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Nov 2016
I wanna get the high I'm used to
Light headed
Bed ridden
Weak heart
Hospital admitted
It's the best, right?
A party every night
Till you say goodbye to your mom
Boarding that flight
To Philly
I remember the emotions that would fill me
All those songs on repeat
Flashing back
Gripping the counter as I fell down
All my dreams denounced
I gave up my ambition
Handed it over for a bottle
My last two dollars
Were spent full throttle
On the dope
Or a hit of my roommate ****
Thinking that that's just what I need
Take a shot
Then smoke
While the ******* is dripping down my throat
It's not pretty
When your favorite shirt
Is ruined from a nose bleed
Then everyone looks at you strange
Best friend saying that you've changed
You're no fun
You're to serious
Then they stop calling
Ain't that mysterious?
It's time to let go
Put down the bottle
Stop scrounging for a roach
You put out a week ago
Paranoia is no small price to pay
You should be paranoid when you can die any day
From your own hands
From your own brain
Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference
Gypsy Ashlyn
Written by
Gypsy Ashlyn  Murfreesboro
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