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Riley Cartwright Apr 2019
do Not
hate me
for being
a pessimist
your quixotic
attitude is
going to
get you
hurt and
then i
to you
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2018
I have stepped out onto the railroad station
I had found my train, after contemplation
Inside my heart, a feeling for two is stored
My only question: will you take me aboard?
(Hence my profile picture)
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2018
Come, Autumn, on September wings
     Come, the quixotic aura this season brings
Welcome, the golden harvest, and its plentiful reap
     Welcome, turning of the foliage, falling to paint
     golden streets
Transpire, crisp air, with your sway in timber tops
     Befall us, pumpkin skies, where the sun drops
Betide to me, the lull and composure from you,
     calmest breeze
     Make yourself known, won't you please?
Recieve gladly, the crackling of fire beneath a silver
     Embrace the little things, for they will go away
Welcome, fall, the enigmatic emotion as the season
     Welcome fall, with open hands and blithe hearts
Come, Autumn, with the romantic feelings you stir
     Come Autumn, I hope to be lost in the ambience
     that is her
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2018
As I lay out on my front porch,
falling asleep to the melody of rain,
I can't help but imagine you here beside me
james nordlund Mar 2018
In a land where convenience furthers
Not perseverance, and 'ignorance is bliss',
Is amiss, as it's far more than "Godliness",
It being, "All", and n'er is perceived,
The universe of a grain of sand, as it,
Like love, grasped, Just falls from their hand,

Even the hollow of belief
Is an unattainable goal,
For the path less traveled
Is more travailed, n'er sold.  
In their opine,
Their best, "skol".

An instant twig of poetree in retort to a quixotic naivate.
The man in the mirror
envelops his fractal fingers
over my scathing sight,
seeking quixotic symmetry,
the apogean gift of harmony,
with his enigmatic allure,
disillusions me off vanity;
off a falsifying dream.
The liar traps me in his liar,
to aid in his endless search for perfection
while shaming me for the sins I repent.
Vanity is one nasty thing.

— The End —