
Darling, strip it all down for me
Because it is all I want to see
As your clothes keep coming
The steady drumming
Of your heartbeat, I can hear
It from across the room.
You fear
That I will never like your taste
Or smell or the way your waist
Is big, but I really love it all.
You are my real life sized doll
With paradise in between parted
Lips and a valley of uncharted
Naked flesh
Ghost-like touching
Become grabbing and clutching
Strip it down for me I love it all
Your beauty is so righteous it
serves us all
Qounquer your own death, When you die unify your family and all those you love.
Death wish
Lured underneath a veil of Deception
a fling she thought was real love and connection
Smiles and promises painted with sweet lies
Heart felt lies, sweet kind lies, Lies!
Could she read between the lines?
Or she chose to ignore the signs

Down by the corner street of shame and Regret alone she stands
and realizes
Affectation was an early sign
Trading her pure love and beautiful mind
The child within her died
The Surface smile a thin disguise
at night she cries

Prince charming she thought
No no.. now she sees
Prince Deception
That's the way she choose to live her life
and nobody knows
as she roles the dice
To all those who were disappointed by love
Its the distance between us
you seem so near but yet so far
Our hearts beating in discord
slowly dying in pain
I tried reaching to you
but you couldn't hear me
i called out you name
you still couldn't hear me
there as i was flesh and bone with you
Soul not mind with you
eyes fixed at you
but you were not there
as you were busy on your phone
Before you do it for them
ask yourself
Who is them
and do they matter?
Do it for you
Speak the way you wish you can talk
Walk the same way you wish you can move
Think the same way you want to think
Speak the same way you want to be heard
Love the same way you want to be loved
Live your life the way you want to live it
Steady running at your own pace
Do all this the same way you want to grow trusting your own pace and time
And not to please anyone else but do it for you
Ambitions and dreams
Kings and Queens

Fire burning seas

If you think your dreams are scary and un-achievable then you know you dreaming right

Fire burning seas

Here is the trick dream bigger than the previous dream, our dreams only seem insane when we stop to dream

Fire burning seas
Dream big and bigger
Build a harbor in a burning sea
Keep burning more
Keep dreaming
We’ve got to be organized first
And then we move forward
organization breeds peace
Peace make you stay calm
Calm with a expectancy attitude
Everything is for you you’re going to win
A certain kind of organization
A cool kind of peace ☮️
.................❌.....Stop thinking about the past and let’s think and talk about  the future...
We spend a lot of time looking on the past that we really start to stay there...✅
We perfect just you and I
Gather around
Scattered around
That’s the state around

Gather around
No scattered around
Head spinning

Collect your thoughts
Gifted with a curse
The words I converse
My poetry they reject
The truth matters less,  
They hate it
It’s The Lies They Digest
Gifted with a curse
Kenlum cares less
He says it
Her hair neatly tied to  her back
Always with her glasses on
Humming her favorite hym
Bright smile and a bundle of joy
That’s how you always find her
A beacon of knowledge cascading into a pool of love

Warm hugs with a cup of tea
I swear she has the best vibes
Your well being is always her priority
Wrapped up by wise advice
She waters and nature you like a summer garden

The custodian of the family’s heritage stood by my uncle side
Raised a gentleman of my father
She is the wisest woman behind the three successful man

Leaving you smiling bright
A true testimony of granny love
She scolds with her sarcasm
“Finish them!?”, that’s her remarks
After dropping her tupperware
She is always so precise I swear
She is always listening

Grandma’s love
Perfect type of love
Fix your colar and fix your trousers
Stand up high and be a fine gentleman
Words I wear to my chest
Always will be
Granny’s boy



assimilate consume be faithful true true-hearted devoted increase and multiply
Right at the end of the tunnel
There is light
Hold on to that light
Have you ever been strong
Because being strong is the only
Option you have
Have you searched and wondered But still find no answers
Searching and wondering but not Finding any peace
I am asking you to forgive me
Because i realize my mistake

Never knew hurting you
Could only hurt myself

Holding an abstract abacus
Counting my sins by thousands

The quietness is growing
Forgive me for hurting us
Everything flows
Synchronized With you
Caught in your presence

Time flys glimpsing in your eyes
My girl smiles
My sunshine

In touch with your love
Specially how you move

Your peach bottom
Beautiful regardless
My steady heart beats

Thats your rhythm
How you make me feel  

My mind races
I’m electrified
My beautiful my Buko  my Sibabalo my baby
I met the devil
Staring at me
Fractured emotions
Demons within me
Chills down my spine
Angel of mine
Looking at the mirror
Mirror looking at me
World through my eyes
No one is Devine
3:13 am thoughts
I'm not a Poet
Nor a son of a poet
I am just a man with not many
But a few words to speak
Whom your hearts seek

I mean I'm not a Poet
I mean i can't be,
I am just ''Poor yet'', i have found a million words
with which my heart speaks

I am not a Poet (i pretend)
I am an artist (i create)
A sentimental Witt (i feel)
A romantic fool (i love)
With melancholic vibes within my reach (i cry)
I am what you want me to be
I am what you want me to be
The miles are long, far and wide
Its our shared memories which makes me through this ride
And my love for you will never subside
My heart will continue strong and true,
Steadfast in my love waiting for you

It hurts to be so far from you,
But i smile in realization i soon will be with you
A love like ours will make it through
Keep holding on a little longer;
Our love will keep on growing stronger

I ache to hold you
To be in your arms
To hear your laughter
To spoil you with tender kisses

I live for the moment my dreams begin
Because that's when I dream of you
These days i hate to wake up with you way
Because the best part is when i wake up and  i am holding you
I soon will be with you my love
Hold on tight as i wait for you
God’s DNA running through my veins
Martin Luther had a dream
Jesus died on the cross
Davinci painted the Monalisa
I have a plan
To **** the devil
To kidnap darkness
To marry the truth
And keep burning the light
I live there realities for real
If "understanding" is used in its popular sense then I don't "understand"
I don't strain to put these realities into simpler, more logical, more everyday ideas
I don't relate I merely put my smile not far from melancholy but enough to let my subconscious sort it out
I simply let it flow
I stopped writing love letters

                          Because no one would write me back

             Pour my emotions on a paper

                                     Only to be left with anger

                                                               ­                    No reply

                      I stopped writing letters

                                    All I got was a bye-bye fake smile

              Maybe see you later

                                                    They mocked my gestures

                Mistaken my thoughtfulness

                              For loneliness

                Thinking my kindness is a weakness

                                                       ­            Walking mortals

                                          No expression

                Bottled emotions                  
                                      ­                         Teens with depression
My anguish, my agony I writhe in pain
oh the agony of my heart!
You left me in a bitter place
For a better place
this sore truth I shall carry to my grave

Oh My heart sinks
You taught me how to love
Your presence an experience I totally miss
Your voice and laughter my ears long to hear
Left Surrounded by melancholic vibes I shed a tear

Please tell me there is no truth to their utter
There is no comfort, they all look at me in tears
Everything is a lie
there is no truth to it all
Your yesterday smile I still see clear
Not this heap of sand in which I stand

This promise I make
and this very one I shall keep
I will search for you through a thousand worlds
Ten thousand life times until I find you
My dear
My beloved
My heart
Sometimes life makes you feel like just screaming
Screaming so loud on top of your lungs and say F#ck this ****!
You are the light of the world
Don’t stop shining
I just wanna answer the questions of your life with silence and sometimes to “just listen.”
I don’t need to wear a halo and You don’t need a saving grace,
I will just f*cken embrace your pain enough to feel it
Just let me
A friend of mine told me
I write when I’m sad
She said it is as if I am in pain
And I said when I write it rains
When I put the pen on paper the clouds get dark
And when I stop
The birds of the sky sings
Coming out to play as the sun is out
I want to see something in you before I invest in you
Remains the criteria
Not looking so much into the exterior

She whispers into my ears, syllables that shape into a world curved out from her burning vivid imaginations
a kind of flame that burns right through me as I am sired to her each and every desire

She walks right through the world
rising when pulled down
Standing tall you wont see her fears, even when she sheds a tear because it is all she has ever known strong capable beauty

Her desires sink within me
Her drive and productivity is the reason I interest
Together we build a legacy
Her creativity sharpening mine and born are my affections
For this remarkably ambitious creature
My ambitious girl
For all the passion driven woman
You’re magical
You give me a fresh perspective of fight.
My opinions were too
Valuable to become tweets
So they became poems
The mind races
It’s the power of poetry
The world around me
Emotions evoked
Ignited into the bone marrow
Infused from the brain to the hand
scribbling in words
And the paper churrs under the heat of composition
I want to love you progressively
Loving you more and more when it hurts
Sticking right besides you
And not dare raise a fist aggressively
I want to be there for you through the worst
Step by step me and you
Always remind you no matter the circumstance
My baby you still the best

Embrace your perfect imperfections
Show you whats strong is our real love and connection

I want to love you progressively
wash your pain away with my kisses
Steadily,looking forward to all the good times
meaning sticking by your side through the worst times

Progressing with a liberal cause, with no thought or even a pause
For my love is what i have in you
Progressively loving you
Progressing with a liberal cause, with no thought or even a pause
For you babeh
Man are trash
Let that resonate within your soul
You’ve never raised your hand against a female but had you checked the statistic with your bros and your friends

Dark and darker days surround us
Who is the enemy amongst us
Or as a matter of fact who is the weak

Rapped and ******
Sexually preyed
Gruesomely attacked
Suffocated body parts
A horrific scene  

Our women are terrified
They literally scared of us

Languished in lamentations
The lord is the greatest
But the devil has been on **** you

We can do better
Protect her
Do not attack her
Girls are being rapped and killed in my community I think as man we to blame
We should do much better to stop this culture of **** and degrading women
Upon everything don’t you forget to laugh and have good times.
Be happy
Demons and demons memories from the past
A thousand shades of grey
Melancholy voices whispering to my soul
How can I let go of this pain
Travelling down memory lane
Childhood memories tainted in pain
Have you ever hurt so much that you become addicted to pain
Love and kindness becomes the stain
You resent it!
It’s the torture you hold on to, the hate
Depression regression seeds of my suppression
Suffocating I am dying in pain
They say there are medicinal qualities down the corridor of introspection
Well not in this section
Love heals but revenge gives satisfaction
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