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Riley Cartwright Jan 2019
let me get you lost in my eyes.
darling, i’m already trapped in yours.
let me trace your smile in my notebook once we stop and rest in the park,
watching the leaves go from red,
to dead,
to new;
to you.
Riley Cartwright Jan 2019
He had live bait,
I had one lure.
Most are corrupt;
Both were  impure.
He’d cast out his net
I’d cast out my line.
He’d bring in many.
I gave it time.
I’ve done it before,
I have gotten a catch,
There are plenty of fish in the sea,
Yet still plenty of trash.
So I waited. And waited.
And waited a while.
My line got some tension,
Of course I would smile.
A tug and a pull,
And some struggling later...
I pulled my catch
Fresh out of the water.
Like many fish do,
It thrashed and it gasped.
It was held just under water,
By this fisherman’s grasp.
To keep it alive, do not let it go.
Just keep the waves moving
At the fish’s pace and flow.
It will stop its rage.
It will learn to relax.
Just give it some time,
And you’ll claim your catch.
Riley Cartwright Jan 2019
these stars send light
on missions to bless your
every constellation
every freckle
every moment
is a moment
i want to spend
under the stars
Riley Cartwright Jan 2019
every word
i gave to you
really stuck.
and through all
of the pain,
all of the
long nights,
you still hold on to them.
it isn’t right.
because you want
to come back,
but you’re too
scared to stay.
i am done
waiting for you,
get away.
let your heart
before you break
my mind.
every word
i gave you,
you have turned
you have gave them
right back
to me.  
i use them.
i write about you I guess
Riley Cartwright Dec 2018
In my memories you were so pretty the first day we met. I immediately noticed your smile as you were in awe of my team performing. I noticed your eyes as you kept your gaze trained to me.

What was it about me that kept you fixated?

I know my long hair made me look like a dork, but it wasn't too different.

So what drew you towards me?

If I ever go back and ask you, would you even remember?
Riley Cartwright Dec 2018
Come to
Think of it,
You know,
I don't know
What to write
About. I've have
Written quite a bit
About you.
I guess I find it
Difficult to find
Other things that
Pains me. Everything
Else is usually easily solved.
Now it is more of an issue
Because everything
Else isn't you.
You were my
Riley Cartwright Dec 2018
at night i stay awake
thinking about
the past
the entanglement of
our hands
of our hearts
of our souls
sometimes i think of
what we were
what we weren't
what we will
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