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Being in self isolation is a challenge
for sure, seeing and looking at no one
else but ourselves in the mirror, or
talking heads on TV, it does not take
long to resent what you see, longing
for a change of scene, a breath of fresh air.

Deeply missing and wishing for real living
breathing people to see and interact with.
Even if prior to this, thinking and believing
I didn't really like or enjoy people in general.
We don't appreciate the real value in
what we have until it is taken away,
or we are told we can not have it.
 Dec 2020 Tash Mckay
the extrovert that thinks too much
I lose touch of my feelings
and fall out of love
I feel to get drunk
but quit at one beer
I am ready to go
but life put me here
Traveler Tim
 Dec 2020 Tash Mckay
Ashly Kocher
She believed in herself
Trusting her instincts
So why is it so hard for her
To be confident and fly
 Dec 2020 Tash Mckay
I would tell everyone
but it seems unfair
that they never had
to sit there terrified
wondering if they
would be accepted
about who they love
A short poem about having to come out.. the whole thing just seems unfair to me
 Dec 2020 Tash Mckay
Ashly Kocher
I stand here
On my own
Spreading my wings
Yet scared to fly
I would like to go there -
This place,
This somewhere anew.
It would be here,
My love,
My dear love with you.
O’, cherish me there home,
Our place,
For us young to rest.
Forever pure,
Laid upon God’s vest.
For I love you dearly,
My love...
 Dec 2020 Tash Mckay
Mike Adam
But no
Lady J
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