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  Dec 2020 Tash Mckay
This morning,
I am a mourning sunflower

Willing to burn than
lose my deity’s warmth
  Dec 2020 Tash Mckay
Mike Adam
But no
Lady J
  Dec 2020 Tash Mckay
eleanor prince
in the wisps of mist
stroking the curves
of a sleeping mountain
I hear a call

husky tones
siphoned off
by a cold wind

I see you still
as a filtered moon
drifts over my lashes

like the scent of you
as we dance
skin to skin
  Dec 2020 Tash Mckay
Stephen E Yocum
I was once a Wolf and
ran free in the woods,
Now I'm a tired old dog
that hides in the barn.
Such is the way of aging
and change.
Knowing one's place
Is a necessary perspective.
And the barn provides a
sense of serenity not always
found in the woods.
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