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  Jun 2015 Jackie White
I hope you have a daughter
Just as beautiful as you
I hope she is an angel
And she makes your dreams comes true

I hope she falls in love one day
I hope their love is real
I hope she drives him mad with love
The way you made me feel

I hope she loves her culture
I hope she loves her God
I hope he doesn't fit the mold
The same way I was flawed

I hope she doesn't hide from you
And that you've helped her understand
True love transcends both faith and race
And it sure as hell's not planned

I hope you get to meet him
And see how he makes her smile
I hope that if she tells him yes
He can walk her down the aisle

The hardest thing I've ever done
Was giving you my heart
And being crushed as ignorance
Tore our love apart
Jackie White Jun 2015
Im scared
i hate to say those words but i am
youre the best thing to ever happen to me
youre my light to the day
and the stars to the night
you bring happiness into my lonely world
and come this summer,
i may never see you again
please dont let this end
the poem says it all
  Jun 2015 Jackie White
i’m so sorry for being such a mess
for not having the right words
or any words at all
but i’m trying
i really am

Jackie White Jun 2015
I am not afraid of much
but you brought so much light into my life
that my fear is now becoming a fear of the dark
i may lose him come this summer
i dont want to lose my light
Jackie White May 2015
Luck is not my thing.
It never comes my way.
But when i look at you, my mind is changed.
I see your smile
i hear you laugh
and i know i am lucky to call you mine
You hold me tight
you kiss my lips
you say "i love you" and i know you mean it.
the way you held my face and leaned in
my heart melts at the thought of you
I love you
please dont leave
clearing my mind a little :)
Jackie White May 2015
You saved me, my angel
you lifted me up and held me tight
you kissed my forehead and looked into my eyes
you said, "I love you" and i know you meant it.
You saved me from loss and misery, my angel
and no matter what i do
there will be nothing that i could give you
that will return this blessing
about my angel who has done more for me than he realizes. i love you baby
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