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Isaac Jan 2015
You say that you love me.
Our ties too strong to sever.
Your future fears say "it can't be"
You're losing me forever.
Isaac Oct 2014
The bare minimum
Black on white
I need hue
Isaac Oct 2014
Leaves in autumn started falling much like this young couple stalling.
"Time to go." Her mother's calling.
Out of time he bids farewell.
Isaac Jun 2014
Eyes are the windows to the soul.
One does not see with their eyes but with their brain.
The eyes are but windows letting in the light.
My brain says stop while my heart says go.
My brain ceases to work when you're around.
Is that why love is blind?
I need a guide because I think I'm about to fall again.
Literal mind ****
Isaac Jun 2014
So I'm am idiot and a fool
Well that's something I knew a long time ago.
But constant reminders are far from welcome.
I haven't shut the door and they sneak in slow.
I should have closed it a long time ago.

I'm feeling a draft tonight.
Leaving is the one I did only just find.
Dark is nothing but the absence of light
And cold is just the absence of  heat.
I'm shivering at the thought of going blind.
Unedited and nonsensical Mind puke
Isaac Jun 2014
They say that every cloud has a silver lining.
So I held onto that hope to keep from falling.
Only then did I realize that I'd been deceived.
When it sliced through my palms and and I fell to my knees.
The sun disappeared, silver turned to gray.
Unable to stand, I could only but pray.

They say that every cloud has a silver lining.
A precious mineral found in the dull of the stone.
I thought I had found it in dark once while mining.
The ceiling collapsed and broke every bone.

They say that every cloud has a silver lining.
I searched the smoke to find that light.
Thought I had found it piercing and blinding.
I stared far too long, now my day is night.
Isaac Jun 2014
I'd never seen someone like her, with perfect smile contagious.
I knew that in her soul, a fire. Enough for all it rages.
I turned to look into her eyes and found the perfect storm.
This girl I've found is something else, she's far above the norm.
"Man the trap and Reef the sail!" Alas I was too late
For The girl without a chance I stood. I'd fallen in the lake.
A broken hiking strap is proof enough that for my fall.
That sudden gusts from girls like her I did not plan at all.
Head over heels I tumbled down. I didn't seem to mind.
Maybe with luck, most likely not I'd some day call her mine
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